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How can Printed circuit board suppliers increase their sales?


What is solder mask for printed circuit board? Learn how to make one.

Printed circuit board suppliers

The Printed Circuit Board is an essential part and used in virtually all electronic projects. To improve its operation and bring a differential to your board, printed circuit board suppliers advise to use solder mask. It brings perfection to the project

What is solder mask?

The solder mask for the printed circuit board is a cover formed by paint or other material that stands out on the board in order to differentiate the circuit from the rest of the board.

It can be done in several ways and still has several functions within a PCI. The problem is that the steps to be taken are very susceptible to small errors that can hinder the functioning of your circuit.

What is its importance for printed circuit board suppliers?

An essential function of the printed circuit board solder mask is to facilitate when soldering the components at the terminals. Since the solder cannot adhere to the paint used in the mask.

There is another important function. The welding mask is able to protect the conductive elements from damage caused by external agents, such as humidity. That is why most printed circuit board suppliers use it in their projects.

What materials are needed?

Despite a long list of materials needed to make the mask, most are quite easy to get and you can even have them at home.

Here is the list of materials needed:
  • A4 transparency paper
  • Steel wool, Detergent
  • Hot glue, Grinding axis
  • Photosensitive ink
  • Rectify, Glass plate
  • Styrofoam, UV lamp
  • 1% sodium carbonate solution;

How do printed circuit board suppliers make the solder mask?

To make the mask, the procedure is very similar to making the plate itself, removing the final part of the job. Printed circuit board suppliers suggest several ways to make the printed circuit board mask.

Printed circuit board suppliers & Manufacturers

A photolith should be created with the tracks and the position of all the components of the board. To do this, we have the help of some specific software for this;

  1. Next, we must print the photolithography on transparent paper. It is recommended to print first on a sheet of plain paper to see the position of the holes. Moreover, it is very important to wash the plate with steel wool and detergent. It is to remove the remaining impurities.
  2. With the hot glue, you must connect a grinding spindle in the center of the back of the plate. And then pass the photosensitive ink across the top of the plate. According to Printed circuit board suppliersdon’t forget to use the glove.
  3. After passing the paint, centrifuge the plate with the grinder inside a cardboard box to remove the excess paint. One tip is to quickly turn your grinder on and off so that the shaft does not disconnect from the plate.
  4. Remove the grinding spindle and cure the plate with a hair dryer for 20 to 30 min. With the plate already dry, position the photolith on the plate and press it in order to keep it fixed. With this, place the glass plate on top of the circuit board and apply pressure with the glass plate to remove any air bubbles that may exist.

How do Printed circuit board suppliers fix the mask lamp?

  1.   Fix the lamp inside the Styrofoam and close with the circuit board and the photolith inside. Remembering to keep the glass plate on top of both. After closing the Styrofoam, Printed circuit board suppliers turn on the lamp and keep it on for 10 to 12 min.
  2. After the predicted time, open the Styrofoam and remove the glass plate with the photolith and the circuit board. Separate the photolith from the plate.
  3. In a plastic container, place the 1% sodium carbonate solution and leave the plate inside that solution for 1 minute.


  1. Finally, run a paint roller on the plate by wetting it in the solution until the excess paint comes out. Stop when you see exactly what is in the photolith.
  2. After all these steps, the printed circuit board mask will be ready.

How can Printed circuit board suppliers improve pcb results?

Amid so many industries competing for the same space and offering the same services and results, the changes that Printed circuit board suppliers needs to make to ensure:

  • the growth of its results
  • a better positioning in the market and
  • of course, not losing focus on offer efficient results without having to increase the company’s budget
  • Having all the equipment and materials necessary for each demand.

If your industry seeks to double sales without hurting your budget, this is ideal content for you. Keep up with us!

Printed circuits were first used more widely around 1943. During the military conflict, they were used in radio equipment. They were essential for extremely conflicting situations during that period.

After World War II, printed circuits were used in other applications. And, with the implementation of transistors, they became the most common form of building transistor circuits.

Currently, Printed circuit board suppliers provide pcb for all types of electronic equipment used in everyday life.

History of welding process in printed circuit boards

Electrical circuits are present in practically all the equipment and products we use in our daily lives. And their trend grows more and more as technology advances. However, it was not always like this.

The first electronic circuits did not have as much complexity and resources as what we have today. They were mounted on supports and metallic pedestals. Here the electronic components were fixed on a bakelite base with solder pins to allow the soldering of its terminals. They were assembled using only manual processes, such as radios, TVs and record players.

How can Printed circuit board suppliers increase their sales?

This technology aims to reduce the space occupied by traditional components. Despite the maintenance of these boards become more complicated due to their size, they gain in terms of quality and reliability. It means that their error rate is much lower.

As we have already seen above, the use of PTH and SMD technology can guarantee several benefits for Printed circuit board suppliers. Making them quickly and accurately observe the results they may obtain.

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