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Double Sided PCB Manufacturer: Comparison between Single and Double PCB


Double-Sided PCB Manufacturer: Single Vs Double PCB

A Double-sided PCB manufacturer and contractors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a number of benefits including additional efficiency, better performance among others.

The type of Printed Circuit Board you choose, greatly depends upon your product requirement. Of course, there are certain products where choosing a single-sided Printed Circuit Board would be a wiser choice.

However, there are situations where a double-sided PCBs is better. Choosing between single-sided or double-sided PCB can be tricky. Therefore, it is important to learn the difference between these two types of Printed Circuit Boards.

Double Sided PCB Manufacturer

Single PCB Vs Double PCB

Today, we tend to see different types of Printed Circuit boards in numerous electronics. They are present in computers, mobile phones, radio equipment, and several similar electronics

Initially, single-sided PCBs were common among these electronics, but it seems that times are changing. We are not, by any means, undermining the importance of single-sided Printed Circuit Boards.

However, we are saying that for higher and complicated electronics, single PCB might not be a better choice. On the contrary, choosing a double-sided Printed Circuit Board would yield better results.

After all, double-sided PCB means more computational power and better performance. Nonetheless, both PCBs have their advantages and they work best for different applications.

Therefore, choosing the type of PCB greatly depends upon your product requirement.

Single-Sided Printed Circuit Board

A single-sided Printed Circuit Board is the basic type of PCB. It incorporates only one copper conductive layer over the substrate. Likewise, the manufacturer mounts the electrical components on the single side of the board.

Whereas the circuit etching is done on the other side of the board. These boards are not only easy to design, but they are also extremely cost-effective. There is no over passing or crossing of the conductive paths. The reason being, there is only one conducting layer.

A wide range of electronics uses single-sided PCB such as a camera system, calculators, radio, and much more. In terms of complexity, a single PCB is relatively easier to make. Therefore, manufacturers with limited manufacturing capabilities majorly focus on designing and developing only single-sided Printed Circuit Boards.

Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board

Unlike the Single Sided Printed Circuit Board, Double Sided PCB has traces of both sides of the board. In addition, it has a top and bottom layer along with the traces. The board comes with the ability to mount components and copper to both sides.

Mounting of components and copper on both sides results in tracing a cross over. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the high density of circuits without incorporating the point to point soldering.

Double-Sided PCBs offer high complexity, therefore, developing them is a challenging task. The manufacturer needs to have the latest technology. Nonetheless, the benefits of double-sided Printed Circuit Boards are way more than their developing challenges.

Double-Sided PCBs allow enables the manufacturer to produce complex circuits. They have the ability to work with more sophisticated electronics and applications. Their ability to offer better performance makes them the first choice for a number of applications.

For instance, they are extremely popular among car dashboards, amplifiers, vending machines, and many others.

Advantages of Single Sided PCB

There is no denying that single-sided are still famous among a number of applications due to their ease of manufacturing a lower cost. In addition, these boards tend to provide a number of benefits.

Below, we have come up with the benefits that a single Printed Circuit Board offers.

Cost-Effective: Single PCBs are extremely cost-effective. Producing them is not a challenging task as there are no traces cross over. Their basic designs eliminate the needs need for high-end equipment and handsome capital.

Low-Density Design: These Printed Circuit Boards are an excellent choice for simple and low-density circuit design. After all, there is no point incorporating a more complex PCB, when you can achieve reliable results with a Single-sided Printed Circuit Board.

Less Complexity:  Since the Single-sided PCB are less complicated, therefore, the manufacturer would face fewer problems when developing the PCB. Unlike, the Double-Sided PCB manufacturer.

Faster Turn-around Time: With few problems during the developing phase, the turnaround time of a single-sided Printed Circuit Board is less as well. It allows manufacturers to design and develop PCBs in a limited time.

Affordability: Single-Sided PCBs are affordable. However, with you produce that at a high volume, they become even more affording.

Double Sided PCB Manufacturer: Advantages 

Here are the advantages of using a double-sided Printed Circuit Board.

Design Flexibility: A double-sided PCB manufacturer offers flexibility in terms of design. You can enjoy more complex circuits without incorporating additional soldering.

Add more Components: Unlike the Single-side PCBs where you can add components to just one side of the board, Double-sided Printed Circuit Boards allow component additional to both sides of the board. The additional layer of the components offers more room for additional connections if required.

Additional Circuity: The additional space allows the manufacturer to offer complex circuitry. Thus, making these boards a better choice for sophisticated technologies. Single Circuit Boards are not able to fulfill the demands of these complicated technologies.

Reduced Size: When the manufacturer is able to use both sides of the boards, it can incorporate its components in a more effective and efficient manner. Instead of increasing the overboard size to add additional components, it would simply switch sides. The reduced size is again the need for modern electronics as they are becoming more compact and complex.

Applications of Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards

There are numerous applications of Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards. You will find them spread across a wide range of industries. In addition to being an essential part of the PCs, you can find the Printed Circuit Boards in a number of other electronics as well.

A high-quality Printed Circuit Board has a direct impact on the quality, reliability, and life of electronics. Therefore, companies are keen on incorporating only the best PCB in their electronics.

Since Double-sided PCB manufacturer offers diversity in terms of design and finishes. You can enjoy gold as well as a silver finish along with solder coating, low or high temperatures.

This versatility makes the double-sided Printed Circuit Boards the best choice for several applications. In addition, the mass production of these PCBs makes them cost-efficient. Thus, allowing you to save a lot of costs.

Here are the applications for Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board

  • Car dashboards
  • Traffic systems
  • Phone Systems
  • Hard Drives
  • Vending Machines
  • HVAC Systems
  • Power Supplies
  • LED lighting
  • Power conversion and many others.

Double Sided PCB Manufacturers

The Final Word

Both Single-Sided and Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards have their own advantages and flows. Single-Sided PCBs are the best choice for electronics that do not need higher operational capacity. A Double-sided PCB manufacturer on the contrary, recommends double-sided PCBs for high-end and sophisticated applications.

Both these PCBs are effective, however, the type you choose greatly depends upon your product. In case, you are having trouble deciding which PCB would suit your product, you can reach out to Miracle Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer.

They are a team of extremely skilled and professional individuals. Their designers and engineers would spend time with you, understand your product, and then suggest what sort of Printed Circuit Board, you should incorporate.

So, you can reach out to them and get the right Printed Board for your product.

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