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บ้าน/ บล็อก/ บอร์ดที่ไม่มีฮาโลเจน PCB คืออะไร? นิยมใช้จานประเภทใด

บอร์ดที่ไม่มีฮาโลเจน PCB คืออะไร? นิยมใช้จานประเภทใด


PCB halogen refers to the halogen element in the periodic table of chemical elements, including fluorine (F), chlorine (CL), bromine (Br), and iodine (1). Currently, flame retardant substrates, FR4, CEM-3, etc.

Most flame retardants are brominated epoxy resins. According to JPCA-ES-01-2003 standard: copper clad laminates with chlorine (C1) and bromine (Br) contents less than 0.09% Wt (weight ratio), respectively, defined as

Halogen-free copper clad laminate. The halogen (Cl, Br) content in the average value is required to be less than 900 ppm, and the sum is less than 1500 ppm.

At present, there are many plate suppliers who have developed or are developing halogen-free copper clad laminates and corresponding prepregs. As far as we know, Polyclad’s PCL

-FR-226 / 240, Isola’s DE104S, Shengyi S1155 / S0455, Nanya, Hongren GA-HF, and Panasonic GX series.

Boyunfa pcb began to use Polyclad’s PCL-FR-226 / 240 sheet in batches for cell phone battery panels in 2002. This year, it also developed the Shengyi S1155 substrate.

As well as the production of multilayer boards, another halogen-free sheet in South Asia is also in trial. At present, the use of halogen-free sheets has accounted for 20% of our total sheet usage.

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