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Professional Backplane pcb manufacturer

As a professional Backplane pcb manufacturer, the company provides one-stop service from PCB R & D design, sample to mass production (PCB + PCBA). PCB products mainly include double-sided (about 40%), multilayer (about 60%) circuit boards And has the ability to produce characteristic impedance control, high-frequency and FR-4 mixed pressure, laminated blind holes, ceramic substrate, aluminum substrate.


Ebenenanzahl 32
Dicke der fertigen Platte (mm) 6.4mm
Mindest. Fertiger Lochdurchmesser (mm) 0,5 mm
Mindest. Linienbreite / Abstand (mm) 0.15/0.15m
Oberflächenbehandlung ZUSTIMMEN
Hauptmerkmal Impedance accuracy ±8%; Backplane Stub: ≤16mil
Anwendung Storage

What is Backplane Pcb?

The backplane PCB, also called the mainboard, is a substrate that is responsible for carrying function boards including daughter boards or line cards. The main task of the backplane is to carry daughter boards and distribute power to the function boards in order to achieve electrical connections and signal transmission. Therefore, system functions can be obtained through the cooperation between the backplane and its daughter boards.

Backplane technology is the basis of today’s telecommunications systems. The development of backplane structures has pushed the bandwidth of telecommunications systems from a few Mb per second to a few Terabit per second.

Why to choose Backplane Pcb?

Today’s telecommunications platforms rely on high-speed serial data transmission, and digital designers often place copper on the performance limits that their systems can reach. With the increase of serial links over 10Gbps, signal integrity problems have begun to be exposed. Such signal integrity problems are not encountered in standard digital design laboratories.

Miracle Technology is an excellent manufacturer of circuit boards, circuit board proofing, and double-sided panels. Equipment backplane PCB, Keding circuit-driving recorder camera circuit board pcb and other products.


There are a variety of PCB structures that can help increase data string traffic, provided they are implemented correctly in high-speed serial links. So! Today’s high-speed digital design engineers must focus on the future and use advanced analysis tools in order to maintain the rapid development of telecommunications systems.

Today, the Miracle Technology will share the necessary equipment and requirements for high-level pcb board manufacturing in detail:

From this point of view, PCB multi-layer boards are not something that any company that makes circuit boards can do. It needs supporting equipment and processes for high-layer boards. Miracle Technology has ten years of backplane PCB manufacturing experience.

Develop solutions to difficult interconnect problems

For over 10 years, our technological advances in PCBs and backplanes have enabled some
of the key innovations in high-speed networking and computing products .

1 Design for PCB layout, CAD, manufacturability and cost
2 Quick turn PCB prototyping for PCB, backplane and flex circuits
3 Mass production in North and South America and Asia, global production
4 Advanced technology: lamination Board, HDI, Arbitrary layer through the structure, multiple sequential laminations
5 Manufacturing service using SVP (simultaneous via partitioning TM) and intellectual property licensing opportunity

Our team provides high-quality backplane printed circuit board designs at competitive prices for specified schematics and design inputs. Our end-to-end solution-driven design approach solves problems associated with boards that include high-speed clocks and high-speed switching. With our proven board design process and methodology, we can provide complex PCB board designs to customers on time. Our experienced board designers have extensive knowledge of solving transmission line effects, EMI, crosstalk and other issues.



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