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PCB Assembly Service Miraclepwb Board with 100% E-test‎


One-Stop PCB Assembly Service Miraclepwb Board with 100% E-test‎ 2020

We can provide you with 1 pcs for mounting printed circuit boards. To regular long-term operation, as well as helping you sort out orders and parts (widely used components in our warehouse) and completion.

pcb assembly

Extensive mounting technology allows us to perform high-quality printed circuit board mounting of almost any complexity.

The technical support and consultation of our experts is a set of services we are ready to provide to any ordering expert.

You can pass on to us the order of their organization and time cost, and in the development of a single account “product” in Banliu, which includes the production of printed circuit boards, packaging and installation.

All of this allows you to apply and receive orders without leaving the office. As an intermediary, we provide each customer with interesting and favorable working conditions.

Our equipment allows you to perform:

SMD components with dimensions from 0201 to 50x50mm are automatically installed.
Manually install SMD components;
Mounting pin assembly;
Mixed installation of SMD and pin components;
Used for the installation of flexible and rigid boards;
Installed on the aluminum plate trumpet;
Installation of microwave board;
Use non-washing materials for installation (avoid washing).
In addition, we execute:

Make a template for applying solder paste;
Clean the flux residue on the board after installation (with or without ultrasound);
Moisture-proof coating;
X-ray inspection of welded joints;
AOI control board.
In the production process, the following materials are used:

Solder paste indium NC-SMQ92H;
Henkel X3312i manual flux;
The washing liquid “Ultraklin” produced by JSC “Dipol-Technology”;
Moisture-proof coating Cramolin urethane, Cramolin plastic, DowCorning DC-1-2577.

  • technical skills
  • Design requirements
  • Price, terms, delivery
  • How to place an order and install
  • How to order molds
  • quality
  • device

pcb technical skills

Three SMD installation lines (MY100-2 line, MY9-1 line) based on the Mycronic high-precision automatic installation program enable you to install most of the existing components (chip, BGA, QFP, SOP, SOJ, PLCC, FlipChip) And components with 0.1mm ball end step, up to 50 x 50 mm BGA chip. According to IPC 9850, the repeatability of component installation is 45 microns per 3 sigma. The orientation accuracy of the component is 0.05 degrees

The production line includes Heller’s seven-zone conveyor tunnel oven with forced convection, and temperature control in all areas and the upper and lower areas. Heller furnaces allow you to achieve the reflow profile recommended by the material manufacturer

pcb technical skills

Design requirements

1. General requirements for printed circuit boards and meters.
1.1. The preferred printed board trumpet has SMD components on one side.
1.2. When placing components on a printed circuit board, it is recommended to place larger components on one side (microcircuits, transistors in DPAK enclosures, electrolytic capacitors, large chokes, optocouplers, etc.).
1.3. Solder mask is required on the printed circuit board.
1.4. There must be a solder mask between the terminals of the microcircuit (except when the gap between the terminals is smaller than the minimum width of the mask).
1.5. There should be no openings on the pads of the SMD pins. All openings near the site should be covered with masks. This is done to prevent solder from flowing out of the hole.
1.6. There should be no vias or conductors not covered by solder resist under the SMD assembly.
1.7. All jumpers between the pads under the SMD microcircuit should be outside the solder area.
1.8. The same conclusion pads for non-output microcircuits (for example, in QFN and details) should be the same.
It is impossible to build different platforms for the same conclusion.

1.9. The marking shall not cross this area and shall be located in the welding area.
1.10. Cards used for SMD mounting and printed circuit boards must meet the requirements in Section 2.
2. Requirements for automatically installed printed circuit boards.
2.1. The printed circuit board must be rectangular in size.
2.2. If the PCB is not rectangular, then it should be in the frame. Framework is the technical field
Simplified the process of installing printed circuit boards in printers, automata, and reflow ovens.
The frame lead turns the template s into a rectangle.
2.3. The width of the technical field is 5 mm. Marked in the corner.
2.4. The components of the printed circuit board are set on the edge board smaller than 7 mm. The technical field must be equipped at least on the side that violates the “7 mm rule”.
2.5. The size of the printed circuit board is smaller than 100*100 mm. Must be collected in the panel.
2.6. The size of the printed circuit board is larger than 100×100 mm. Also want to be integrated in the panel.
2.7. The maximum size of the panel is 200 * 255mm. (Under special circumstances, more things can be done, but an agreement must be reached with us.)
2.8. Printed circuit board sales exceeded 100 pieces. It must be integrated into the panel to make its size close to the maximum.
2.9. On each board, e (even in the preform), it is desirable that the reference points (hereinafter referred to as RH) are arranged diagonally to each other on the diagonal printed circuit board s at the maximum distance, but when flipping the board s at the 180° position At this time, at least 2 RH should be overlapped. Mm (on one of the axes).
2.10. If it is impossible to make the internal RE board trumpet they are placed in the technical field.
2.11. Design of reference signs. There are two types of reference marks: round and square. The circle diagram is shown below. Squares are made in the same way, but instead of inner circles, squares with sides of 1-2 mm are made.
Panelization (or multiplexing) makes the processability of printed circuit boards higher. Significantly reduces the time required to clean the solder paste and install the board in the installer. Through cleaning, Panelize improves the cleaning effect, because it can correctly fix the cleaning effect of the printed circuit board without reducing the performance.
The panel in the printed circuit board assembled in STP.PAUR.07-2015 is given in the regular circuit board for forming the printed panel.
3. Full set of automatic installation requirements.
3.1. Components should be placed in factory packaging (molds (pallets), sticks (tubes), tape).
3.2. Bulk components are not allowed.
3.3. Do not cut the tape into small pieces.
3.4. Adhesive tape, tape winding and stapler staples are not allowed. These foreign objects can cause damage to the moving parts of the installer.
3.5. Except for expensive parts, the deposit of all parts should be 3% of the required quantity, but not less than 10 pieces.
3.6. Except for expensive and rare components, the minimum tape length of all tapes:
For components in tape, in increments of 2 mm. (For example, chip 0402, where there are two components between two perforations), the minimum length of the tape is 50 pieces;
For components in tape, in increments of 4 mm. (For example, chips 0603, 0805, there is only one component in each perforation), the minimum tape length is 25.
3.7. If the name of the component is different from the name specified in the specification, it should be accompanied by information about correct replacement. In any form of notes, the only requirement is that the information should be clear, referring to the customer, order, component, and date. For the benefit of chicks and performers, execute this paragraph.

About the cost of installing printed circuit boards
According to the design document purchase order, the number of printed circuit boards to be distributed, and the structure and technical characteristics of the printed circuit boards and components, the price of the printed circuit board to install the components is calculated according to the distribution amount.

The main factors affecting the installation cost:

The printed circuit board and configuration meet the design requirements (reducing installation costs);
Reference marks exist during automatic installation of SMD components (reduced installation costs);
The existence of the template and the application of solder paste (reduced installation costs);
Double-sided or double-sided installation of printed circuit boards (double-sided installation is cheaper);
Main order or repeat order (installation cost of the following repeat custom goods);
The area of ​​the printed circuit board (the cost from the square board depends on cleaning, moisture-proof and packaging);
Manual welding of SMD components (cost is higher than automatic installation).
Our manager will help you determine the exact cost of installation and other services. The prerequisite for calculating the cost is to fill in the installation request.
The application form is located in the “How to Place an Order to Install” section.

delivery time

Due to the fact that the exact date order of execution and depends on many factors, they are not always easy to determine.
Main factors affecting installation time:
Whether there are all the components ordered (some missing components usually increase the installation time of the printed circuit board);
Whether the printed circuit board and configuration meet the design requirements (reduced installation time);
Installation on the machine or manual installation (automatic installation reduces installation time);
The presence of automatic installation reference marks (reduced installation time);
The order of the timeliness board S” and the printed circuit board of the component (after the 100% fee before the start of installation);
Loading production line;
The complexity of output control.
Experience shows that when ordering the installation of 1 to 500 medium-complexity printed circuit boards, under normal production line loading, the delivery time of order a does not exceed 2 weeks.
With a larger number of orders, and may be issued in part, it is convenient for you.
In Russia, the product is delivered to the destination agreed by the buyer, and the freight is paid by the buyer.

The limited liability company “Sant” signs a transportation expedition contract with the freight company selected under normal circumstances.
Deliver a batch of products to the destination specified in the “Delivery” line requested by the buyer.
If the buyer does not agree with the proposed delivery terms, he has the right to enter into an agreement with another freight company or pick up the goods on his behalf. In addition, all costs and risks associated with this transportation are borne by the buyer. Sant LLC’s obligation to transfer a batch of products to the buyer is deemed fulfilled when the transshipment company ships the batch of products, or directly transfers the batch of products to the buyer at the supplier’s location (collection).

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