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Miracle Technology aims to providing the best PCBs services to worldwide customers with expert design, PCB manufacturing, supply chain, order fulfilment and after-market solutions., high efficiency at competitive prices. We supply PCB boards such as rigid-flex pcb design, fiberglass pcb material for a wide range of applications, such as computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, medical, military and other electronic assembly industries. Miracle Technology is best known for manufacturing heavy copper PCB in Shenzhen, China also know as China PCB assembly online - single-sided PCB in Shenzhen, China - PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, China - PCB prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen, China - PCB prototype manufacturing in Shenzhen, China - HDI PCB manufacturing in Shenzhen, China - PCB board Shenzhen, China - flexible PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, China - circuit board manufacturing services in Shenzhen, China - customized PCB service in Shenzhen, China - custom LED PCB board in Shenzhen, China.

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중국 심천의 PCB 설계 지원

당사의 전문 CAM 엔지니어링 팀은 요구 사항에 따라 일반적인 비용으로 거버 데이터 편집을 도울 수 있습니다.

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고객 서비스

고객과의 원활한 의사 소통은 비즈니스 성공의 열쇠입니다.

중국 심천의 PCB 및 프로토 타입 조립을위한 원 스톱 솔루션

Miracle Technology creates optimum conditions through its extensive purchasing power, and expertise in PCB industry. We have complete process ownership via a presence both at the customer’s site and in the PCB production factories.

  • 중국 심천의 Quickturn PCB 프로토 타입
  • 중국 심천에서 소량에서 대량으로 PCB 생산
  • 하이테크 : 블라인드 / 매장 비아, 카운터 싱크, 골드 핑거, 솔더 마스크, 표면 마감 등
  • 널 유형 : 엄밀한, 플렉스 엄밀한, HDI, 높은 Tg / Frequency 등.
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우리의 주요 서비스에는 두 가지 방향이 있으며

중국 심천의 PCB 제조

We provide full PCB production services in Shenzhen, China, which are fully customizable, not only with high reliability but also guaranteed to fully meet your requirements. PCB production business covers rigid FR4, PCB, HDI PCB, 6 layer PCB manufacturing, 2 layer PCB manufacturing FPC, aluminium PCB, Rogers PCB, etc.

  • 11 확장 된 제조 능력
  • 12 엄격한 품질 관리 옵션
  • 13 가지 부가 가치 옵션 : 무료 DFM 등
  • 14 온라인 견적 및 주문 시스템
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PCB Assembly in Shenzhen, China

우리는 중국 심천에서 완벽한 맞춤형 PCB 생산 서비스를 제공하며 높은 신뢰성뿐만 아니라 귀하의 요구 사항을 완벽하게 충족시킬 수 있습니다. PCB 생산 사업은 Rigid FR4, PCB, HDI PCB, FPC, 알루미늄 PCB, Rogers PCB 등을 포함합니다.

  • 21 Expanded manufacturing capabilities
  • 22 Rigorous quality control options
  • 23 Value-added options: FREE DFM and more
  • 24 Online quote and order system
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우리의 강점은 그 이상으로

DFM 및 비용 효율적

재료 선택 서비스, DFM 평가, 설계 역할, 경제적 인 솔루션 등

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고객에게 유연하고 효율적이며 고품질의 배송 서비스와 경험을 제공하는 포괄적이고 완벽한 물류 지원 맞춤형 및 전문적인 운영.

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우리는 완벽한 애프터 서비스를 가지고 있으며 제품 품질에 대한 후속 보증은 우리 서비스 중 하나입니다.

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4 대양에서 150 개 이상의 국가를 포괄하는 시장에 서비스를 제공합니다.


총 직원 수는 500 명을 초과했습니다

98.5 %

운영 10 년 동안 정시 배송 비율은 98.5 % 이상입니다.


1000 명 이상의 협력 고객, 고객 재 방문율 40 %


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    PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services

    PCB manufacturing :

    PCB is a printed circuit board. A printed circuit board (PCB) is a covered sandwich design of conductive and insulating layers. PCB supports electronic parts of the circuit mechanically by utilizing conductive cushions in the shape designed to accept the component’s terminals and electrically connects them utilizing traces, planes, and different provisions scratched from at least one sheet layer of copper covered onto or potentially between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate. Components are solder on PCB are electrically connected to each other and are mechanically working more efficiently. PCBs are generally used in all electronic products to connect different objects which are being used for the circuit.

    PCBs can be single-sided (one copper layer), twofold-sided (two copper layers on the two sides of one substrate layer), or multi-layer (external and internal layers of copper, exchanging with layers of the substrate), 6 layer PCB manufacturing. Multi-layer PCBs take into account a lot higher part thickness because circuit traces on the inner layers would otherwise take up surface space between components. The rise in popularity of multi-layer PCBs with more than two, and particularly with more than four, copper planes was simultaneous with the reception of surface mount innovation and we also offer 6 layer PCB manufacturing. Notwithstanding, multi-layer PCBs make repair analysis and field adjustment of circuits substantially more troublesome and generally unfeasible.

    A fundamental PCB comprises a level sheet of protecting material and a layer of copper foil, covered to the substrate. Synthetic scratching with chemicals divides the copper into independent leading lines called tracks or circuit traces. The tracks work as wires fixed set up, and are protected from one another via air and the board substrate material. The outer layer of a PCB might have a covering that shields the copper from erosion and lessens the odds of binding shorts between follows or undesired electrical contact with stray uncovered wires. This coating is called solder resist as it helps in preventing solder shorts.


    The working of PCB is mostly dependent upon the design of PCB. It is a very important step to make your board work more efficiently.

    At first, PCBs were planned physically by making a photomask on a clear mylar sheet, normally at two or multiple times the genuine size. Beginning from the schematic graph the part pin pads were spread out on the mylar and afterward, traces were directed to interface the pads. Rub-on dry exchanges of normal part impressions will increase its efficiency. Traces that have to be made on the board are drawn by sticky tapes.

    But now modern PCBs are designed by using automatic software. This software is firstly used to draw a schematic diagram of a required circuit and then convert that diagram to a PCB layout. PCB CAM performs the following functions,

    1. Input of the fabrication data.
    2. Verification of the data
    3. Compensation for deviations in the manufacturing processes
    4. Panelization
    5. Output of the digital tools

    Dimensions of the PCB board are selected according to the design of the PCB and the design of the machine in which it has to be placed. The position of the components is also decided according to the design of the product.


    Two complimentary functions of PCB are,

    1-The first is to fasten electronic parts in assigned areas on the external layers through soldering.

    2-The second is to provide reliable electrical connections and also reliable open circuits between the terminals of the components in a controlled manner.


    1- Design schematic diagram and convert it into PCB layout.

    2- Print out your PCB layout on glossy paper.

    3- Cut the copper plate according to the size of your print and components to be used in the circuit.

    4- Rub your copper plate with any steel wool to remove the top oxide layer of copper as well as the photoresists layer.

    5- Transfer the print from the paper to your PCB board by using iron as e iron heat melts ink printed on glossy paper and get transferred to copper plate.

    6- Place the board in lukewarm water for 10 minutes and remove the paper gently.

    7- Etching:

    Etching should be done very carefully so that solution does not harm your skin. This process is done by dissolving 2 or 3 spoons of ferric chloride in warm water and dipping the PCB board into it for at least 30 minutes. FeCl3 reacts with unmasked copper and removes an extra amount of copper from the PCB board. Now take it out with a holder as the solution is harmful to the skin.

    The reaction of copper is given as:

    Cu + FeCl3 = CuCl3 + Fe

    Check your product if all extra copper is etched or not and repeat the step accordingly for 2,3 minutes.

    8- Drill holes where needed and fix all the components according to the desired circuit.


    Individuals deal with issues while making a circuit on a breadboard like a circuit might work sometimes and may not work other times.

    Either connection is not proper or free or may get damaged while working or conveying the circuit on a breadboard.

    PCB makes breadboard connections super durable.


    Miracle Technology is a Chinese company located in Shenzhen providing a very good quality of electronic products and supplies all over the world. Miracle Technology plans to give the PCBs administrations to overall clients with master configuration, producing, production network, request satisfaction, and reseller’s exchange arrangements., high productivity at low cost. We supply PCB sheets for a wide range of applications such as computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, medical, military, and other electronic assembly industries.

    You can get different types of PCBs according to your project which include, single-sided board, double-sided board, multiple layer board, HDI, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible, Special Process, and Material.

    Miracle PCBs are serving in 150 plus countries with a huge number of markets. The total number of employees is more than 500 and during 10 years of operation on-time delivery rate is 98.5%.

    Our continuous objective is to assist our clients with accomplishing the best ideal opportunity to showcase an upper hand by reasonably creating PCBs at the most reduced complete expense through our capacities, delivery precision, and item quality.

    Why Choose miracle PCB?

    1- A professional and trustworthy PCB prototype manufacturer

    2- Quick turn PCB assembly turnkey services

    3- Minimum orders start from 1pcs for PCB

    4- Fastest PCB prototype

    5- 99% on-time shipping by DHL

    6- 24 hour online customer service

    7- Professional PCB engineer for one-to-one service

    8- Guaranteed quality from PCB quote to delivery

    9- Shorted delivery by DHL to only 3-5 days

    10- Cost-Efficient

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