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Design Guide by Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing Services


Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing Services: Guide to PCB Design

Having the right PCB design is as important as availing the top-notch Circuit PCB board manufacturing services. There are several factors that play an important role when it comes to the design of the Printed Circuit Board.

You need to pay heed to these factors in order to ensure the correct PCB design. After all, a PCB acts as a brain of almost all mechanical as well as electronic devices. An error-free, robust, and efficient Printed Circuit Board would ensure a seamless, effortless, and efficiently functioning device.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the basic PCB design guide that you need to follow to ensure having a correct Printed Circuit Board Design.

Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing and Designing

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What is the PCB?

A PCB or something is known as the printing wiring board is a board that defines a circuit’s electrical and mechanical wire structure.

Gerber Files

There are several PCB design software available to assist you in every possible way. These software generate files – Gerber Files—is that used for the designing of PCB. These CAD files refer to the building of the PCB layer structure. RS-274X is among the common Gerber files that several designers and engineers use.

Schematic Entry

This is perhaps the first step towards the designing cycle of the Printed Circuit Board. It involves the electronic diagram of the circuit, using either the schematic editor or the schematic capture tool. Usually, a hand sketch is a next step after the schematic capture.

With a schematic capture tool, you are able to create a document that consists of information about the electronic symbols, and the interconnections between them. Before the manufacturing of the PCB, these footprints are mapped with these symbols, and at the same time, their connection in turned into a netlist.

This netlist is responsible for detailing the connection between the layout process and the component footprint.

Circuit Stimulation

For the testing of the initial design, you would be needing the circuit simulation. It helps validate your idea and concept. With most schematic capture tools, it is possible to interactive circuit simulation while using the same circuit representation. Thus, making it extremely convenient.

NC Drill File

To specify the position and the size of the holes, you would be needing a numerically controlled file. You can use it for plated through holes, unplated holes, or the holes of the vias.

Circuit PCB Board Design Layout Services

A good PCB design layout is a combination of different technical capabilities. It is an indispensable link between the engineering and the manufacturing abilities of the Printed Circuit Board manufacturers. Therefore, they indicate the functional performance of the final Printed Circuit Board.

Regardless of the electronic product, the PCB layout design is an imperative part of the Printed Circuit Board design circle. In general, the designing of the circuit is done by the electronics hardware. Whereas the Printed Circuit Board layout experts are responsible for handling the PCB design and PCB layout from schematics. We did mention, you would have to use a PCB design software for the creation of schematics.

So, in case, you do not have experience in designing your own Printed Circuit Board. You need not to worry.  With the tips below, you can design your own PCB. However, we do recommend that you use our Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing Services to a refined, error-free PCB designing and manufacturing.

After all, experience does not have any substitute. Nonetheless, you are still wanting to design your own PCB, simply read on.

Board Constraints of Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing

When we talk about the Printed Circuit Board layout design, the first concern that comes to mind are the board constraints. This usually includes the shape and the size of the Printed Circuit Board in addition to any other component that would have a direct impact on the layout of the Printed Circuit Board.

Choosing Reference Points

To start, you need to choose reference points that would fit the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing process effectively. After all, in most cases, points and holes hold great importance on the Printed board.

As different text fixtures and pick and place machines use these holes. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that these references point and holes are in accord with the manufacturing process of the Printed Circuit Board.

These holes or points are important as they are often envisioned for fixtures. In some cases, they are used for optical sensors as well. Therefore, the components should not be on them, or they are not hidden by these components.

Determining the Board Type

Next comes finding the amount of layers you want the board to have. For instance, you can have a double-layer, single-layer, or a multi-layer board. It is significant to know the number of layers that your board would have before you start the Printed circuit board design process.

The important thing to remember here is that an increased number of layers would have a direct impact on the cost of the PCB. Greater the layers, the higher the price. Also, the PCB complexity would be defining the number of layers required for your Printed Circuit Board.

The Board Area

In general, the equipment size defines the board dimensions. However, it is imperative to have some sort of board design for the Printed Circuit Board layout design. After all, you will have to have some sort of space size in mind for component placement, etc. You have to ensure that enough space for the right placement of the components. Wrong spacing can cause a lot of trouble.

Mounting Method that would use for your Printed Board

This is an important step that you need to determine at the start of the PCB design layout. You should have a clear understanding of the mounting process. Different mounting requires the clearance of different board parts. Therefore, have a clear understanding of the mounting process.

Layers or Planes

You need to pay close heed to the board constraints during the Printed Circuit Board layout design process. After all, this will have a direct impact on the size and the shape of the Printed Circuit Board Design.

In addition, they would affect several other aspects of the PCB design layout. An industry-standard is to utilize the entire plane or the complete layer for power rials. The most effective means to use these should be considered the beginning at the start of the PCB layout design.

Complete Planes Using

We did mention above that for the major power pins for the earth, you would be needing the complete planes. So you should to pay heed to it. Also, there is a downside to all this. There is a lot of noise.

Avoid Partial Planes

It is not wise to have big gaps in the earth planes or the power planes. Therefore, we highly recommend that you avoid partial planes, especially in the board area. The reason being, it can lead to some serious board stress which would then results in warping during the production or even during the phase PCB soldering phase.

Track Design

It is impossible to avoid the trade-offs down in the PCB layout design process. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the right aspects of the tracks on the Printed Circuit Board at an early stage of the board.

Normal Track Width

Another important thing that you need to even out in the Printed Circuit Board layout design is to find the right track size. If you do not have the proper spacing of the tracks it can lead to several problems.

For instance, too close or narrow tracks can lead to short circuits. Something you would have to avoid at all costs. Likewise, if you are a lot of space between tracks, you will not be able to have the right amount of tracks intact.

Therefore, it means that you would require greater board size in order to accommodate all the required tracks of the PCB.

Routing of the Layout Design

Track Size

In most modern Printed Circuit Boards, the tracks can transmit only a limited amount of current. Therefore, you should ponder on the track size to ensure the right amount of current being flowed.

The track size should bear the power rails. It should not bear the low-level signals. This would ensure the efficiency of the board.

Pad to Hole size and ratio

You should figure out the hole and the pad dimensions of the Printed Circuit Board. You should take this step early in the PCB design layout. Usually, circuit board manufacturing services providers tend to use for  (Pad to Hole)  a 1.8:1 ratio.

Sometimes, they even make the pad roughly 0.5 mm bigger in comparison to the hole. This is perfect for hold drilling tolerance. The ratio would become critical if you decrease the size of the holes and the pads. Things would get more complicated especially in case of the via holes.

Therefore, it is vital to maintain the right ratio between the pad and the hole.

Specify Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing Pads and Shapes

There are several components libraries that are linked with a number of Printed Circuit Board software. You can also have access to a number of PCB libraries and schematic foot-prints via the PCB CAD systems.

However, do bear in mind that they do differently during production. In general, you would want them to be of the right size, they should be big enough for PCB wave soldering instead of the PCB soldering infrared reflow.

Thus, you should have the right manufacturing process selected well before the Printed Circuit Board design layout process. Doing so will allow you to make the right choice in terms of the pad size. In addition, you would be able to use it on the design software as well as the actually Printed Circuit Board.

Interference of Signal Radiofrequency and Signal Integrity

Manufacturers often face a number of issues that are related either to the interference of the signals radio frequency of the signal integrity. However, it is possible to resolve these issues by simply having the right routing for the tracks.

Avoid Parallel Running Tracks

Effective Circuit PCB board Manufacturing Services highly recommend that you do not have  tacks running in parallel. Regardless of the need to decrease the length, you simply cannot use parallel tracking.

These parallel tracks always lead to crosstalk. This is something that causes almost all Printed Circuit Board problems. Also, resolving these problems can be a challenge in itself. So, the safe option is to avoid them.

Right Angles Cross Tracks for Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing Services

If you have to cross 2 signal lines, we highly recommend that you cross them at right angles. Doing this would help lessen the capacitance and the mutual inductance between the two lines.

Thermal Issues

Yes, we agree that small Printed Circuit Boards may not face this particular problem. However, modern technology no longer requires similar PCBs, on the contrary, they would go heavy on the component densities as well as the processing speed.

Therefore, there is always a chance of having some sort of thermal issues. So, to avoid these issues, make sure that your PCB design incorporates the right spacing and distancing for the hot components to cool down.

As these components emit a lot of heat, therefore right spacing would allow them to cool down properly instead of causing harm to the circuit itself.

Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing Services in China

Overall Printed Circuit Board Layout Design

After considering all the above factors, it is time for you to pay heed to the overall Printed Circuit Board design. Start with mapping out the areas where you plan to locate the circuit. Next, have the basic idea regarding the placement of the major components onto the board.

This will in the process identify the component area as well. All this would make it easier for you to evaluate the critical track areas as well as determining the ones that would suit to perfection.

If you are looking for highly experience Circuit PCB Board Manufacturing services, we recommend you reach out to us. We will provide you with all the information that you want.

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