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5 Best hdi pcb Design Guide Software 2022


Component layout and PCB wiring

hdi pcb Design Guide

Component hdi pcb design guide: Some circuit designs arrange on boards or silicon plastic sheets and the components connect to each other by electrical cables.

However, the PCB circuits that are often an EMC engineer’s preoccupation are those that are hogood on a fiberglass epoxy board. Printed circuit boards similar to those illustrated in most electronic systems. The components in the circuit have metal pins connected by copper traces.

Components solders to the top of the circuit board. And the pin components solder to the spots on the opposite side.

Single layer Hdi pcb board design

Single-layer hdi pcb design guide with wiring connections will be on one side of the PCB. The double layer board will wire on both sides. Many copper lines printed circuit boards are separated by layers of fiberglass epoxy (or a similar dielectric).

These are called multilayer circuits. The class number is usually an even number. Four-layer circuits are very common in low-cost products. Circuits with dozens of layers are sometimes good to connect layers with a large number of components.

1. Sprint Layout electronic circuit design software

So, Sprint Layout is one of the most popular electronic hdi pcb design guide software. Sprint Layout is appreciated for the modern features it provides. Accordingly, Sprint Layout allows you to design two layers with many new and unique utilities. In particular, Sprint Layout has an extremely compact size, suitable for devices with small memory capacity.

Electronic circuit design software Sprint Layout

With this software, users can flexibly use track skills. In addition, the library it provides also helps us to create new minerals, define holes. In Print Layout, the most special feature is probably the amazing Plate pouring lines. They outline power, boards or industrial functions to perfection. Right from the trial version, you will definitely like Print Layout.

2. Eagle hdi pcb design guide software

This is open source hdi pcb design guide software, Eagle is often good in industrial electrical drawing. Eagle conveniently assists users in the setup process. It is a tool that is statistically good by the most users in the world in industrial electrical design.

hdi pcb Design Guide 2022

Eagle software provides a key feature of circuit design, so they are quite popular with users. When experiencing Eagle, you can save a considerable amount of your personal time. However, one of the limitations of Eagle software is that the features are not diversified.

3. Altium Designer software

Altium Designer hdi pcb design guide software provides an application that combines technology as a whole. In Altium Designer, features are provided for the complete completion of electronic products, such as FPGA, board level system design, PCB layout, embedded software enhancement. Incorporating all these processes, Altium Designer software can help you manage all aspects of the system development process.

This feature, together with data management, data visualization, allows you to use this tool and build more flexible, intelligent electronics products, with less cost and uptime. In fact, the integration of too many features makes Altium Designer quite heavy, and the most limiting point is that some of the features it provides are sometimes not good by users.

4. Protues hdi pcb design guide software

Proteus helps you to draw electronic circuit diagrams quickly and conveniently. In Proteus’s library system, you can take components from there. Connect them together to be ready to create a final electronic circuit.

Simulation is one of the most important features of Proteus hdi pcb design guide. The software helps you to observe the running directions of the design circuit in advance, consider the correctness of that direction before putting it into construction.

Proteus provides features that support accurate scaled circuit analysis, such as oscilloscopes, amps, voltmeters, and more.

Prominent features of this software

Proteus is great electronic circuit design software for those who really love electronics. They support users to self-study, self-deploy and test electronic circuits as well as sketch them to review the results, and then draw new experiences and principles. Proteus helps you save money and time.


One of the rather simple features of Proteus is hdi pcb design guide. Proteus can do it for you or they can help you create your own design. Just arrange the details into the diagram and design the electrical lines running through that diagram.

And if you do not intend to do it yourself, but ask Proteus to do it for you, just arrange the details in each position and let them run automatically.

Easyeda hdi pcb design guide

EasyEda software is completely free electronic circuit design software. These include features to assist users for schematic design, spice sketching and PCB layout.


EasyEda has over 70,000 diagramming resources available in its data library of over 15,000 Pspice resources. Since the EasyEda are designed in the cloud, they offer a convenience in terms of portability. In addition, EasyEda is compatible with a variety of devices, syncing from one device to another.

5.2. Software PCB123

This is a product developed by Sunstone. Users can use the features on the PCB 123 tool to fully support their needs, including circuit drawing and construction tasks. This software can provide 500,000 sets of parts with search feature to help you access all the way through the design process.

Selected parts include existing data sheets. PCB 123 hdi pcb design guide offers a special feature of real-time search. This helps in selecting available parts. In short, if you are looking for a quality and reputable electronic circuit design software, then PCB 123 is not a bad suggestion.

5.3. Xcircuit software

Free Xcircuit diagramming software is popular with many people. When using Xcircuit, users can use Windows devices. Xcircuit supports the development of final high-quality schematics, even simulations are ready to be built immediately. Xcircuit offers a variety of versions available. You may have to learn how to use them carefully before embarking on official.

5.4. Software Dia

If you want to design block diagrams, then Dia is the ideal hdi pcb design guide software. Dia provides access to some pretty important components. Dia is considered suitable for beginners, or those who are new to the field of electronic circuit design. Note, Dia is built specifically for Mac and Linux operating systems.

5.5. SmartDraw software

Generally, smartDraw is a unique product of SmartDraw LLC – one of the technology organizations that develops high-end drawing and CAD design applications. SmartDraw Free version provides features to promote premium and premium versions of SmartDraw LLC. Therefore, they are really suitable if you are doing simple design operations, and not have as many features as you have come to expect.

In short, for those who are passionate about the field of electronic circuit design, or are doing jobs related to them. The appearance of electronic circuit design software as suggested above actually saves you a lot of time, effort and money. Try to review and choose to experience software that suits you best.

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