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High-density interconnect  HDI PCB is a kind of (technology) for the production of printed circuit boards. It uses a micro-blind hole and buried hole technology for a circuit board with a high density of line distribution. Due to the continuous development of technology for the electrical requirements of high-speed signals, circuit boards must provide impedance control with AC characteristics, high-frequency transmission capabilities, and reduction of unnecessary radiation (EMI). With the structure of Stripline and Microstrip, multi-layer design becomes a necessary design. In order to reduce the quality problem of signal transmission, a low dielectric constant and low attenuation insulating material will be used. In order to match the miniaturization and arraying of the electronic component structure, the circuit board will also continue to increase the density to meet the needs.
HDI PCB  (High-Density Interconnect) circuit boards usually include laser blind holes and mechanical blind holes; general through-buried holes, blind holes, stacked holes, staggered holes, cross-blind buried, through-holes, blind hole filling hole plating, fine line small gap, Technologies such as micro-holes in the disc to achieve conduction between the inner and outer layers, usually the buried diameter is not greater than 6mil.


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