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Why choose miraclepwb for PCB prototyping manufacturing?


PCB Prototyping: Why Printed Circuit Boards Are So Important

In the world of electronic devices, many will have heard of PCB prototyping manufacturing. What does this term stand for? It indicates a printed circuit, that is the base on which the electronic board will then be built. So let’s imagine assembling a board like building a house, where the PCB forms the foundation of our building.

PCB prototyping manufacturing

In fact, all the components of the electronic board mount above the printed circuit. For this reason, it is essential that the designer, who is responsible for defining the characteristics. It should be for PCB prototyping manufacturing. Be sure to take care of all the technical precautions in detail.

What Are the Risks in Production Phases of Electronic Boards?

If the printed circuit does not come with accuracy and rigor, there is the risk of nullifying all the work done in the production phase of the electronic board. In this short guide we will understand why printed circuits are so important and what the attributes that characterize them are.

What Are the Properties That Characterize a Printed Circuit?


Like any other electronic component, the printed circuit is also subject to standard characteristics. in 90% of cases it has a height of 1.6 millimeters .However; the market for electronic boards is wide and varied, as various sectors. Even very heterogeneous from each other, provide for the insertion of electronic boards in different devices.

For this reason, printed circuits of various types are easy to make in relation to the number of layers that is layers that compose them. It is always the designer, on the basis of his initial idea, who decides which technical characteristics a printed circuit or PCB prototyping manufacturing will have to assume. It can be in relation, above all, to the elements that will later be mounted on it.

How to Shape the Printed Circuits?

Not only the thickness, also the material common to shape the printed circuit can vary even if in most cases glass fiber is common. A very resistant and insulating material that ensures maximum yield in terms of performance. The size and the production material of the printed circuit depend on the sector of application.

For example, the new radiofrequency technologies satisfy the requests of specific sectors and therefore require printed circuits easy to make with particular materials, Teflon is one of these. Each printed circuit can then be finished in different ways.

But the common goal is always to ensure excellent solder ability of the components on the surface of the circuit.

Which One Is the Most Appreciated Type of Finishing in the Circuit?

The most widespread and appreciated type of finish is the one that involves the use of gold. It is extremely resistant. Moreover, we can apply in those devices subjected to severe wear. However, the PCB finish can also be easy to make in other relatively convenient materials.

Such as silver or lead, but the choice is always up to whoever takes care of the PCB prototyping manufacturing of the circuit. And it depends on the components that will be mounted in the production phase of the electronic board.

How to customize layout of PCB prototype manufacturing?

In addition, even the layout of the printed circuit can change.  Passing from a square geometry to a round shape.

What Are the Other Methods to Join the Circuit Boards?

PCB prototyping manufacturing 2021

Sometimes the printed circuit is easy to compose of many boards joined together by components defined as witnesses.  Which however allow their separation after the prototyping phase? This printed circuit easy to make up of many small boards is called a panel.

PCB prototyping manufacturing comes with visible advantage

And has the considerable advantage of guaranteeing automated systems to be able to handle multiple boards at once. Thus it reduces the time dedicated to the board prototyping process and also ensuring significant cost savings.

A final aspect to keep in mind when talking about printed circuit boards is the humidity level. The PCB prototyping manufacturing arrives at the supplier under vacuum in order to preserve its chemical characteristics. It is to certify that the humidity level does not exceed 30%. If this last value is higher, the proper functioning of the printed circuit would be compromised.

Quality Control: Automatic Optical Inspection

Relying on us means leaving your project in the hands of a partner capable of guaranteeing high quality, functional and flawless products. For this, it is important to perform automatic optical inspection, known as AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection).

This verification system is able to intercept any assembly or welding defects, to ensure a high quality, long lasting and reliable finished product.

What is PCB prototyping manufacturing verification system?

This verification system allows optimizing the production process, avoiding waste of materials and time. In fact, in the event that the system detects defects in the board analyzed, a technician will promptly resolve the fault, searching for the roots of the problem.

In this way, a solution can be found before the entire order is manufactured, ensuring optimal products and reducing the costs required to remedy the error.


Each electronic board, in order to be easy to make in the best possible way, must take into account the specific needs that must be met: on the basis of the different needs expressed. Similarly, each company can obtain a reliable and quality finished product.

For years we have been investing in research and development to design and PCB prototyping manufacturing customized electronic boards with optimal performance.

Where to hire PCB prototyping manufacturing services?

The beating heart of the company, the design office, makes it possible to produce, mount and assemble the electronic boards, while the previous sampling step allows you to perfect the printed circuit and solve any problems quickly and easily.

Find a reliable partner

Choosing who to entrust the manufacture of your electronic board is a very delicate step. Finding a reliable partner capable of following your project from start to finish is not difficult. You need to give it life with precision and experience, is essential in order to obtain a product easy to make with accuracy. Even in the smallest details.

Why choose miraclepwb for PCB prototyping manufacturing?

Our experience, gained over years of work in the sector, allows us to provide high quality services both in the PCB prototyping manufacturing and assembly sectors. The attention to detail is demonstrated in the specialization of the individual processing steps.

Starting from the purchase phase, through the production phase and, finally, in the after-sales service phase, the goal is one: to offer the customer a functional and long-lasting electronic board.

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