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How to hire a professional flexible pcb manufacturer in China?


The flexible pcb manufacturer is a complex and delicate profession. The company that offers this type of production must pay attention to several aspects, meets some criteria and be supported by processes.

The production of these components requires a standard. We must follow it strictly. In case of adaptations, it is necessary to evaluate the impacts on the operation and on the project result.

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The outsourcing is a common practice in the market because companies hire specialized partners. In this way, they are able to guarantee greater efficiency, quality and that standards will be met. However, choosing a strategic partner is a critical activity that requires caution.

Factors to evaluate the manufacturing of flexible pcb manufacturer

Before starting the production process of flexible pcb manufacturer, the initial phase, which precedes production, is one of the most important, as it is when processes are organized. In pre-production, inputs are defined and components must be purchased, separated and registered according to engineering or customer standards.

The customer sends its documentation, with all the information, assembly instructions, process sheets and other guidelines for the employees and for the configuration of the machines. Afterwards, the materials are received and must go through a rigorous process of counting, labeling, registration in the system and quality inspection.

Best Practices for Storing flexible pcb manufacturer

During the production process of flexible pcb manufacturer, with the documentation in hand, professionals can start the production processes, which are divided into two modalities:

Component type:

Surface Mount Device; Process: SMT (Surface Mount Technology). PTH: Component Type: Pin Trough Hole; Process: THT (Trough Hole Technhnology) In the SMD process, components insert into a surface of the printed circuit board. The PTH process uses holes, in addition to other aspects that guide the entire operation.

After production

Once completed, the assembly of the electronic boards undergoes a final inspection. The plates go through the quality sector, where it is verified that each piece has met the established criteria. Functional tests and firmware recordings can perform to identify faults and problems in production of flexible pcb manufacturer.

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Before choosing a partner for the manufacture of electronic boards, talk to the companies and understand how each one’s process is. The contracted company must have a procedure aligned with the expectations and needs of your project.

How to evaluate a partner for outsourcing flexible pcb manufacturer?

Look for a specialized team

The manufacture of electronic boards is a complex process that requires technical knowledge, so a specialized team is essential. The contracted partner must be a specialist in this segment or have a team dedicated to projects of this type.

Find out how the partner handles deadlines

Every business relationship must strive to meet deadlines, but unfortunately, in practice, this is not exactly how it happens. Be wary of companies that promise difficult deadlines to meet and do not have this as a criterion that cannot be relaxed. In the manufacture of flexible pcb manufacturer, unforeseen events can happen, that’s why they must be foreseen in planning.

Trust the partner’s logistical processes

The logistics and storage of components is a strategic part of the production process. A logistics partner must have transparent procedures with regard to transport logistics, the flow of receipt and storage of materials and, especially, delivery to the customer.

As we mentioned in the previous topic, flexibility with delivery times is important, but it is possible to minimize the impacts of delays when the logistic process is good.

Choose companies that use quality flexible pcb manufacturer equipment

The flexible pcb manufacturer is constantly evolving, which requires that the manufacturer is always aligned with the main technologies and offering quality in its deliveries.

Before closing a contract, check which types of equipment CM uses, if they are within the parameters your company expects and will meet your expectations. Furthermore, the quality of equipment must be a rule.

Value companies with well-defined processes

Equipment is responsible for most of the quality d in manufacturing, but processes contribute to achieving efficiency. Rigidity in processes prevents errors and delays. Therefore, value companies that use clear and defined methodologies.

Design analysis focused on excellence, famous as DfX analysis – acronym for Design for Excellence – is a set of tools. Product, process and quality engineering work together and, thus, design flaws are easy to identify by flexible pcb manufacturer before assembly. Similarly, this increases the chances of success of the final product.

What is flexible pcb manufacturer design for excellence?

Design for Excellence – DfX – is methods, standards and guidelines applicable to the process of developing a product. These aim to create it with better quality.

As DfX comes before starting to build the product, it is possible to achieve an excellent result with shorter development cycles and less cost.

What do you about DfX, DfA, and DfM?

There are many acronyms that derive from the term DfX. According to the project objectives, the letter “X” replaces.  DfA – Design for assembly

DfA – Design for Assembly – aims to facilitate the assembly of the product. For this, considerations come according to the way the work carries out. When assembly is manual by flexible pcb manufacturer we incorporate into the design guidelines. It comes with a logical sequence for assembly and subassembly of components to make error proofing possible.

If the assembly has automation process, we instruct the part orientation, segmentation between different part types and the spacing between units on the production line.

 Main advantages of DfX analysis

 Risk reduction

When too many mistakes occur, delivery time shackles and it will distract your customer and credibility also fades away. DfX analysis can take production to a low level of risk as it is able to identify critical points at all stages. At least four risks are easy to reduce:

Supply chain risk:

Errors in the order list sent to suppliers, purchases of wrong items and not updating new purchases for a project;

Assembly risk:

Errors in the dimension of the PCB edges by flexible pcb manufacturer, which reduce the work efficiency of the machines and the welding of components;

Testability risk:

Common in a production line that does not have a test routine;

Rework risk:

When components insert wrongly and later we correct

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