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5 best customized PCB service software to create perfect PCB


What are PCBs and customized PCB service provider?

customized PCB service

Customized PCB service offers to create PCBs for all electronic appliances. This service offers you to design PCBs for your own requirements. Nowadays this service has become very popular for growing electronic needs in all industries.

You have to guide the service about the design of your PCBs. And it will simply provide you the required order of your customized PCBs.

Furthermore, as you know that PCBs are the brains of all kinds of electronic devices, like:
  • mobile phones
  • stereos
  • robots
  • computers
  • consumer electronics, etc.

And all those things which has powered by electricity. Basically, all PCBs consist of an electric circuit. And this electric circuit has built with the help of some conductive materials.

Moreover, customized PCB service generally use copper. Because copper allows electricity to pass throughout the entire board very easily. Additionally, PCB boards are around us in every moment.

As designers use them in each and every gadget which we use in our daily life. They use PCBs in all electric appliances whether it’s a simple calculator or even a smartphone. Moreover, their quality of functions only depends on the performance of PCBs.

Designers mostly create PCBs by connecting two or more layers. But it totally depends on the nature and complexity of the device in which they use them.


In addition, they use a huge variety of materials in PCBs. Generally, customized PCB service create one layer with a resin obtained from paper or fiberglass. And along with this layer they use other layers which they may create from the following materials;

  • copper
  • silkscreen
  • solder mask, etc.

furthermore, here we are discussing the other materials which service of customized PCBs use to create PCBs.

Which type of material does customized PCB service provider use to make PCBs?

In fact, there are 4 layers which designers bond together in PCBs by following methods,

  • pressure
  • heat
  • and some other methods.

Materials that they use in these 4 layers are:

  • copper
  • substrate
  • silkscreen
  • solder mask.

Moreover, here is some detail information which customized PCB service offers about these materials.


Actually, the copper assembles on a thick layer of the base or substrate. But it usually depends on the kind of board and its usage. In fact, there may be one or two layers of copper on this substrate. The layer of copper may be present on both sides of the substrate or it may be on just one side of the PCB.

However, in simple devices customized PCB service provider use PCBs that use layer of copper just on one side. And these copper layers are more delicate and thinner in comparison to substrate. Generally, the weight of copper in the layers of a PCB is in ounces per square foot. Mostly PCBs have content of copper of 1 ounce per square feet.


Usually the substrate is famous with the name of FR4. Basically, it is an abbreviation of Fire Retardant. It works in the provision of a dense layer of base for PCB. But its thickness varies. Because it depends on the kind of PCB. This layer offers rigidity to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

customized PCB service can also make this substrate from flexible materials. Sometimes it can also stretch. Nowadays electronic manufacturers are using several innovative materials to make these substrates. In fact, the layer of substrate has greater thickness in any kind PCB.

In addition, there are some other materials which manufacturers use to make substrate. And these are:

  • phenolics

They give off smell and hence you can easily recognize them by their smell.

Remaining materials are here which customized PCB service use


It actually carries out the responsibility of enabling the PCB readable from the technology programmers.

Solder mask:

It is an essential information that, there are several other kinds of boards. And they do not use the materials which we have described above. But alternatively, customized PCB service use epoxies in these boards.

Hence, these boards are thermally sensitive. Moreover, they also gave a bad smell when they go under the process of soldering.

The green layer on the top is also famous as the name of solder mask. And they apply it over the layer of copper. So that this copper layer cannot contact with other electrical components.  A silkscreen is also present on the top of solder mask. It creates labels and marks for placement of several parts.

What are the types of PCBs that customized PCB service make?

As we have made clear earlier, that in modern day technologies PCBs are essential parts.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of applications of PCBs in our daily life. And they make our lives easier and comfortable like never before. But customized PCB service and various electronic designers use different kinds of PCBs for several different kind of products.

Which programs does customized PCB service use to make a PCB?

Although, there are many kinds of software which designers use to create PCBs of their products’ needs.

But some famous programs are:

  • Ultiboard
  • PCB Artist
  • Altium Designer 17
  • DipTrace
  • PCBWeb
  • Gerbv
  • BSch3V
  • OrCAD
  • CircuitStudio
  • FreePCB

Some more software programs that customized PCB service use are:

  • Eagle PCBs
  • XCircuit
  • DesignSpark PCB
  • Pad2pad
  • KiCad EDA
  • CircuitMaker
  • ZenitPCB
  • PCB123

What are the best software programs which customized PCB service use to make PCB?

In addition, we are describing here some best software programs which customized PCB service use to create a perfect PCB. And These are:

  1. Eagle PCBs
  2. DipTrace Lite
  3. Easy EDA
  4. DipTrace Starter
  5. Altium Designer

What are the important facts that customized PCB service must know before design a PCB?

Basically, there are a lot of essential facts which customized PCB service know before designing a PCB. The creation of PCB happens within the process of Electrical engineering (EE). Moreover, EE creates brains of the devices. And it totally depends on these brains that how will your device work.

customized PCB service company in china

Furthermore, these important facts are:

Size of PCB: It usually depends on the size of products. and the size of product comes to know during the process of engineering design.

Layers of PCB: The numbers of layers depend on the complexity of the product. So, the more layers there are, the more complex the preparation of the PCB will be. Moreover, it is a fact that extra layers the PCB has, it will more expensive to manufacture.

Furthermore, customized PCB service shows the uses of layers for different PCBs

  • PCB with 2 layers: generally, for simple products of toy
  • PCBs with 4 layers: mostly for products related to IoT
  • PCB with 6 to 8 layers: usually for smart watch and Smart phone.

The basic requirements of PCB designers: To design a PCB these guidelines are most important for PCB designers.

Number of layers: 2, 4, 6, 8……., etc. (depend on the needs of product)

Thickness of PCB: o.5mm, 1.0mm………, etc.

Material for PCB: FR-4 (epoxy and woven glass…etc.), FR-3 (epoxy and cotton paper), FR-2 (phenolic cotton paper)

Color of PCB: Black, red, green…., etc.

Weight of copper: 0.5 oz (18 um), 2 oz (70 um), 1 oz (35 um…., etc.)


Customized PCB service is an ideal service to create the PCBs for your products. Moreover,

we have tried to give you great essence. And we hope that they will help you in right direction.

So, you can use these instructions to design PCBs for the needs of your electronic devices. Moreover, they will also help you to increase the performance of your electronic appliances.

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