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Where to get best china PCB assembly services?


What is the china PCB assembly?

china PCB assembly

We offer highly flexible and quality china PCB assembly with fast turnaround times. PCB Prototype Assembly (PCBA) is one of our PCB assembly services. With SMT soldering team and our professional DIP and experienced components sourcing experts.

What is PCBA definition?

The Assembly of electronic circuits plays a decisive role in the electronic industry. Understanding the current needs of the electronics industry, our company provides quality and reputable PCBA circuit assembly services.

To be the leading china PCB assembly prototyping manufacturer and supplier, we are equipped with advanced machines including solder paste printer, solder paste test, position SMD, AOI, DIP, X-ray, etc.

Application Prototype PCB Assembly


Printed circuit boards and assembled PCBs are mainly used for many industries of communication, medical equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, elevators, audio and video, optoelectronics, robotics, energy hydroelectricity, Elevator, aerospace, education, power supply, printing machine, Automotive industry, Smart home.

MIRACLEPWB is provides high-quality PCB manufacturing, PCB layout design, and PCB assembly services, including component sourcing, functional testing, compliance coating, and complete assembly for all customers.

We have rich experience in PCB manufacturing:

  1. Own experienced technical R&D technology team
  2. Also, Young and professional sales and customer service team
  3. Moreover, a Professional and experienced procurement team
  4. Furthermore, the Assembly inspection team, ensure product quality ratio, the on-time delivery rate of customer orders.

State of the Art Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Unit

The circuit board unit is a place to practice using many modern machines and equipment. SMT lines with high automation, accuracy, and cost savings for customers.

Robust Low/High Volume Prototype PCB Assembly Services in China

At the SMT unit, we optimize machine usage. Here, we assembly multiple printed circuit boards according to customer requirements. Furthermore, we have full capacity to deliver low volume to high-volume prototype china PCB assembly.

Why do you need to outsource SFXPCB assembly services in China?

The demand for outsourcing and assembling electronic boards “PCBA” is increasing day by day. With the latest equipment and technology, a team of experienced professional technicians, follow up every assembly order within the given timeline. We can handle orders from sample to bulk. The orders processed by us are always guaranteed on time and quality.

Currently, the SMT workshop has many SMT machines. It belongs to different brands with different models for the production of many boards. And many other machines support the board assembly work. Each type of machine has many different versions for different purposes, to ensure the best product.

What is PCB board assembly outsourcing?

You can always encounter china’s PCB assembly in many electronic devices such as TVs, and mobile phones; or even digital cameras, computer components such as Graphics Cards, Motherboards… It will always be used in many fields such as the medical equipment industry, machinery industry, or the automotive industry, the same lighting…

Circuit board assembly outsourced by our company will always be guaranteed both in terms of time and of the same quality. Every finished product will always have to go through a rigorous testing process.

Moreover, we ensure pre-testing on every assembled product before delivering it to the customer. We have many years of experience working together.

Electronic Circuit Assembly and Processing Service

Our company provides an assembly of electronic boards, including SMT processing and soldering of plug components.

With modern facilities and a team of experienced professional technicians, we can meet:

  • All processing order needs from a sample, small, medium to a large quantity.
  • Also, The fastest time.
  • Moreover, Good quality.
  • Furthermore, The most reasonable cost.

Processing and assembly of electronic circuits

SFX china PCB assembly is a reputable brand in the processing and assembly of electronic circuits in China. We always try to give our customers the best service experience; along with the outstanding advantages in terms of price as well as quality.

We are trusted by many domestic and foreign electronic companies. We possess modern machinery and equipment, a professional technical team with many years of experience in the profession, and a closed production process, ensuring to meet all requirements of customers from the application from simple to complex.

Our PCB Assembly Comply with International Standards

All orders guaranty the best quality and fast delivery time. SFXPCB uses advanced quality testing machines with high accuracy, after finishing products. They must go through a rigorous testing process to reduce the elimination of defective products before being delivered to customers.

A quality management system meeting international standards brings peace of mind and satisfaction to customers.

We Offer Cost-Effective PCB Assembly Services in Shortest Possible Time

As a leading PCBA printed circuit board assembly manufacturer, SFXPCB offers a full range of cost-effective PCB assembly services from china PCB assembly prototypes to high volume PCBA production.

In particular, we do not hesitate to handle difficult products with high complexity to help customers solve all problems of assembling electronic boards to serve their business needs. Ensure more peace of mind when working with us.

We usually process the boards as follows

  1. Projects all related to assembling electronic components for individuals or businesses.
  2. Also, Design and jointly draw electronic PCB printed circuitsaccording to all requirements; along with specialized software such as Altium, Eagle…
  3. Moreover, Program all microcontrollerssuch as Pic, AVR, Atmega, PLC, STM…
  4. Furthermore, processingall electronic circuits on demand from abroad with always high quality; together make circuits with many layers such as printing 1 layer, 2 layers, and the same many layers according to order requirements.
  5. In addition, Assembling electronic componentsalways follows SMT welding technology.
    china PCB assembly 2022

What advantages do you get with our PCBA Services in China?

Tailored Solutions: Our success comes from our philosophy that we don’t just provide Printed Circuit Boards, we provide a packaging solution tailored to your requirements.

Flexibility: We are flexible with our delivery schedules and can provide a relatively quick turnaround in both sample and production quantities. We support our customers and don’t charge high prices for spin services fast round.

This means you can buy Printed Circuit Boards directly from our factory.

Quantity: We cover both small and large volume needs. We can supply anything from 1 china PCB assembly to 1 million circuits. We recognize that regardless of quantity, PCBs are basic to your product and therefore important to your business and production. As such, we treat all customers and all orders with care and support without they not only want but also deserve.

Quality: We are ISO9001-2000 accredited. We commit to quality control and continuous improvement. ISO9001 accreditation is only a small part of our commitment to quality control.


We have developed an in-house database business management software package that is at the core of order processing, revision control, process control, delivery scheduling, inventory control, invoicing, and quality control.

This package caters to the specific needs of your business and has undergone continuous development and improvement, in line with our policy of improvement.

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