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고속 대형 백플레인 PCB

With the development and construction of communication industry, high-level backplane has been gradually applied, but in the future, with the increase of various Internet consumer products, it will definitely require a higher capacity and speed of information transmission.The construction of 5G network will inevitably need backplane PCB which can carry more sub-boards, less signal loss and higher reliability to support. The manufacturing technology of backplane PCB with ultra-high density and higher layers will be a direction of the future printed circuit board industry. The rapid development trend of system electronic products requires more and more high modular installation density, high-speed signal transmission, fast heat dissipation and other requirements of backplane, which promotes the rapid development of PCB backplane technology.
백플레인 애플리케이션은 통신 장비, 서버, 의료 장비, 대규모 기계 및 항공 장비에서 백플레인 PCB가 필요하고 컴퓨터, 서버 및 기타 통합 지능형 ​​전자 장치에 이르기까지 매우 광범위하며 백플레인 PCB를 통해 다양한 기능 모듈을 유기적으로 조정해야합니다. 더 나은 시스템 성능을 달성하기 위해.
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