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What is MCPCB OEM: Different Types of Metal Core PCBs


What Kind of PCB is suitable for your electronic project?

If you need the printed circuit board for your project, you can select one of the different types of the circuit boards. You can select FR4 boards, ceramic PCB or the metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB). However, the process of MCPCB OEM is important in the metal core PCB manufacturing.

Thus, the selection of the PCB depends upon the type of application and project you are performing. This article will provide you information about the metal core printed circuit boards. It will also illustrate the construction, uses and distinguishing features of the MCPCB boards.


What Is Metal Core PCB?

The metal core PCB (MCPCB) is an important type of the printed circuit boards. It deals with the high quality of metal core for the printed circuit boards. These types of the PCBs are important in mitigating the thermal issues related to the PCB boards.

Mostly, the metal core PCBs have the core of Aluminum, copper or the steel alloy. This function of the PCB accomplishes by transferring the heat from critical components to the other components. The materials that we use in the core of MCPCB are far better than those in the other PCBs.

These process of MCPCB OEM enables us to have the better performance and working of boards at high temperatures. One important type of the metal-based PCBs is the insulated metal substrate PCB. This type of the PCB is important in providing the insulation between the core material and the metal layer.


Types of metal core PCBs (MCPCBs)


There are different types of the metal core PCBs depending upon the type of material in the board of the PCB. If the board contains copper, it is copper metal core PCB. However, if the board contains aluminum, it is aluminum metal core PCB.

Aluminium Metal core PCB

The printed circuit boards having core of Aluminium are the aluminium metal core PCBs (MCPCBs). Aluminium is a better material that we can use for the core of a board. The reason is that is has high heat transfer capability. Moreover, it also shows the heat dissipation capacity to the maximum extent.

Aluminium is also less expensive material as compared to the copper material. Therefore, it represents the cheaper and better manufacturing of the printed circuit boards. Another important material that has an excessive use in the metal core PCBs is the stainless steel. It also provides the better capability of connectivity and high performance.

The selection of the core material for the metal core PCB depends upon the type and nature of the project. The process of MCPCB OEM defines the construction of the PCB according to the application and project requirements.

Copper metal core PCB

Copper is the best material for the core of metal core PCB. The reason is that this material shows the best heat transfer capability. Moreover, this material is also fit for the excellent heat dissipation during the process. These features save the PCBs from the thermal issues.

The copper metal core printed circuit boards show the best thermal conductivity as compared to other PCBs. The normal value of the thermal conductivity for these PCBs is 2.0W/mk. However, we can get this value of thermal conductivity up to 12W/mk in the case of insulating layer. Therefore, these types of the PCBs have the tremendous use in the high-power LED lights.



Metal core PCB stack up

The stack up and construction of the MCPCB depends on the number of layers in the PCB. The PCB with the single layer, two layers and multiple layers have the different methods of stack and construction.

Single layer metal core PCB

These types of the metal core PCBs usually have the core of aluminum or copper. This material for the construction of PCB is present from the bottom to the board of the PCB. The advantage of this material is that it provides a better link between the components of the PCB.

In addition, this MCPCB OEM is best and efficient at the heat dissipation in the high-power generator systems. These PCBs have the holes on the board for the mounting process of the electronic components. It can also have the screws around the chassis of the board for the arrangement of the components.

2 layers metal core PCBs

In some cases, there is not enough space on the single layer PCB board for the mounting of enough electronic components. Hence, we need the 2 layers metal core PCB to resolve this issue. In this PCB, we use the two layers instead of the single layer of the conducting material.

There are two basic types of the 2 layers metal core PCBs. These types of the 2 layers metal core PCBs depend on the mounting of the electronic components. These two types of the 2 layers metal core PCBs are following:

  • Single sided SMD MCPCB
  • Double sided mounted components MCPCB

Multilayer metal core PCB

The multilayer metal core PCBs have the more complex and integrated circuit. This type of the metal core PCB is best for the transfer of the heat from the electrical components to the chassis of the board. The use of these boards is excessive and tremendous in the digital and analogue devices.

The multilayer metal core PCBs have the complicated and complex construction. Therefore, we have to take care of the precautionary measures during their usage. The multilayer metal core PCBs have FR4 based construction with the fiber glass. Therefore, they have the wide and excessive usage in the complex and complicated devices.

Applications of MCPCBs

The application or the metal core PCBs is common in the devices that show a heavy mechanical activity. The MCPCB OEM is especially important in the devices that produce the large amounts of heat. The devices that take too much time for the cooling purposes use the metal core printed circuit boards.

The multilayer metal core PCBs are best in the process of illumination. They show the better performance than the LEDs in the production of the illumination with the less requirements. These types of the PCBs have the most of use in the illumination purposes. Moreover, they are better than the lighting emitting diodes and other illuminating devices.


The MCPCB OEM is also important in the aerospace and military. The benefits of these PCBs are significant and prominent in these two fields. They provide the good thermal conductivity in the high power devices.

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