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PCB con base in alluminio


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Miracle Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of Aluminum Base Pcb, LED circuit boards, aluminum substrates, single panels, double panels, and multilayer boards. After 10 years of hard work, the company has formed a production scale

 The main products include aluminum base printed circuit boards, which are widely used in various electronic industries such as computers, communications, automobiles, digital products, etc

We offer all kinds of LED Aluminum PCB Board Product. For high-power LEDs of the aluminum base board, copper base board, ceramic base board, for low-power LEDs of the FR4 board, high-temperature board. Aluminum base boards are most commonly used as aluminum base boards with good heat output in high-performance LED products.

As we all know, LED will generate more heat compared to other electronic components, which required a better ability of the circuit board to dissipate heat. Metal core circuit boards on LED circuit boards are often used for these special requirements, in particular aluminum core circuit boards. This is because the aluminum PCB typically contains a thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material that can transfer and dissipate heat with much greater efficiency than a conventional rigid PCB.

Certified :

The production of hazardous materials is controlled in accordance with the QC080000 standard to ensure that the procurement of raw materials and processing technology comply with the requirements of the RoHS and WEEE directives.

Quality CHECK:

The company chooses suppliers that comply with international standards for the procurement of plates and other raw materials. It insists that the quality be taken from the source, and that every stage is equipped with professional quality inspection personnel.

Aluminum substrate refers to all printed circuit boards with a layer of metal alloy for heat dissipation and heat conduction. There are two most common materials; one is aluminum, which has relatively common thermal and thermal performance but relatively low cost, and copper, which has excellent thermal and thermal characteristics but relatively high cost.

The application of metal cooling substrates can be divided into two categories, industrial products and consumer products. The emergence of aluminum substrate is not recent. As early as decades ago, this product has been widely used in high current, high voltage heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, medical equipment, and military products, and even power supplies, Rectifiers or transformers are quite mature technologies.


PCB con base in alluminio
Conteggio strati 1
Aluminum base thickness(mm) 4,15mm
Conduttività termica 0,075 mm
Min. larghezza linea / spaziatura (mm) 2W/m.k
Voltage resistance 1000VAC
Trattamento della superficie LF HASL
Caratteristica fondamentale Finished copper thickness: 2oz
Applicazione Lighting

Aluminum Base Board – Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier from China – Aluminum PCB


In recent years, due to the miniaturization of electronic equipment and the market development trend of high-power LEDs, aluminum substrates with better heat dissipation efficiency than traditional FR-4 circuit boards have flourished in the consumer market. These new products are mainly used in LED backlights, LED lighting, automotive substrates, etc. The successful use of these products mainly depends on the selection of the correct high thermal conductivity insulation products.

The material used for the aluminum substrate is called Insulated Metal Substrate, IMS. Its structure is composed of three materials:

  • The top layer is copper foil
  • The middle layer is a thermally conductive insulating layer , also known as the dielectric layer
  • The bottom layer is a metal plate, usually aluminum or Copper plate.

Because of this, different from aluminum or copper, the metal heat sink substrate also has a more accurate name-aluminum substrate or copper substrate.

Aluminum Base PCB Features and Benefits – Aluminum PCB

  • Adopt surface adhesion technology (SMT)
  • In printed circuit boards, the heat treatment efficiency of heat sources such as heat conduction and heat dissipation is very good.
  • Improve product reliability and lifespan through efficient heat conduction and heat dissipation
  • Can replace ceramic substrate to provide better mechanical durability
  • Reduced product volume through improved performance, effectively reducing hardware and assembly

We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of the products and services we offer our customers, we provide you an exceptional aluminum base manufacturing experience.  With years of experience in direct relationships with suppliers and customers of the manufacturers, we always show our expertise so that you can enjoy the best product output.


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