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Tips to Find Fast Turnaround PCBs Assembly Services


Tips to Find Fast Turnaround PCBs Assembly Services

To operate any electrical device, electrical wiring can be connected to electronic components by using printed circuit boards or PCBs as the most convenient and suitable platforms. The benefits of using printed circuit boards for this purpose include ease of connecting components and wiring, and reducing the weight as well as the usage of space in the device. But the problems faced by the customers due to challenging schedules and deadlines have increased the requirement of fast turnaround PCBs service providers for the past few years.

The introduction of fast turnaround PCBs services has enabled them to compete with their rivals more easily as well as keeping them updated with the latest market trends. At this stage, it is very important for the customers to know how they can get the assemblies with quick turnaround PCBs to meet their requirements. The information provided in this write-up can be helpful for them in this regard.

Reasons to find fast turnaround PCB assembly services

In the world of manufacturing and assembling PCBs turnover is a very important factor. The chances for an assembly house to continue its production can increase if it has a line of several projects to produce. So to reduce the time of production many manufacturers of PCBs are tempted to overlook the quality of their products. On the other hand, a reliable manufacturer will spend time to understand the design of the printed circuit board before starting its production.

Especially while producing PCBs with high net-count and high layer-count one has to spend a lot of time to review its design. The manufacturer of PCBs must be in touch with his customer whenever a problem in its design is detected to fix these problems according to their needs. Such problems can be predicted through communication before time by using fast turnaround PCB assembly services.


Fast turnaround PCBs means an improvement in communication

A PCB assembly with a fast turnaround rate can improve communication between the manufacturers and the customers even if you have to produce for a large order or a small number of prototypes. Simple designs made by following the designing rules can be introduced to the manufacturing process just by uploading the files of design and signing up the quotations even without prolonged communication between the customer and the manufacturer.

But the production of PCBs with complicated designs for superior devices is not possible for every manufacturer. However, you can reduce the time to start producing large numbers of PCBs if you can collect information in the areas discussed here under before designing a PCB.

How to find fast turnaround PCB assembly services?

Early and frequent communication

Do you know almost all the designs of PCBs are postponed or delayed before starting the process of their assembly? The main reason behind this delay or postponement of the PCB designs is that the team designing the PCBs does not consider inventory of components, capabilities of the manufacturer, or the time taken in completing the order of fast turnaround PCBs assemblies. They can get better information about the availability of the materials and components, requirements of the manufacturer of the new PCB, or the time taken to complete the order just by using simple things like email or a phone call.

The time taken to produce PCB assemblies will increase by redesigning them repeatedly due to neglecting these factors. The production of fast turnaround PCB assemblies can be ensured and redesigning can be avoided by an early collection of such information.


Know the capabilities of your assembler

If the assembler of your PCBs cannot adjust the choices required by your design like the use of thermal reliefs near large copper pour regions, the spacing between thermal vias in a thermal pad, thickness of solder mask, and placement of sunscreen then there can be major problems in its quality. Your manufacturer will not care much about your design due to the first two requirements as most of them can accommodate them easily without compromising on its quality. You can determine the space between vias in a thermal pad with the help of your manufacturer to prevent wicking of solder.

Turnover is a very important factor in the business of manufacturing PCBs and a company can earn more revenue if it is assembling various types of boards. The risk of defects in the design can increase more with the manufacturers with low capabilities as they may start producing PCBs without focusing on the requirements of the design which can decrease their output. An experienced manufacturer will check the design files sent by the customer to find the requirements of the board that affects its working. You can fast turnaround PCB assemblies by understanding the capabilities of your manufacturer as well as by spotting the problems in your design.

Place order as per potentials of your manufacturer

You should ensure that your manufacturer has the potentials to complete your order as per your schedule if you want services for fast turnaround PSB assemblies. The manufacturers who can provide fast turnaround PCB prototypes and assemblies usually develop systems to handle all types of orders, low as well as high volume orders and review the design before starting their production quickly.

Clarify your testing requirements

To compare manufactured PCBs with Gerber Data normally a bare-board test is used. But you should not rely on just Gerber Data to clarify your testing requirements. So for this reason, you should send your Gerber Data with IPC-D-356 netlist to your manufacturer for testing your fast turnaround PCBs

To compare an illustrative netlist to the Gerber data of your board you can use the IPC-D-356 netlist format. The manufacturer should compare them before starting the process of manufacturing and assembly of PCBs to produce flawless PCBs. Though this test can increase the production cost of your PCB still it is beneficial as it can increase your errorless production as the manufacturer can catch errors beforehand.

Thus finding a fast turnaround PCBs assembly service can be ideal for making prototypes as well as producing all types of orders including low, mix, and high volume orders of PCBs. They will review the design and make it perfect by making changes to it after communicating with the customer.

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