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How to choose right resistor for china PCB manufacturing?


How to choose the right china PCB manufacturing

Everything you need to know about how to choose the right resistor for your first china PCB manufacturing project.

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Are you planning to start your first PCB project? There are a variety of radio parts that you will end up using. However, there is no other piece as infamous as a simple resistor. Also, if you’ve ever seen a PCB, you might have noticed resistors all over its surface.

They control the amperage and make the LEDs light up. Moreover, what exactly is a resistor? How does he work? How do you generally choose the right resistor for your first china PCB manufacturing project? Fear not, we will help you and show you everything you need to know

So … what is china PCB manufacturing?

Resistors are one of many passive components. Their task is relatively simple but very important – to create resistance to current in an electrical circuit. However, have you seen how the LED lights up? Thanks to the resistor for this opportunity.

By installing a china PCB manufacturing in series with the LED in the electrical circuit, you get a bright glow, while nothing burns out!

The main characteristic of a resistor is resistance, measured in ohms (ohms). If you have taken a basic electronics course before, then most likely you have studied Ohm’s Law. Also, when working with resistors, you will deal with them repeatedly.

Ohm’s Law is the only formula for finding resistance

Finding the designation of the resistor on the diagram is easy. Also, the international designation standardizes rectangle, but in the US standards the resistor indicates with a zigzag line – this is for ease of finding. Also, regardless of the appearance of the symbol, each resistor has terminals at its ends, indicated in the diagram.

China PCB manufacturing designations on diagrams accepted in the USA and accordance with international

Resistor designations on the diagrams, adopted in the United States (left) and accordance with international standards (right). Both designations can find in the diagrams.

What kind of china PCB manufacturing is there?

Resistors of completely different designs find everywhere. All resistors can divide into two categories improper on the type of construction and resistive material. Let’s look at both categories.

China PCB manufacturing Construction type

Fixed china PCB manufacturing – As the name suggests, these resistors have a constant resistance and accuracy that does not depend on changes in temperature, light, and so on.

Types of china PCB manufacturing

Variable resistors – these radioelements have variable resistance. A potentiometer is an excellent example of such a resistor. It has a knob that can turn to increase or decrease resistance. Other types of variable resistors are trimmer and rheostat.

Variable china PCB manufacturing

We discuss the Non-linear resistors – these resistors are like chameleons, they can change their resistance depending on a physical quantity acting on the resistor – temperature, light level, and even a magnetic field. Non-linear china PCB manufacturing is thermistors, photoresistors, varistors, and magnetoresistive.

What are the Non-linear resistors?

Resistive material

All resistors can be divided into groups according to the materials from which they come and which greatly affect their ability to resist the electric current. Here are these resistors according to the materials common:

  • Carbon Composite Resistors;
  • Also, Carbon film resistors;
  • Moreover, Metal film resistors;
  • Furthermore, Thin and thick film resistors;
  • In addition, Foil china PCB manufacturing;
  • Moreover, Wire-wound resistors.

Old carbon film resistor

Carbon Composite Resistors are resistors made using the oldest technology popular in the manufacture of low precision resistors. Moreover, they are common in circuits where high-energy pulses may be present.

Such resistors are still common where accuracy is not important.

Of all the above types of resistors, wire-wound resistors are the oldest in terms of resistive material. They can still be found on older printed circuit boards for high-power devices that require precise resistance. Also, this ancient china PCB manufacturing is widely known to be common even low resistance resistors are highly reliable.

Wire wound resistor – The oldest and most accurate resistor available

Metal film and metal oxide resistors are the most widely common today, they are the best at delivering constant accuracy to the nominal resistance and are also less susceptible to temperature changes.

The most widely common metal oxide resistor provides consistent nominal resistance

Most widely common metal oxide resistor

It ensures constant accuracy of nominal resistance

How are resistors common?

Resistors can be found commonly in a wide variety of ways. They are common not only to resist the electric current. Also, China PCB manufacturing is common in voltage dividers, for heat generation, in coupling and load circuits, for gain control, and for setting time constants.

china PCB manufacturing 2022

Practical applications of resistors can be found in the supply circuits of electric train brakes, where they help to release all the accumulated kinetic energy.

Serious resistance – look at the brakes on this train,

It releases stored kinetic energy. Here are some other great devices that common these universal resistors:

Measuring Electric Current – You can measure the voltage drop across a precision china PCB manufacturing with a known resistance in a circuit. The current calculates according to Ohm’s law;

Powering the LEDs – Too much current flowing through the LED will burn this lovely flashlight. By connecting a resistor in series with the LED, you can control the amperage through the LED, ensuring it shines brightly.

Power supply for fan electric motors

The heart of the car ventilation system is the stove fan electric motor. A special sensor is common to control the rotation speed of the fan impeller. Also, a resistor of this type common in the sensor calls (who would have thought!) A fan motor china PCB manufacturing!


This characteristic, which you will encounter repeatedly, call resistance. Moreover, the resistance value is applied to the resistor in various ways. Furthermore, currently, there are two standards for applying the resistance value of the resistor to the resistor case – this is the color marking or marking of SMD resistors.

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