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Gold Finger PCB


Comprehensive Gold Finger PCB manufacturing services

For more than 10 years we have been offering our customers flawless Gold Finger pcb manufacturing services according to their needs.

Our Vision

Miracle Technology provides PCB, PWB, printed circuit board, flexible and rigid board, aluminum substrate, flexible circuit board and other circuit board PCB. Committed to the comprehensive quality system, and passed the ISO9001 certificate issued by an international certification body, and actively implement the quality system to put the spirit of the provisions into the field operation.

What is Gold Finger PCB?

It refers to a terminal that is plated by gold and is a part of a card edge connector. Usually fingers constitute flash gold. This thickness saves them from the bad effects of plugging and unplugging many times. Electroplated Gold serves as a contact for the edge connector where PCBs have to be installed and removed repeatedly. Gold finger printed circuit board provides protection from wear and tear to the edge connector. If gold is electroplated correctly and sufficiently, we can expect them to work efficiently upto 1000 cycles before repairing.

What is PCB Gold Finger Bevelling?

PCB gold finger plating is a symmetrical process and involves three steps. Steps are following:

  1. Nickel Plating

Firstly, edges of the connector receive the layer of Nickel that is 2 to 6 microns in thickness.

  1. Gold plating

In this step 1 to 2 microns of hard gold is electroplated above the layer of Nickel.

  1. Beveling

Here, the ends of the connector receive a tapering at a certain angle that varies from 30 to 45 degrees.


Gold Finger PCB
عدد الطبقات 6
سمك اللوح النهائي (مم) 0.8mm
دقيقة. قطر الثقب النهائي (مم) 0.3 مم
دقيقة. عرض الخط / التباعد (مم) 0.15/0.15mm
المعالجة السطحية يوافق على
الميزة الرئيسية Long and short gold finger & step routing slot
تطبيق Industrial Control

Why Choose Gold Finger PCB?

Following are some reasons why Gold Finger PCB is preferred to use.

  • PCB is connected to the motherboard, but it should be easy to be replaced as well. Gold Fingers printed circuit board make it comfortable with this role upto maximum limit.
  • Gold is a metal that has good conductivity and is also resistant to oxidation by almost all the oxidizing agents.

Qualities of Gold Finger In PCB

  • يجب أن تكون صلبة بما يكفي لمواجهة الاحتكاك المطبق أثناء الإدخال في الموصل.
  • يجب أن يكون لديهم سطح مستوٍ حتى لا تحدث مشكلة أثناء الإدخال.
  • Also, they are good conductors which makes the strong connection possible.

أنواع فنجر الذهب ثنائي الفينيل متعدد الكلور

  1. Regular Golden Finger PCB

في هذا النوع من الأصابع الذهبية ، يحتوي PCB على حافة اللوحة التي تحتوي على كومة من الوسادات المستطيلة. هذه الوسادة لها نفس الطول والعرض.

  1. Long and Short Golden Finger PCB

يحتوي هذا النوع من الأصابع الذهبية على لوحة ذات وسادة مستطيلة بأطوال متعددة في الزاوية.

  1. Segmented Golden Finger PCB

هنا تتصل وسادة مستطيلة بحافة اللوحة ولكن الجزء الأمامي ينفصل.

Why Gold Plating is important For Gold Finger PCBs

The electroplating with gold provides the strength and durability to the contact point. Well, there is a big and solid reason behind the usage of gold. Gold select for this purpose because:

  • It is resistant to oxidation
  • It provides good conductivity
  • Moreover it can alloy with other metals to enhance strength

When you scan a document or print an article, motherboard is unable to receive the signals from the other devices until PCB helps to let it so. It means Gold Finger PCB has proved its significance and resourcefulness to the industry. It has become the part and parcel of the mobile and computer devices of the industry.

Why Miracle Technology?


As one of the leading PCB manufacturers in china, In addition to comprehensive quality control, safety in use is also very important. We have an integrated business philosophy that focus on following core points:

  • Quality
  • الخدمات
  • Cost
  • efficiency and innovation

We offer our services nationwide. Our some biggest clients are in South Korea, United Stated of America, Japan, China and Germany.


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