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Why is Backplane PCB manufacturing profitable in China?


The outsourcing the assembly of Backplane PCB manufacturing has been a strategy adopted by companies that aim at achieving prominence in a particular segment, becoming references. These companies realized that outsourcing with an efficient company results in a higher quality electronic board which, as a result, adds value to their own final product.

Backplane PCB manufacturing

In addition, not internalizing the assembly of boards represents a significant reduction in costs, as there is no longer working with specific technologies that require the acquisition and maintenance of equipment and investment in personnel training.  Your company can find a good assembler in another continent, but closing a partnership with a company in our country is even better. Check out the

What are the advantages of partnership?

Here are the advantages below. Check out them carefully.

Project confidentiality

Many companies choose Backplane PCB manufacturing with Asian automakers. Yes, it is possible to purchase products with the same cutting-edge quality as those made in China, but there is a great possibility that your innovative project will be copied and offered for sale by another company.

But in China this does not happen, because the understanding is different. Confidentiality is taken very seriously in the country. Therefore, your unique product will not possible to Backplane PCB manufacturing or sold by another brand, without your company’s authorization.

Closeness to the partner

Previously, we commented on the possibility of acquiring high-end electronic boards in other countries as well. However, this requires greater financial support, since audits must be carried out on the assembler’s production line in order to ensure that all requirements for manufacturing the plate are carried out in accordance with the agreement.

Visits to other countries for training

Keeping your employees for about a month in another country is very costly, despite being essential. It is not uncommon for companies that chose not to send representatives for Backplane PCB manufacturing for technical visits to their partners to notice problems on their plates when receiving them in China.

Cost reduction and quality production

With a partner assembler in the national territory, monitoring production and evaluating its quality become cheaper and more practical activities. Controlling production cycles is a function of the manager of an industry. In practice, an excellent production line must operate stably and constantly most of the time.

A number of factors can interfere with the stability of production, especially when there is frequent human intervention. The challenge, most of the time, is to identify where the losses occur.

How to identify problems in production of Backplane PCB manufacturing cycles?

Applying observational and analytical testing is the best way to identify problems on the production line. Your company must maintain a routine of tests, but it is necessary to apply them whenever errors are possible.

If, for example, it is common that the performance of Backplane PCB manufacturing of production cycles is being impaired by the machinery, data collection should answer questions such as:

Backplane PCB manufacturing 2021

  • How many parts does the equipment produce per day?
  • Are there performance differences between similar machines?
  • Are there losses related to machinery under maintenance?
  • How much time does machine setup take per day?
  • Are there any external factors that directly influence performance?
  • What to watch out for in production cycles?

What to look for in the production cycle to identify errors?

Some situations indicate the need to take action, such as a sudden drop in productivity, but there is not always a noticeable change. For this reason, some points must continuously observe.

Standard cycle time

First, it is necessary to define a standard for evaluating productivity to facilitate the observation of deviations. Times far below or above what was defined is the object of study and lead to the answers to questions such as:

  • Why was there a loss of productivity in a given cycle?
  • What factor was determining for this cycle to perform above expectations?

But the established standard is not always ideal. Assess whether the management of production for Backplane PCB manufacturing cycles can contribute to elevate it. This is important in order not to run the risk of repeating an unsatisfactory pattern.

Reliable Production line for Backplane PCB manufacturing

Knowing the maximum potential of a production line and what percentage is in use is critical to managing production cycles. The time a machine is idle directly influences productivity. The reasons for idleness can be:

  • Lack of operator
  • Input handling and loading time
  • Number and time of maintenance downtimes

Occurrence of bottlenecks in Backplane PCB manufacturing

Bottlenecks are often identified during analysis of production cycles and are primarily responsible for generating data far below standard.

A machine that operates below standards and constantly requires maintenance drastically affects productivity. Data that reveal losses due to the low performance of Backplane PCB manufacturing the equipment help in deciding on its replacement or repair.

Backplane PCB manufacturing Factory Layout

The way machines and equipment come on the factory floor also interfere with the performance of production cycles.

If the company works with variable demands, it is better that the layout is customizable. Thus, at each production it is possible to rearrange the arrangement of equipment to facilitate the operation. The knowledge of proper layout is a key element in pcb manufacturing. So, it is vital to have professional pcb services in China to make a smooth and reliable product.

Rework management

Although already incorporated into the routine of many production lines, rework should not be necessary or as common. Check each step of the production line to detect errors and thus avoid problems in the final product.

Team management

A misguided team can be responsible for problems during Backplane PCB manufacturing. To avoid this, create processes and monitor jobs to maintain satisfactory performance.

Logistics for Backplane PCB manufacturing

Logistics management needs to customize and adapt to the company’s reality. Note that components arrive on the right day, that they store on site and in the right conditions, and that these processes are affecting production cycles. Having an approved supplier is essential to not have logistical problems.

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