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Double-sided PCB


Professional Double-sided PCB Solution Provider and Manufacturer

We add specific guidelines to each customer’s production file to ensure that all aspects of the specified criteria and specifications are followed during production. Based on technology, quantity, costs and delivery options, we propose optimal solutions for double-sided PCB equipment.

Double-sided / multilayer through-substrate

This is a multi-layer through-hole board consisting of multiple layers of insulating and conductive layers. It is used for a wide range of applications, from 4 layers, 6 layers to more than 10 layers, and from special ones such as high durability to general-purpose products.

They are used in personal computers, peripherals, in-vehicle devices, digital home appliances, and game consoles. Among them, Miracle Technology has a long track record of delivering high reliability in fields such as in-vehicle electronics. By selecting the optimal material according to the required electrical, thermal, and physical properties, it is possible to achieve both low cost and high quality.

Senior technical research and development team

Miracle Technology has a technical team composed of experienced senior engineers and a professional sales team to work with you to discuss and develop, design, and provide you with the best solution, from rational design to personalized integration, to manufacturing. Quality control to make the products you really need


Properties can  freely add by selecting appropriate materials

  • High reliability, high durability
  • Low cost for general-purpose products
  • Products that meet the evolution of the world and contemporary electronics needs


Double-sided PCB
Layer Count 2
Finished Board Thickness (mm) 0.5mm
Min. Finished Hole Diameter (mm) 0.3mm
Min. line width/spacing (mm) 0.2/0.2mm
Surface Treatment ENIG
Key Feature Aspect ratio 1:1
Application LED

High heat dissipation and high current boards that can withstand harsh environments such as automobile engine rooms and solar power generation equipment we offer cutting-edge products.

High-density wiring

By using an ultra-fine processing CO2 laser, filled plating technology and high-precision positioning technology, we provide high-density wiring boards with high design flexibility.

“In the e-test, the circuit board is checked for short circuits and interruptions. For this purpose, a network list of the data supplied by you is created. The correct functioning of the circuit board is checked by applying a voltage to different endpoints.”

High reliability

We have a long track record of delivery in fields where high reliability is required, such as in-vehicle electronics. By selecting the optimal material according to the require electrical, thermal, and physical properties, it is possible to achieve both low cost and high quality.

For large current

We provide substrates used for products that carry large currents, such as solar power generation and high-power motors for eco-cars. The copper pattern for the circuit is significantly thicker than the conventional board.

High heat dissipation

For products that require heat dissipation, such as LED lighting and power device drive circuits, we offer substrates that achieve high heat dissipation by combining aluminum and copper blocks.


The demand for space-saving is increasing as the high-density mounting of small mobile device products progresses. We offer boards that can use as substitutes for connectors; boards with components mounted inside, etc., and realize free product design.

Our engineering team offers expert advice and support during production-oriented product design. Also includes:
  • Checking all production parameters in the DFM system
  • Net list
  • Checking of all layers (inner layers, marking printing, solder, drill holes and additional processes)
  • Preparation of the production documentation

Using the latest CAD tools, we can ensure that all designs meet requirements and provide:

  • Creation of the production benefit
  • Calculation of controlled impedances
  • Advice on various surfaces
  • Advice on the optimal laminates and raw materials
  • Layer structure



No matter how complex your project may be, we are here to help you find technical and logistical solutions to help you put your plans into practice

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