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Come scegliere un produttore di PCB


Come scegliere un produttore di PCB

Al giorno d'oggi, anche la domanda di tutti i circuiti stampati è in aumento. Ci sono molti produttori di pcb a Shenzhen. Sebbene ci siano molti produttori, la forza delle fabbriche di circuiti stampati è diversa.

La scelta di un produttore di circuiti stampati può essere considerata dai seguenti aspetti.

1. Prestare attenzione alla perfezione del servizio

6. Prestare attenzione al fatto che ci siano molti casi di collaborazione
In generale, possiamo capire chiaramente i casi di settore con cui hanno collaborato sul sito Web dei produttori di prove di circuiti stampati per PCB. Se la risposta dell'utente è alta, significa che il produttore ha un alto grado di riconoscimento, ha una vasta esperienza nel settore ed è degno di scelta da parte degli utenti.

Shenzhen’s reliable pcb can choose miraclepwb PCB. Xunde Electronics is equipped with highly automated electronic assembly production lines, advanced placement equipment, and accurate testing instruments, which can quickly and accurately achieve high-difficulty, small-batch electronic assembly tasks, and daily stickers. Chips up to 2 million points (20 hours), wave soldering 35,000 pieces (12 hours), can mount accurate devices such as 0201, 01005, etc. The types of devices involve dense pin IC, QFN, QFP, BGA, WLCSP, etc. The material procurement team of Xunde Electronics can provide customers with full BOM material procurement services, meet the diverse needs of customers for material procurement at one time, and realize cost control under the premise of ensuring quality.
At the same time, miraclepwb is also equipped with an engineering team and a dedicated customer service team. All members of the engineering team have more than 4 years of relevant work experience in SMT factories, and are given strict engineering guidance and supervision for high-quality products. The strong cooperation of Xunde engineering team and customer service team can give customers timely feedback on the production process and good electronic solutions.
Fast and well-established, well-received. Xunde Electronics, help your products occupy the high point of the market!

1) Ignite the mission with the original intention
The best protection for the brand is to ask and guard the original aspiration; the best gift to customers is to stick to the mission and assume the mission. At present, the economy and society are undergoing major changes unseen in a century, with dangers and opportunities coexisting, and only customers cannot fail. Use good materials, use enough materials, and make the ultimate quality, “miraclepwb” will never change, and always stick to the original aspiration!

2) Create quality with ingenuity
With the spirit of ingenuity, choose one thing for a lifetime; follow the standards of ingenuity and insist on the perfection of details! Both high quality and high reliability! From raw materials to process control, “every process procedure, every process operation, and every test standard” has been devoted to almost harsh and strict attitude.

The main high-end multi-layer PCB, concentrate on studying the third-order HDI board within 20 layers, and constantly polish the ultimate process capability! It is not only the first veteran manufacturer advocating “visible quality”, but also the first Daai board factory to provide free slicing and test reports for “6-layer and above multi-layer pcb proofing”! For “miraclepwb”, high reliability is not an empty slogan, but a solemn promise that is imperative.

3) Warm customers with sincerity
Be grateful for warmth! Determined to be a warm enterprise, “miraclepwb” warms customers with the most pious attitude all the time, and provides customers with the most reliable PCB and the most delicate personalized service!

3. High reliability is the sacred duty of an enterprise to fulfill its development purpose and assume social responsibility
Under the social background of highly globalized economy, no company can achieve rapid development without “customer transfer value, industrial ecological environment and national market image”. High reliability is the company’s “lifeline for survival and stepping stone for finding a way out.” A stepping stone to development”!

How to choose a PCB manufacturer

1. Guard the lifeline of the enterprise and empower “customers”
On the afternoon of January 25, 2020, a message was swiped on the WeChat Moments: Wuhan Kelvin Company issued a request for help, and urgently needed to connect with Miraclepwb to solve the key raw material of the door-type body temperature detector-PCB. Miraclepwb resumed work at 8 o’clock in the morning on the 26th. On the morning of the 29th, the shipment was extremely fast!

High reliability is the soul of the product, and excellent reliability is the best gift for Miraclepwb to give back to customers and feed back the society! Miraclepwb uses high-reliability PCB to interpret the responsibility of the enterprise, and it has also been unanimously recognized by customers!

2. Defend the image of the country’s market and speak for “Made in China”

Improving product reliability is the foundation of China’s development, the way to rejuvenate the country, and the strategy to strengthen the country. In the past 30 years, the quality competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing has improved significantly, but it also faces many challenges. Nowadays, Made in China has been hit by the double impact of the global financial crisis and the new crown epidemic! In the context of stagnant global economic activity and sharp decline in international trade, it is even more important to improve product reliability! To improve manufacturing quality, it is necessary to create a quality culture, promote the spirit of craftsmanship, strengthen the construction of basic industrial capacity, improve the quality management mechanism, and comprehensively improve the reliability, consistency and stability of products!

Fare agli altri, non imporre agli altri. Il fondatore di "Huaqiu" è un ingegnere e odia il caos sociale causato da PCB inaffidabili come "guasti nelle prestazioni, difetti di qualità, ritardo nel lancio di nuovi prodotti, perdita economica e perdita di clienti".

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