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What are 10 amazing applications of PCB aluminum in modern electronics?


How aluminum metal is highly beneficial?

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It is really important to choose right materials for fabricating perfect PCB boards. Because electronic devices are nothing without these boards. In fact, among all types of metal core PCB boards PCB aluminum is perfect choice to use in modern electronics.

Nowadays electronic engineers are successfully using these circuit boards to dissipate heat in an ideal way. Basically, they are best solution to use in latest smart devices. In modern electronic gadgets they are ideal for cooling the heating components of the devices.

Moreover, they are also helpful to increase the overall performance of all smart electronic products. So, let’s start to know deeply about aluminum and aluminum PCB boards. The best applications of aluminum PCB boards. Moreover, how aluminum metal is highly advantageous to use in creating PCB aluminum.

What is aluminum?

Basically, aluminum is a very lightweight metal among several beneficial metals. Its color is silvery-white. Moreover, this is extremely workable and very soft metal. It is highly advantageous to use in different kinds of products.

For example,

  • Utensils
  • Cans
  • Kitchen
  • Foils
  • window frames
  • Airplanes’ parts and many more.

Best features of aluminum

Here are some of its great features, like:

  • It is extremely non-toxic metal
  • Aluminum contains a low density
  • This metal has very high thermal conductivity
  • Aluminum is very easy to cast
  • It is greatly corrosion resistant metal

What are most common uses of aluminum?

Aluminum gives advantages to use with,

  • Silicon
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese

Furthermore, it is strong and popular to use in creation of airplanes and several other kinds of transport. It is highly beneficial to use in precision tubing in,


  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigerators
  • Motor vehicles
  • Solar panels, power lines
  • CPUs for heat sinks and so on.

Today we are here to discuss its beneficial uses in PCB aluminum. So, let’s dive in!

What is PCB aluminum?

The aluminum PCB circuit boards are actually the boards that have a very thin layer of conductive material. These circuit boards are also famous as,

  1. Aluminum base
  2. Aluminum clad
  3. Metal Coe Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB)
  4. Thermally Conductive PCBs
  5. Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS).

Today in several other MCPCB boards, aluminum PCB boards are very popular. In these circuit boards, electronic designers use aluminum alloy as a base instead of using the fiber glass base. Moreover, designers use this alloy in order to provide highest thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

In fact, in PCB aluminum, the aluminum protects all components of the electronic device from extra heat. Actually, it provides the better stability to the modern and complex electronic devices.

Today this special aluminum substrate is very common to use in LED industry. Additionally, these boards have great efficiency that several other important industries are also depending on them. So, they are rapidly making use of aluminum circuit boards in all their special devices.

What are other important categories of PCB aluminum? 

According to some important characteristics, electronic engineers have divided  PCB boards into three important categories. Such as,

  • High-frequency Aluminum PCB
  • High Thermal-Conductive Aluminum PCB
  • Universal Aluminum PCB.
High-frequency Aluminum PCB:

In this type of PCBs boards, electronic designers create the dielectric layer by combining

polyimide or polyolefin resin glass fiber pre-preg.

  • Microwave
  • Radio frequency
  • Mobile phones
  • Applications of high-speed designs, etc.
High Thermal-Conductive Aluminum PCB:

In this type of aluminum PCB circuit boards designers creates dielectric layer by making use of epoxy resin. In addition, this resin contains highly thermal conductivity.


These type of aluminum PCB boards are ideal to use in all LED applications. Like,

PCB aluminum

  • Automotive lighting
  • Traffic lights
  • General lighting and so on.
Universal Aluminum PCB:

In this kind of aluminum PCB boards, designers fabricate the dielectric layer with the help of epoxy glass fiber pre-preg.

  • Industrial power equipment
  • High-power audio equipment
  • Semiconductor refrigeration devices
  • Thermal printer heads
  • Solar cell substrate
  • Automotive applications and many, many more

Why PCB aluminum are perfect choice to use in LED industry?

Basically, Aluminum is a perfect choice to use in highly advanced LED industry. Because aluminum has many advantages to use in aluminum PCBs. Actually, it is low cost in comparison to other metals, such as, steel and copper. Moreover, aluminum is extremely light weight and has greater durability.

Aluminum has great abilities of heat transferring. So, all these important reasons have made aluminum PCB boards highly advantageous in LED industry.

4 reasons to use PCB aluminum in LED industry

There are many reasons to use aluminum PCB boards in LED industry. But we are here to discuss top 4 reasons among several others. Moreover, these are:

1) Extremely light weight:

As we have already described that aluminum is very light in weight. So, aluminum boards are also very light in weight. Hence, the applications which use aluminum boards will be absolutely light in weight. The devices which use aluminum circuits will be very easy to handle.

2) Extremely better to avoid several damages:

Actually, heat is the major factor to control in electronic devices. So, it can damage your expensive and helpful gadgets. In such circumstances, aluminum PCBs are best to use. Because aluminum has ability to transfer heat away from all the vital components of electronic appliances.

By using aluminum PCB circuit boards, you can avoid many damages as they are 10 times extra reliable and efficient.

3) Cost effective:

Basically, aluminum is the only metal which you can find everywhere in almost all climates. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to mine as well as refine. So, PCB aluminum boards are inexpensive to use in LED industry.

4) You can increase LED density:

When manufacturers use fiber glass designs, they have to use a smaller number of LEDs on the board. But when they use aluminum substrate, they can easily increase the number of LEDs on the board. Because aluminum substrate helps to reduce as well as transfer heat away from the board.

Moreover, aluminum has great thermal conductivity. So, aluminum PCBs are highly beneficial to use in LED industry.

10 amazing and beneficial applications of PCB aluminum in modern electronics

Today aluminum PCB boards have become one of the most popular circuit boards in all over the world. Furthermore, the electronic manufacturers from all across the globe like them for their great features. Actually, these boards present ideal solutions for high heat dissipation.

Indeed, PCBs circuit board is ideal for those applications which need high thermal heat dissipation or high power. So, aluminum PCB boards are getting extreme popularity in following 10 modern electronic devices. Such as,

No.        Categories                                             Applications
1. In Power Supply equipment Switching regulator, conditioner, stabilizer, DC / AC converter, SW regulator and many more.
2. Electronic Communication Instruments Filtering appliances, high-frequency amplifier, transmitter circuit, etc.
3. Industrial Carriages Voltage regulator, lighting conversion system, ignition, automatic safety control system
4. Audio Gadgets All input and output amplifiers, audio amplifier, power amplifier, balanced amplifier, pre-amplifiers and many more.
5. Equipment of Office Automation Motor driver, motor control, etc.


6. Power Module Tools Solid relays, inverters, rectifier bridges, etc.


7. Switches Radiator, thermal insulation, semiconductor devices, microwave, motor controller
8. Computer equipment Floppy disk drive, power supply device, CPU board, motherboard and many more.
9. LED lights A huge variety of LED colorful lights, LED displays, LED light source and so on.
10. Electronic control Transistor base, relays, a vast variety of components used in circuits.



It is a real fact that PCBs aluminum boards are 10 times more efficient and reliable in comparison to fiberglass-backed boards. Hence, modern electronic devices are very thankful to these boards as they have great heat tolerance. Moreover, they have capability to handle greater power levels and have best durability. In fact, aluminum boards are cost effective as well as they are environment friendly.

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