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PCB Prototype manufacturers: 3 Best Ways to Balance Cost and Quality


PCB Prototype manufacturers
PCB Prototype manufacturers
 ensuring the incorporation of new technologies, increasing the company’s efficiency and competitive capacity. These are some of the advantages of a Turn-Key project.

Also known as complete outsourcing, in this contract model only one partner company is hired to carry out the work from beginning to end, from the purchase of components to the delivery of the final product.

Why a good relationship is necessary for PCB Prototype manufacturers?

In the electronics industry, many companies have outsourced the assembly of electronic boards to optimize resources and product quality. However, for this partnership to work, the companies involved must have a good relationship, with well-defined rules and clear communication.

In this post, you will learn about some best practices for PCB Prototype manufacturers in order to make a Turn-Key project work and also know what to consider while choosing a CM.

What good practices should PCB Prototype manufacturers keep in the turn-key project?

A successful turnkey project is the only one where both of the companies are really self-satisfied. In this way, the final product will be in the best shape it should be. It may sound simple, but the relationship of trust is an exercise to be undertaken.

It is already challenging to manage a single organization, so the partnership between companies requires even more attention.

What are 3 essential aspects for a successful partnership in Turn-Key projects?

Check out below, 3 essential aspects for a successful partnership in Turn Key projects.

100% TRUST

Before signing a partnership with PCB Prototype manufacturers for the Turn Key project, it is important to ask the following question: “Is my company really willing to delegate the production of electronic boards to a CM?”.

The PCB Prototype manufacturers should produce the entire PCB project

Remember that in this type of contract — also called “turnkey” — the assembler will produce the entire PCB project, from product purchase to final delivery. The idea is that your company is only concerned with the final result.

But if the answer to this question is negative, then it is possible that the Turn-Key model will not be suitable for your organization.

Authoritative and clear communication

Keep in mind that a Turn Key project is a partnership with PCB Prototype manufacturers. Despite being an independent job, good communication is essential. If there is any change in expectation about the final product, immediately notify CM for re-alignment.

Thus, both companies maintain mutual satisfaction.

Why you should always choose competent PCB Prototype manufacturers and CM?

To entrust the execution of your project to an assembler, it is necessary to evaluate it carefully. You will place in the hands of other professionals the product you intend to deliver to your customers. Closing a Turn Key contract is only interesting when there is no doubt about CM’s competence and technical capacity.

What is the criterion for choosing the turn key PCB Prototype manufacturers?

But a common question is: how to choose a competent partner of PCB Prototype manufacturers that guarantees the production of a PCB of excellence, according to your expectations?

But to help you make the right choice of CM, see what are the main criteria you should observe.

What are 3 ways to balance cost, delivery and quality

Also read here the 3 ways to balance cost, delivery and quality in industrial production.

Quality certifications

A company with quality certifications — such as the ISO assessment — meets the minimum standards required by the market. An assembler with ISO 9001 certification, for example, is efficient in all stages of production, which involves not only the processes, but also the people and systems.

PCB Prototype manufacturers 2021

The ISO assessment attests that PCB Prototype manufacturers or any other company has a systemic view of the project, that is, it is able to measure and analyze everything that involves the production of an electronic board, including direct and indirect factors.

Efficient logistics

To avoid problems with delays in the delivery of components or inputs, the assembler must offer an efficient and safe logistics service. It is necessary to know how to manage the stock so that the project is not stopped due to lack of raw material.

In addition to wasting time, production costs can increase.

Approved suppliers

A PCB Prototype manufacturer that does not have approved suppliers will possibly fail in the logistics and transport of products service. In this way, costs and risks are reduced and deadlines are met.

What are the advantages of having an approved PCB Prototype manufacturer?

You can also read and understand the advantages of having an approved PCB Prototype manufacturer.

Count on a company with experiment in assembling electronic boards

Count on producing

We have the technical quality to meet the needs of assembly of electronic boards of any type of component, counts on approved suppliers and a team specialized in this electronics niche.

According to the Turn Key EPC contract standard

Engineering, Purchase, Construction, we work in all stages of the production process of plate assembly, from the purchase of components and inputs, to final delivery, going through all stages of assembly, integration and final tests.

What are the management tools of the PCB Prototype manufacturers?

As we highlighted earlier, each company or PCB Prototype manufacturers have their own standards for undertaking its quality management.

Nothing is static or definitive.

But for the management to work with quality, it is necessary to plan and correctly use some key tools. If these go well, it means that everything that involves production is in harmony and, thus, the results will be positive.

These tools are:

Get to know these tools responsible for giving movement to quality management:


When a process is well planned, issues related to risk management are managed. Scarce components and inputs, market demand and workload problems are some of the risk points that need to be named.

As you can imagine, this requires continuous attention, always looking for optimization and adaptation of the product to the market.


This tool is responsible for tracking components and processes by PCB Prototype manufacturers, gathering data in real time and reducing error due to human actions. A complete documentation, laboratory and innovative software are essential for this tool to work.


Certification is a document to prove that a given company has the necessary requirements for the production and repetition of the quality of a product. The customer sees it as a guarantee, which gives them more security and confidence in having their demand met.

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