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What Quality Should a Good PCB Factory Have

When you are looking to get something manufactured, you will have to find a suitable factory to get the things timely delivery to you in the best quality. PCB is a green board that you will see in many electrical appliances. This can be considered as the land on which the circuits are made. Once you have decided that you are going to order some PCB from the PCB factory, you have to look at certain parameters to select the best company. The parameters of a good PCB factory are given below.

High-quality Product

The quality of the product is really important when you are selecting the PCB factory. PCB should last a long time and it should be durable enough to withstand the harsh environment inside the appliance. If a low-quality PCB factory is selected to order the products, the board will be damaged soon. This can damage the reputation of the company using the printed computer board.


Consistent PCB Supply

A consistent supply of PCB is really important for the appliance manufacturing process. If your company is manufacturing something and it is using the PCB inside the appliance, you are going to need a consistent supply of PCB. If you select a company that is not consistent, you will have a problem. With the consistent supply, you will have peace of mind that you can order the PCB and you will receive the supply.

Ability to Make Custom Boards

There are many different types of PCB according to size. Some PCB factories will only manufacture boards of a certain size. A PCB can contain many layers but some companies will only make a certain number of layers. You should select a company that can manufacture the custom PCB.

There might be a chance that the company is manufacturing exactly what you require and they do not have the custom manufacturing ability. You should keep them as a last resort and try to search for another company that has custom manufacturing ability. This is to make a good relationship with a company that can work with you long term. You are going to expand into different categories and you are going to require a different size of PCB. When you will not select a company with custom manufacturing ability, you will suffer as you have to hunt for a new PCB factory at that time. You should also look for the timely delivery of the PCB when you are looking for a custom manufacturing facility for the PCB factory.


Timely Delivery

What else can be more important than the timely delivery of the PCB? A good PCB factory will always deliver the boards on time. You can relate to this problem if you just imagine it. You have ordered PCB from the PCB factory one week ago and you are to receive this shipment today. You have prepared your assembly line and all the workers are ready to receive the shipment and prepare the appliance boards. You call the PCB factory and they inform you that there is a delay in delivery because of some difficult reasons. All of your effort and preparation will go in vain only because the company did not deliver the PCB on time. The company which delivers on time should always be preferred and you can check the reviews of the factory online to find if they are delaying the PCB deliveries often.


Many things can be compromised if the price of the item is low. To find low price PCB, you can go online on the company website and contact them directly. You should give your requirement to the companies and ask for a quotation. It is always best to ask for a quotation from multiple companies. The thing you should not compromise due to the low cost is the quality of a PCB. To find a cost-effective PCB, you have to communicate with the PCB factory. Their sales department should have good communication skills so they can timely inform you about the price of the PCB.


Good Communication

When you send an email or call a PCB factory there can be two scenarios. Either they will reply to you within one day and receive your call to inform you details about the PCB or they will not reply for a long or will not reply for a long time. In this case, they will not communicate properly through the phone also. It is easily understandable that you should select a company that replies on time and have better communication skills. Ensuring the customers are satisfied should be a priority of any company and better communication is a way of ensuring that. The company with better communication will have better troubleshooting abilities because they can timely inform you about the solution to a problem you are facing with PCB.

Sample Delivery

Samples are really important when you are looking for a PCB because there are so many different factors that can influence an appliance if the PCB is not correct. You should ask for a sample before ordering the full quantity of PCB. A good PCB factory will always deliver the samples and most of the time you will get the samples for free. If a company has an extremely good reputation, you can ask for even a paid sample. Never buy PCB from a PCB factory with an average reputation when they are not willing to send the samples.


There are certain precautions you should take when you are selecting the PCB factory to order the PCB. You should ensure that you are dealing with the factory and not the broker. You can ensure that by emailing the company directly on their official email. When you will find forwarded emails for whatever you ask, you can estimate that this person might be a broker. Dealing with the broker will have many disadvantages. You will not get consistent quality of the PCB. Brokers are mostly less reliable so you can expect a delay in delivery. A broker will also take commission so the price of PCB through a broker will be higher than the price of the PCB factory.

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