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How does Metal Core pcb manufacturer design pcb? (Latest Guide 2020)


How does Metal Core pcb manufacturer design pcb? (Latest Guide 2020)

Metal Core PCB manufacturers

Why metal cores PCBs are more reliable than standard PCBs?

Today, LED industry is rapidly getting more and more popular because of their extreme features. Moreover, the heat dissipation problem is puzzling electronic manufacturers in these applications and evolution of LED. However, Metal Core PCB manufacturers have solved all the issues which were occurring in this industry.

Application of metal core PCBs has provided an advanced way to solve problem of heat dissipation of LED more effectively. MCPCBs have created,

  • thermal insulating layer
  • metal copper foil
  • metal plate.

In fact, metals have,

  • excellent heat dissipation
  • special magnetic conductivity
  • processing performance and high mechanical strength.

So, because of these beneficial factors, LED technology has developed more efficiently. Here are some basics of metal core PCBs and their benefits in LED technology and many more.

What is metal core PCB?

MCPCB is actually a special kind of PCB. Basically, MCPCB stands for Metal Core PCB. Furthermore, we also call them thermal PCBs. In this PCB, Metal Core PCB manufacturers use a metal material as its base. The main purpose of this metal base is that, it can work as the heat spreader portion of the board. This metal base is in fact the alternative of,

  • CEM3 boards

Metal core PCB has ability to divert the extra heat away from the major components of the board.

Metal Core PCBs use metal for the purpose of its base instead of CEM1-3 or FR4. But nowadays we have examined that manufacturers are rapidly using the following materials as the base. These materials can be one of the following:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • steel, etc.

All of the above metals have capability to give extreme performances. Moreover, these are also reliable for latest rapidly growing industry. Basically, metal core PCBs are the cheapest and excellent cooling stations in comparison to standard PCBs.


Metal Core PCB manufacturers prefer aluminum. Because aluminum metal is better as it is low cost and can give excellent qualities.


In fact, copper is best in comparison to all metals but it is comparatively most expensive metal.


We can divide the metal of steel in the normal or stainless steel. However, steel has less thermal conductivity when we compare it to the metals of aluminum or copper.

You can also understand the design of metal core PCBs in the following diagram.

Metal Core PCB manufacturers in china

Mostly clients choose base of their own choice which suits to their needs and demands of the production.

Other names which Metal Core PCB manufacturers have assign to MCPCBs

There are several names which manufacturers assign to MCPCBs according to their metal that have used to fabricate them. Furthermore, we have also known MCPCB with 10 other different names. The other more popular names for Metal Core PCBs are:

  1. Metal Backed PCB
  2. Metal Base PCB
  3. Aluminum Clad
  4. Thermally Conductive PCBs
  5. Insulated Metallic Substrate (IMS) PCBs
  6. Aluminum Core PCBs
  7. Aluminum base
  8. Copper Core PCBs
  9. Steel Core PCBs
  10. Stainless Steel Core PCBs.

Materials Metal Core PCB manufacturers use to create MCPCBs

As we have already explained to you that Metal Core PCB manufacturers can use different metals as the base. They can be,

  • Aluminum for Aluminum Core PCBs
  • Copper for Copper Core PCBs
  • Steel for Steel Core PCBs, etc.

Furthermore, they can also use the mixture of some metals or special alloys as the base materials. However, aluminum is the metal which is the most common alloy for metal core PCBs. Additionally, aluminum has comparatively best thermal conductivity to any other metal.

Thickness of metal cores:

Generally, the thickness of base plates of metal cores in metal core PCBs can be 30 mil – 125 mil. But it totally depends on the demands of your customers that which thickness they actually want for their applications. Because you can make the base plates thinner and thicker according to your clients’ demand and requirements.

In addition, Metal Core PCB manufacturers have choice to use the copper foil thickness of 1 – 10 oz in MCPCBs.

What are the 15 most wanted applications of MCPCBs?

Today electrical manufacturers are making use of metal core PCBs in those applications which use mostly large amount of heat. Because the large amount of heat cannot be satisfactory cool down by using the conventional fans.

So, for such applications metal core PCBs will be an ideal choice for excellent production option. Moreover, electronic designers are widely using these metal core PCBs in LED technology.

Because metal core PCBs have ability to reduce number of LEDs which require to create some special type of illumination. There are indeed countless applications in which manufacturers are using this modern technology.

Hence, some of the most popular applications in which Metal Core PCB manufacturers are using this technology are:

  • LED
  • General lighting
  • Backlight unit
  • System automotive LED applications
  • Solid-state relays
  • Power converters
  • Solar panels
  • Moto drives
  • Automotive
  • industrial and medical monitoring systems
  • Hybrid/Electric motor control
  • Motion control
  • Photovoltaic
  • back light LCD displays
  • notebook and desktop computers and so on.

Adorable 5 Advantages of MCPCBs described by Metal Core PCB manufacturers

In fact, the main purpose to use metal core PCBs is to reduce or vanish the extra heat. So, it can avoid from overheating of all the components of PCBs. These components have actually mounted to the printed circuit boards.

Moreover, these circuit boards basically have the capability to integrate a dielectric polymer layer. This dielectric polymer layer possesses high thermal conductivity for the purpose of lower thermal resistance.

Metal Core PCB manufacturers in 2020

Now Metal Core PCB manufacturers are most widely using the MCPCBs in huge number of applications in many industries. Because metal core PCBs have several benefits. MCPCB has ability to transfer heat 8 to 9 times faster in comparison to FR4 printed circuit boards.

They can laminate dissipate heat which keep heat generating components cooler. So, they can increase the life span and performance of the applications which use MCPCBs.

Hence these benefits are:

  1. Heat Dissipation:

Excellent cooling properties allow the devices to de-rated for low cost components. MCPCBs actually have an ideal ability of heat dissipation. So, metal core PCBs have ability to remove extra heat from all the ICs.

The Metal Core PCB manufacturers describe that MCPCBs have etched in order to control flow of heat away from components. Furthermore, metal core PCBs can faster the transfer of heat as the conductivity of the material will be higher. The quality of heat dissipation is extremely superior to standard FR4 PCBs.

2. Thermal conductivity:

Materials like, CEM3 and FR4 have extremely low insulation of inter-layer. The efficient quality of thermal conductivity has capability to conduct extra heat. MCPCBs are better to Thermal transfer in comparison to conventional FR4 PCBs. Because FR4 are bad when it comes to conducting heat.


Metal core PCB manufacturers explain that MCPCBs have more efficient thermal conductivity. So, this quality helps in order to protect the components to get damage.

  1. Scale Stability:

The dimensional stability or solidity of metal core PCB is much better in comparison to standard PCBs. Moreover, when we compare MCPCB with FR4, we find that metal core PCB scale is more stable. We will observe that, the scale of aluminum PCB changes after heating from 30°C to 140 ~ 150°C. And the changes in size will be 2.5 ~ 3%.

Hence, in very high temperatures, MCPCBs are more suitable to work.

  1. Thermal Expansibility:

Metal Core PCB manufacturers further explain that metal alloys have some very special features. Such as, they have ability to contract with cold and expand with heat. In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion is different with different items.

While standard PCBs do not have this quality. They have no ability to deal properly with high temperatures and are not reliable. On the other hand, metal core PCBs have special ability to deal with the problems of thermal contraction and expansion.

Additionally, they also have ability to deal with extra heat. Hence all these specific properties of metal core PCBs can improve the reliability and durability of the appliances.

Special features of metal core PCBs:

Metals also have some special features such as, they are,

  • Recyclable
  • Non-toxic.

Aluminum PCBs are extra light than that of ceramics. Moreover, MCPCBs have implemented in applications of high vibration. So that they reduce the vibration and their components are safe to fall off.

Why manufacturers use metal core PCB instead of standard PCB in LED based products?

As we know that with the progress of electronic technology, LED products have become more popular. In fact, LED products are based on metal core PCBs. So, Metal Core PCB manufacturers are suppling their best products to LED industry.

As electronic engineers are rapidly using metal core PCBs in all the lighting and automobile sectors. The reason behind is that, LED based lights are more efficient. Furthermore, these products are almost 5 times low cost in comparison to the normal luminous objects.

Since, LED lights can convert a very small input of electrical power as more heat with other electronic appliances. Because of the thermal conductivity of metal core PCBs, LED products are,

  • more reliable
  • strong

Hence, electronic manufacturers have found the solution of the problem of dissipating heat from LEDs by using metal core PCBs. So, manufacturers are using MCPCBs in LED based appliances for following reason,

  • Heat Dissipation
  • Thermal Expansibility
  • Thermal conductivity and extreme Scale Stability, etc.
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