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What is purchase cost of oversize pcb manufacturing?


Prototyping is an excellent way to test hypotheses before putting an item into series production of Oversize pcb manufacturing. In industry, this step is quite valid to save resources and avoid waste. Being quick to find and correct defects in a product or process is essential for industries.

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Testing at the early stages of production helps prevent errors from multiplying to the point of compromising an entire batch. In this way, rework and extra expenses avoid. Prototyping comes into play even before batch production begins. See, in this text, what the advantages of prototyping are in the industrial process and what the purchasing analyst has to do with it.

What is prototyping for?

Prototyping serves to validate a product of Oversize pcb manufacturing. A prototype is your first version and we understand that assembling it is important to ensure the correct functioning of electronic products. During assembly, the development team can understand how it works, identify flaws and suggest improvements to the project.

The assembly of prototypes is useful to understand the impact of the product on the market and to identify needs for adjustments to production processes, eliminating possible risks. Therefore, it is a strategy for the customer to better understand what they want to sell and make improvements that can guarantee the quality of the product.

What are the advantages of prototyping?

In general terms, the advantages of prototyping in the field of PCB especially for Oversize pcb manufacturing are:

  • Identification of possible defects
  • Risk reduction and overspending
  • Moreover, allows adjustments before scaling production
  • Practical example of prototyping
  • Similarly, by way of illustration, consider making a new smartphone

Why we must consider prototyping in the purchasing process of Oversize pcb manufacturing?

You saw that prototyping is pertinent to improving project development and product validation. But if your company chooses to adopt this strategy, you should consider it already at the purchasing stage of Oversize pcb manufacturing. Hence, this is for two main reasons:

1. Obsolescence

When an assembler envisages the assembly of an electronic prototype, the purchased components must be active in the market.


We have tools that allow you to carry out this detailed analysis and predict how long the chosen component will still be active in the market of Oversize PCB manufacturing. If this is not done, there is a risk that the design will be altered during batch production due to obsolescence of the components or, for the same reason; the final product may not be successful when released.

2. Lead time

If the lead time of a component is very high, it is possible that when it arrives for production it is already obsolete, thus compromising the project.

Therefore, the purchaser needs to carefully analyze these two factors. And because prototypes require few items, it can be difficult to get the right purchases or get the items in a timely manner.

How to search for a partner assembler for Oversize pcb manufacturing?

It is essential to have a partner assembler with know-how in the purchase of Oversize pcb manufacturing. Miracle is the best option in the electronic board assembly industry, contributing to the entire production process, from end to end.

We work with the Turn Key contract model, working from the purchase and import stage, inventory management, assembly of plates and integration to the final product. In companies with this experience, the risks of problems with obsolescence and high lead time great reduce.

What an approved supplier must have?

As a purchasing analyst, one of your responsibilities is to ensure the purchase of quality products, which depends on certain criteria applied to your suppliers. Find out below what you should demand of them.


Find out about the certifications your supplier of Oversize pcb manufacturing has. ISO standards, for example, guarantee the certification of products and services and are requested by companies in the aerospace, electro medical, energy and telecommunications segments, among others.

The ISO evaluation is widely adopted because it establishes standards for processes, people and systems. The company that owns it is able to understand a commodity holistically and organize flows to study the direct and indirect factors that influence its production.

Appropriate technology and structure for Oversize pcb manufacturing

Quality Oversize pcb manufacturing comes by suitable industrial equipment. Know the technology common by your partner before closing a contract. The structure and, mainly, the factory layout is another point to be checked. If this is well planned, the tendency is for the production processes to be more efficient, carried out in less time and with minimal errors.

Special care in transporting components and supplies

Certain care is required to ensure that a product arrives in perfect condition for immediate use. Components and supplies necessary for the assembly of electronic boards require different treatments to maintain their quality.

Electronic components for Oversize pcb manufacturing

Some electronic components – active, passive or electromechanical – are sensitive to humidity, temperature and static energy (ESD). Moisture-critical items must be vacuum-packed and silica-packed to maintain the Oversize pcb manufacturing level stated on the moisture cards.
oversize pcb manufacturing 2021

The moisture level varies according to the component and determines through the MSL – Moisture Sensitivity Level control. When running it, it is possible to identify the specific temperature and humidity requirements of the component.

Inputs of Oversize pcb manufacturing

Input suppliers – solder paste, flux, etc. – they also need to have temperature control to transport the items. It is not possible to accept that they simply move after Oversize pcb manufacturing.

Generally, the packaging must come of Styrofoam and contain a container to maintain the proper temperature.

What are the advantages of Oversize pcb manufacturing supplier?

Going straight to the point, the main advantages of having an approved supplier are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Deadline accomplishments
  • Moreover, quality of deliveries
  • Risk reduction

In addition to finding the best cost-benefit ratio for your company and the customer within an established price limit, you must ensure compliance with the delivery deadline and the quality of the product. And this becomes much easier with approved suppliers.

Summary Oversize pcb manufacturing

An electronic board assembly industry miracle, for example, represents an efficient and reliable partner, with a good lead time. The time between the purchases of the component from the order until its arrival for Oversize pcb manufacturing. These characteristics ensure that the correct parts deliver, fit for use and within the agreed deadline.

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