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8 lớp của PCB Board là gì?


The 8 Layers of Pcb Board Is?

PCB stands for printed circuit board and it is commonly used in dozens of electric and electronic appliances. Though the whole thing might look small, there is quite a bit of technology and workmanship involved in it. There are many layers that make up any standard PCB. In this article we will look at the various layers. If you ask anyone who knows about printed circuit boards they will talk about 8 layers PCB board. Hence it would be interesting to know more about it from a common man’s perspective.

It is complicated and tough

We need to understand that the more we add layers to something, the more complex it becomes. A simple analogy perhaps can explain it better. Those who take on multiple players in a chess match, have to keep a tab of multiple boards at one go. This is quite complex and this is what happens when we keep adding layers to a PCB Board. There is quite a bit of memorization required but it is not as complicated as 3D chess playing or other such things. Having said this, there will have to be 8 layers of PCB stacking up. This has to be done very carefully and the balancing of designs around EMI is a tricky thing. There are also other elements that have to be taken care of and these include power plans, digital signals, frequency and also analog signals. It calls for the right experience and expertise and we will be sharing a few more interesting facts about it over the next few lines.

Why the need for 8 layers PCB stackup?

Whenever we look at a typical PCB design, it is common to see double layer or single layer PCB being used. It has been found that a double layer PCB is good enough to handle requirements of most projects. If you ask experts they would suggest that it makes much better sense to keep the overall PCB design simple and easy to design. This helps in more ways than one. It brings down the risk of various unnecessary problems. However there could be some situations where there could be a need for multilayer PCB design. This is where 8 layers PCB board requirements become necessary and unavoidable.


When we talk about a multilayer PCB we refer to a PCB that comes with a minimum of three or more conductive layers. These layers are usually sandwiched between the insulative core and the prepregs as far as PCB stackup is concerned. Prepregs are raw materials that are insulated where the core layer has layers of copper attached to it. This helps to improve space on the outer layers and leave space for components to be fixed. It also helps in better heat management and the power plane distribution strength also would increase.

Let us now have a closer look at the 8 different layers as far as any PCB Board is concerned.

  • Top layer;
  • Ground Plan;
  • Prepreg;
  • Inner Layer 1;
  • Core;
  • Prepreg;
  • Power plane;
  • Core2;

Apart from the above, the signal layers should also be separated so that it brings down EMI susceptibility and also reduces emission.

Trong khi những điều trên là phổ biến trong hầu hết PCB, các nhà thiết kế cũng sẽ tính đến các prerags và các vật liệu cốt lõi khác nhau. Chúng được sử dụng cho mục đích xây dựng PCB đa lớp. Nó cũng cần thiết cho việc xếp chồng 8 lớp mà chúng ta đang nói đến.

Xem xét một số kỹ thuật hữu ích cho bảng mạch PCB 8 lớp

Sẽ là sai lầm nếu cho rằng có 8 lớp chồng lên nhau sẽ có thể giải quyết tất cả các tai ương của EMI. Bạn cần quay lại một số phương pháp hay nhất để có thể tận dụng tốt nhất việc xếp chồng nhiều lớp. Dưới đây là một cái nhìn ngắn gọn về các kỹ thuật.

  • Định tuyến lại hướng

PCB 8 lớp bao gồm các trình phát tín hiệu quan trọng và có sáu trong số đó. Cần phải giảm bớt các cuộc nói chuyện chéo và điều này phải được thực hiện với sự trợ giúp của các lớp liền kề và sẽ tốt hơn nếu định tuyến chúng theo phương vuông góc. Cũng nên định tuyến các lớp tín hiệu khác nhau trên các lớp tiếp theo ngay cả khi chúng được ngăn cách bởi mặt đất hoặc mặt phẳng nguồn.

  • Tầm quan trọng của đường dẫn trở lại

Cũng cần phải hiểu tầm quan trọng của đường trở lại, đặc biệt là khi nói đến tín hiệu tốc độ cao. Nó không quan trọng ngay cả khi các tín hiệu nằm ở các lớp bên trong. Tuy nhiên, bạn phải đảm bảo rằng tín hiệu có một đường trở lại rất ngắn. Nó cũng không nên dẫn đến nhiễu khi nói đến các thành phần khác.


  • Máy bay mặt đất

Ask any expert about PCB circuits, they will talk about rule of the thumb. It is all about not having a split ground plane. This is because it may lead to impedance discontinuity. Further, you also must make sure that the various components of the outer layer do not have excess impedance. This happens when they get connected through vias that are attached to the inner ground planes.

  • Blind vias

The speed of the routing can also be further increased by going in for blind vias or buried vias as they are referred to. However, there is a need to have the same checked with the manufacturer. The same should be within its capability and should be able to produce the same vias in the PCB.


The importance of having the right tool

The task of designing the right 8-layer PC will become simpler and easier if you have the right software tools. It would be ideal to go in for the right CAD PCB Designer. This will give you better control as far as the layer stackup is concerned. You also should invest in the right DRC tools that will make it easy for efficient production processing and also as far as easy documentation are concerned. Special attention should be paid to simulation tools and other such important things.

The final word

The whole process of putting up eight layers of PCB Board is not easy and it takes quite a bit of understanding of the subject matter. There are many slips that could occur between the lip and the cup and these should always be factored. It would be better to take professional help who will be able to a much better job of it, taking the various things into perspective.

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