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무거운 구리 PCB

무거운 구리 PCB. 무거운 구리 보드는 허용 오차가 높기 때문에 방위 및 항공 우주 산업 제품과 같은 거친 상황의 애플리케이션과 호환됩니다. 무거운 구리 PCB는 평면 변압기, 열 분산, 고전력 분배, 전력 변환기 등과 같은 다양한 용도로 사용됩니다.

iracle Technology is a professional manufacturer of high-precision heavy copper pcb. The factory is positioned as a one-stop service for variety of high end printed circuit board products.  We are helping customers create more value. Miracle Technology has a full set of world-class circuit board production and testing equipment.

Heavy copper pcbs are widely used in communications, digital products, industrial control, electronics, electric power, computers, medical equipment, instruments, defense military, aerospace and other high-tech Electronics. The main products include 2-30 layers of rigid circuit boards, focusing on four or six layers of security products. This involves thick copper plates, ultra-thick plates, impedance, buried blind holes, rigid-flexible joints, metal bases (cores), in-disk holes, nickel-palladium-plated gold plates, multiple laminations, and mixed material cladding.

Precise production equipment, excellent management team; standard production management, excellent product control; customized production and processing, and strong cooperation strength


  • High current applications
  • Thermal distribution for good thermal management
  • 전력 손실이 큰 부품의 열 발산


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