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The global output of pcb manufacturing China industry 2020


China’s Pcb manufacturing trends and corporate outlets in 2020

pcb manufacturing china

The global pcb manufacturing china electronics market is declining weakly. The Chinese PCB manufacturing company’s IPO “Zero Duck Egg” has continued its high environmental protection pressure, rising operating costs, and frequent failures of small and medium enterprises. In 2019, the PCB industry seems to usher in the sunset?

The global semiconductor industry is in turmoil in 2019. Affected by this, PCB, as the mother of electronic products, also ushered in a wave of small closures. According to incomplete statistics of public information, there are 4 PCB companies in the world that are involved in bankruptcy / discontinuation / closure in 2019.

And most of them are Chinese local small and medium-sized pcb manufacturing china companies. External causes also include internal causes of poor capital risk resistance and poor management of the capital chain.

The Phenomenon of pcb manufacturing china companies

At the same time, the IPO phenomenon of Chinese PCB companies that was in full swing in the past two years has come to an abrupt end in 2019, and no new PCB manufacturing companies have landed on the capital market.

In addition, the financing quota of existing PCB listed companies in 2018 ~ 2019 has also dropped significantly. PCB companies have encountered “Waterloo” in the capital market for the first time. Listing is no longer a one-time growth method.

The global electronics market is declining steadily. Chinese PCB companies are “waterloo” in the capital market. Environmental protection high pressure continues, operating costs rise, and small and medium-sized enterprises close down frequently … In 2019, does the PCB industry seem to usher in the sunset?

The author still remembers clearly that in the first lesson of entering the pcb manufacturing china industry, an old-timer with white hair said:

 “As long as electronic products still exist for one day, internal circuits are needed, then the PCB industry is always a sunrise industry!

Pcb manufacturing industry development in China


Therefore, as long as you firmly believe in this, the PCB industry will have considerable development prospects. But, how to seize the opportunity in the crisis, every PCB company has its own secret. The most ideal, of course, is to “winners are kings”; but second, only the “leftovers” who have survived the adjustment period will have the opportunity to see future opportunities and may also be “kings.”

The current status of the global PCB industry in 2019: moving forward under pressure, without pessimism

According to the data over the years, the growth rate of the global pcb manufacturing china industry has fluctuated continuously with the fluctuation of the semiconductor market.

  • 1980 to 1990 was the golden period for the development of the Japanese semiconductor industry.
  • With the vigorous development of DRAM, the Japanese semiconductor industry grew rapidly and the PC industry spread rapidly worldwide.
  • In the same period, when the global PCB industry ushered in a rapid start, CAGR reached 15.9%.

Until 2001 to 2010, the financial industry experienced major financial fluctuations, the global semiconductor industry suffered setbacks, and the growth rate of personal computers slowed down.

The PCB industry CAGR shrank to 2.1% and entered a long period of low ebb.

After 2011, the Chinese semiconductor industry has entered the main stage of history. And the global PCB industry has become a breeze. Although the PCB industry experienced short-term adjustments due to multiple factors such as the ups and downs of the growth rate of smartphones.

The adjustment of superimposed inventories, and the increase in raw material prices. After experiencing a continuous small decline in 2015 and 2016, the pcb manufacturing china output value recovered in 2017 The situation has entered a period of steady growth.

According to PRISMAKE’s data:

  • due to the impact of the Sino-US trade war and the slump in the end consumer market
  • the growth rate of global PCB output in 2019Q1 decreased by 14.5% from 2018Q4 and decreased by 7.4% from 2018Q1.

The global output of pcb manufacturing industry


Both values ​​are the lowest points in recent years. With the heavy launch of Q2 flexible display mobile phones and 5G mobile phones, the growth rate of global PCB output value has begun to pick up. Q3 is expected to rebound to the level of the same period in 2018. most obvious.

From the perspective of the whole year:

  1. the global PCB output value in 2019 will reach 61.31 billion US dollars (equivalent to 429.66 billion yuan)
  2. it is a decrease of 1.7% compared with 2018 of 62.397 billion US dollars.
  3. This is enough to prove that despite the shrinking demand in the end market, the overall demand in the global PCB market is still very stable, and industry players should not be misled by pessimism.

The hero sees the same. CPCA Chairman Yu Ra also summarized the growth trend of global PCB output value in 2019 as “open low and walk high.” 

He publicly pointed out that in the first three quarters of 2019, the global PCB output value has decreased by 3.5% year-on-year, but the annual rate will not be lower than -3%.

The scaling of printed circuit board manufacturing industry china

He believes that the scale of pcb manufacturing china output value has changed quarterly. After a 4.1% month-on-month decline in Q1 2019, the output value of Q2 and Q3 has grown strongly, with 6.7% and 11.8% quarter-on-quarter growth.

But only slightly increased by 0.7% in Q4; The market performance smoothed the development decline of Q1. This is very similar to PRISMAKE’s prediction.

Regardless of the specific information, there is no avalanche decline in the global PCB output value in 2019, which is the consensus of industry leaders. As for the new PCB stars in 2019, it is undoubtedly FPC and multilayer boards, which are also closely related to the 5G commercial market.

China’s PCB industry: 2023 output value will break the 300 billion mark


Focus on China. Against the backdrop of negative growth in pcb manufacturing china output value in recent years, China’s PCB industry is the only country that has achieved positive growth, while maintaining its position as the number one global output value and output.

According to PRISMAKE data:

  • China’s PCB output value in 2018 accounted for 52.4% of the world’s total.
  • In 2019, this data will increase to 53.8%, and it is predicted to increase to 54.6% by 2023;
  • the global PCB output value will reach 77 billion US dollars in 2023,
  • and China will reach USD 42.042 billion (equivalent to a contract of RMB 300 billion)!

Therefore, this article focuses on dissecting the development status, advantages and disadvantages of pcb manufacturing china industry chain. And can also find out the global PCB development trajectory and prospects.

  1. Board Factory

China’s local PCB manufacturers should discuss the two categories separately.

The first category is the small and medium-sized board factories mentioned above. Due to the sluggish end market, the pressure of environmental supervision, and the inflexibility of their own business strategies, their development will be difficult in 2019.

However, this kind of challenge is not unique to 2019. As early as two or three years ago, there was an endless stream of news about closures and shutdowns. And the industry often called it “industrial reshuffle.”

The other is China’s main PCB head companies. They are mainly 23 A-share listed PCB manufacturing companies. So They have high technology, large market, high profit and large-scale operation and management. They have first-class anti-risk capabilities.

According to public information from A shares, the revenue of these 23 PCB companies in the first three quarters of 2019 has generally risen against the trend, with a total revenue of RMB 84.9 billion, an increase of 12.4% over the same period. 

  1. Among them, 19 companies maintained positive growth
  2. 11 companies achieved double-digit growth
  3. and the companies with an increase of more than 30% were Shennan Circuit, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Chuanyi Technology.
  4. In terms of profit, the 23 PCB companies totaled RMB 7.2 billion in the first three quarters, an increase of 22.4% over the same period.
  5. Among them, 16 companies remained profitable, with the highest increase being Hudian (122%), followed by Shennan Circuit, Bomin Electronics, Hongxin Electronics, and Zhongjing Electronics with a 50% increase.

Growth of Revenue in Pcb manufacturing industry china

It can be seen that in the current pcb manufacturing china industry, the head enterprises are still the main force for the double growth of revenue and profit. This trend of “bigger Evergrande” will continue in the next 3 to 5 years.

What do these head companies rely on for “double harvest” of revenue? From Ra, he believes that there are three market factors:

  1. 5G
  2. new energy vehicles
  3. and PC.

First of all, 5G commercialization will undoubtedly bring a huge outlet to the terminal electronics market.

But this benefit did not immediately explode in large scale in 2019. The reason for this is that the 5G commercial in 2019 is the result of “sneaking away” under external pressure.

In fact, the entire 2019 is still in the process of 5G infrastructure construction, and it is not yet complete. Therefore, for the pcb manufacturing china industry, the head enterprises that have already deployed communication base stations can naturally eat the “head soup” of the 5G market from the beginning of the 5G infrastructure (Editor: The first soup.

what is meant to do They all strive to be the first person?

As for small and medium-sized enterprises, they do not have this pair of access ports. So they naturally have to wait hard for the arrival of large-scale 5G commercial use in 2020.

“5G is definitely an opportunity for the PCB industry, and now it’s too late to prepare!” Said Lei.

mcpcb manufacturing in china

As for the automotive sector in 2019, it can be described as “sunrise in the east and rain in the west”-traditional fuel vehicles have suffered a dramatic decline, and layoffs have been shut down.

However, new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, autonomous driving, smart driving and other market segments from the national level to the general consumer from top to bottom, the scenery is infinite. Therefore, the performance of the pcb manufacturing china head companies that have deployed new energy vehicles performed well.

Automotive pcb manufacturing china Industry


However, automotive PCBs belong to the automotive-grade electronics field and require a very rigorous testing process. Not all leading companies can enter the supply chain as expected. For electric vehicles, in addition to stable safety performance, the PCB also has strict requirements on the weight of the board, which makes the electronic components in the vehicle lighter and further reduces the weight of the vehicle.

In the end, the PC market is really a nostalgic product but a little tasteless. The rise of the pcb manufacturing china industry is inseparable from the vigorous development of the PC market, but with the rise of smart phones, the PC market is no longer a major component of PCB demand. Is it serious to talk about the PC market now?

Yes, the PC market has picked up. On the one hand, the advent of 5G communication has enabled more functions to be realized on the PC side, and the replacement cycle of PC products has arrived. In 2019, the PC consumer market has become hot.

On the other hand, the development of science and technology is regional. Although the demand for PCs in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Asia-Pacific and other markets is not as good as before, developing countries such as Southeast Asia and India are in need of PC products to bring their development More convenience.

“The PCB industry has always been a sunrise industry, and it has always tested everyone how to seize opportunities and turn crises into business opportunities,” a senior PCB industry professional told the International Electronics Business (ESMC).

  1. Materials

pcb manufacturing china and metal supply

pcb manufacturing china and material supply are inseparable. It can be said that if there is no matching material, it is impossible to produce a qualified PCB. Therefore, as board manufacturers make considerable profits in many new markets in 2019.

PCB material suppliers seem to have changed their market strategies, cooperating with PCB manufacturers to develop new and high-end PCB materials, including high-frequency Energy saving and environmental protection, etc. As a result, the revenue and profits of PCB material manufacturers in 2019 have also increased significantly.

It is worth mentioning that 2019 is a small year for PCB financing. In the past two years, several board factories in China have successfully IPO each year, and PCB material and equipment manufacturers are the minority.

In 2019, no new pcb manufacturing china companies landed on the capital market. But three material vendors successfully IPO. This is a very interesting phenomenon, which proves the close relationship between PCB manufacturers and material vendors.

  1. Equipment

Compared with board manufacturers and material manufacturers, pcb manufacturing china companies in 2019 can be described as a miserable year. PCB is the foundation of the electronic information industry.

 Industry 4.0, automated workshops, and smart manufacturing have been deployed as early as 5-6 years ago, but so far there has been no successful case. 

The impact of sino trade dispute on pcb manufacturing companies china

With the advent of 5G communications, the communication agreements of various large-scale production equipment are expected to be further interoperable; then Sino-US trade disputes broke out, each with new automation equipment and mature automation solutions.

mcpcb suppliers market

Delivery to the board factory as scheduled. What’s more, the equipment that was packaged yesterday cannot be exported / imported the next day, which is a disastrous blow for equipment manufacturers!

Of course, if it is a local pcb manufacturing china, their export business may be affected, but the local business has not fallen. On the contrary, in the guise of “domestic substitution”, the awareness of innovation is more obvious, the product quality is higher, and the competition is more intense.

In addition, whether there is room for revenue from equipment manufacturers, it also depends on the investment and construction projects of PCB manufacturers. Fortunately, project investment in China’s PCB and related companies is still hot in 2019, which also brings a little comfort to equipment manufacturers.

According to information from CPCA, in the first three quarters of 2019:

  • China’s PCB industry laid a total of 133 projects for foundation laying,
  • expansion and commissioning, with an investment amount of RMB 203.4 billion (including 2019 commissioning projects).
  • Among them, PCB manufacturing is still the focus of investment,
  • with a total of 84 items, accounting for 63% of investment.
  • Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Guangdong have become major investment hot provinces in 2019.

Specifically, PCB investment projects in 2019 are mostly concentrated on high-end products, such as Xinxing’s IC carrier plant invested in Suzhou and Huangshi, Kunshan South Asia’s RMB 900 million new high-end carrier board technology transformation project, and Austrian. The increase of 1 billion euros in the carrier plant built by Tes Chongqing is a typical case.

2020 Global PCB Industry Forecast and Discussion on Enterprise Outlet

A simple review is meaningless. How to move to the future is the core value of this article. As for the prediction of the pcb manufacturing china industry trends in 2020, industry players generally believe that opportunities and challenges coexist.

This is an old-fashioned term. We are specifically speaking:

  • head companies seize opportunities
  • win challenges, small and micro companies
  • survive challenges> seize opportunities.

1. Opportunities for head pcb manufacturing china companies in 2020

The first is the 5G communication that everyone must talk about. It is the market hotspot that PCB people are eagerly anticipating. But currently it is mainly based on the construction of base stations, the majority of which are network information operators. And PCB orders are concentrated in the head enterprises.

As for 2020, large-scale commercial use is expected. In addition to infrastructure, the consumer electronics industry chain can be deployed in advance.

The challenges are:

  • large size
  • high multilayer
  • high speed
  • low loss
  • high density
  • rigid-flex combination
  • high frequency
  • high Low frequency mixing and other aspects.

Expert opinion for pcb manufacturing china companies

With so many process technologies, new or higher requirements are placed on PCB materials, design, processing, and quality control. pcb manufacturing china companies need to understand the changing needs of the terminal and combine the materials and equipment to provide a comprehensive solution.

According to Radium, the key to the business opportunities of 5G communication for PCBs lies in how to turn potential demand into landing applications.

  1. How can small-scale PCB companies survive?

Summary- pcb manufacturing china

“Can’t change the trend, just adapt to the trend!” This is a sentence publicly appealed by pcb manufacturing china experts, which made the author feel a lot.

The winner is the king by first changing oneself, thereby changing the industry’s wind direction and market prospects. This is a good show for the big players. But in fact, most enterprises in the PCB industry are small and medium-sized.

Under the turbulent market environment, they can only strive to “remain” first and learn to “go all out” in order to continuously stimulate their abilities in the process of transformation. Find a foothold.

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