Casa / Blog / In che modo il produttore di circuiti stampati in alluminio può aiutarti a decorare la tua casa?

In che modo il produttore di circuiti stampati in alluminio può aiutarti a decorare la tua casa?


A beginner’s guide to install aluminum based leds

aluminum pcb manufacturer in china

What are the important characteristics of aluminum pcb manufacturer for an LED strip?

To help you choose the led strip best suited to your project, here are some properties by aluminum pcb manufacturer:

The type of led

Except for the 1m silicone strips, all led strips are equipped with SMD LEDs. Small and extra flat, they can be used in many applications.

The number of LEDs per meter

The more LEDs you have per meter, the more powerful the lighting will be. Since the gap between each LED will be reduced. An LED strip with a large number of LEDs will however consume more.

For example, a strip equipped with 240 LEDs per meter will consume 24 watts per meter. Unlike a strip of 60 LEDs , which will consume 4.8 watts per meter.


The vast majority of aluminum pcb manufacturer tapes operate on low voltage, 12 volts. This allows you to adapt it to all your projects without electrical risk. The choice on tapes, accessories, controllers and dimmers is also more important in 12V. To feed them, you can use:

  • a 220V / 12 power supply
  • a battery box
  • a rechargeable battery

We have created many ready-to-use kits for each of these power supplies.

Consumption in watts per meter

Depending on the type of tape, you will not have the same consumption. This is why on the product sheet; you will find the consumption in watts per meter. This will allow you to associate the right power supply

Aluminum pcb manufacturer Sealing:

This data is expressed with 2 digits following the prefix IP. The first number is for protection against solids and the second for water intrusion.

A non-waterproof led strip is made of IP20. Aluminum pcb manufacturer cannot install it in a humid environment or outdoors. Because it does not support any projection of water. They are protected against dust and water spray from all directions.

What power supply for a LED strip?

Consult the aluminum pcb manufacturer to know what power supply you need. Furthermore, he can suggest you the type of pcb length.

How to cut an LED strip?

If you want to adjust the length of your led strip, you can cut it. To know where to cut exactly on the strip, you just need to locate the cut line between the copper studs. You will find them over the entire length of the luminaire at regular intervals:

How to connect an LED strip?

You installed your led strip but you did not use the entire length of the light? No problem, the falls and the cut parts can reconnect electrically. Similarly, luminum pcb manufacturer offers a range of quick connectors for RGB led strip.

These connectors are very simple to use. The connection is super fast and requires no soldering.

In che modo does aluminum pcb manufacturer solder an LED strip?

To solder two LED strips together, follow this tutorial. If you have the choice between using a quick connector and soldering, we recommend soldering.

It is indeed the safest solution because the connection is better and more solid. In addition, this solution has the advantage of not widening the strip. Moreover, it still allows you to use profiles .

And for the realization of a costume for example, it is inevitable.

How to stick an LED strip?

Aluminum pcb manufacturer must first thoroughly clean the surface. Then it’s very easy. He just needs to remove the protection from the adhesive tape and stick it where you want.

The vast majority of our led strips are fitted with a self-adhesive back.

What to do if your led strip comes off?

Before buying your LED tape, make sure that the sticker back is of the 3M brand. Many counterfeits are flooding the market. All aluminum pcb manufacturer led strips with self-adhesive back have a real 3M adhesive.

These adhesives have good resistance to:

  • humidity
  • UV
  • And hold perfectly on aluminum.

Then, to prevent your LED tape from coming off, you must thoroughly clean the installation support. Dust and degrease the surface well then install your LED tape.

Another alternative is to use an aluminum profile. Moreover, they have the advantage of offering a complete solution in terms of integration of led strips in your interior. With the use of a profile, the heat from the tape experiences better dissipation. It is also protected from dust.

How to fix an LED strip on a ferrous support?

To install your flexible tape on a body or a household appliance use a magnetic strip. The advantage is that you can put on and take off your luminaries as many times as you want without damaging your support.

Which LED strip for the kitchen and the worktop?

First of all, you have to determine what is your choice? Indeed, if you opt for decorative lighting, it is better to turn to a warm white. While a cool white will be better suited to functional lighting. Line light

However, if you want to use the two shades of white. A mixture of warm white and cool white is recommended by aluminum pcb manufacturer.

In both cases, aluminum pcb manufacturer advise you to choose waterproof led strips. It will prevent any deterioration in the event of contact with a liquid.

Don’t hesitate to browse our warm white waterproof led ribbon kits. Since all aluminum pcb manufacturer led strips have a self-adhesive back. You just have to stick them where you want.

Which LED strip for a false ceiling?

As far as the ceiling is concerned, indirect lighting is often preferred. In terms of colors, anything is possible. Cold white to light up the room. Warm white to provide a cozy atmosphere.

If your room is not very prone to humidity, like a living room, a bedroom, or a corridor. You can very well opt for non-waterproof led strips. On the other hand, if you have a lighting project for your bathroom, you will need to use waterproof led strips.

Which LED strip for a living room? aluminum pcb manufacturer recommendation

The same question arises for each room in the house. Do you want mood lighting or useful lighting?

PCB and PCBA services

In the first case, for mood lighting to bring a “cozy” touch to the room. Warm white is preferable. In the second case, to serve as lighting for the room, the cool white will be more suitable.

However, you can very well play with the two shades of white thanks to aluminum pcb manufacturer. Which combine both cold white LEDs and warm white LEDs. The remote control supplied in the kit allows you to adjust the shade of white.

If you want to bring a festive touch to your room, why not vary the colors according to the ambient music? In this case choose a LED strip with color change, called “RGB” with a sound sensor.

Our LED strips have a self-adhesive back; you just have to peel off the protective film in order to stick them wherever you want.

Which LED strip for an aquarium?

For an aquarium, of course, a waterproof LED tape is required. Very often, cold white is preferred to warm white. Since it is a question of lighting the aquarium, it offers a very pretty visual rendering. Aluminum pcb manufacturer recommend that you choose a LED strip for high power.

The “classic” led strip is not the only solution. Therefore, you can also opt for a neon led strip. Another advantage, there is no “dots” effect as can be found on a classic led strip. It therefore provides a continuous and harmonious light over the entire length.

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