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High-speed large backplane PCB

With the development and construction of communication industry, high-level backplane has been gradually applied, but in the future, with the increase of various Internet consumer products, it will definitely require a higher capacity and speed of information transmission.The construction of 5G network will inevitably need backplane PCB which can carry more sub-boards, less signal loss and higher reliability to support. The manufacturing technology of backplane PCB with ultra-high density and higher layers will be a direction of the future printed circuit board industry. The rapid development trend of system electronic products requires more and more high modular installation density, high-speed signal transmission, fast heat dissipation and other requirements of backplane, which promotes the rapid development of PCB backplane technology.
Backplane applications are very wide, ranging from communication equipment, servers, medical equipment, large-scale machinery and aviation equipment need backplane PCB, to computers, servers and other integrated intelligent electronic devices, also need to organically coordinate various functional modules through the backplane PCB to achieve better system performance.
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