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Backplane PCB

The company’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of printed circuit boards (PCB Backplane ). It has the full production capacity of PCB Backplane, including HDI PCB Backplane boards, multilayer boards, rigid-flex boards, thick copper boards, metal substrates, high-frequency boards, Flexible boards, etc., are widely used in industrial control, medical electronics, automotive electronics, communications equipment, LED lighting and other fields, sales areas, the domains cover many countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

PCB Backplane Manufacture
★ 2-64 layer prototype and batch circuit board production
★ TPS (Toyota Production System) Lean Production Management System
★ Ordinary board, M4, M6, Rogers, TU872, etc.
★ ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, IATF16949 certification


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