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How to hire top High-Volume PCB Manufacturing in 2022?


Top high-volume PCB manufacturing after hardware fabrication and assembly is critical to maintaining quality. It is a procedure that seems simple and obvious, and precisely for this reason it can go unnoticed, but it represents a determining factor in the search for excellence.

The slightest failure can compromise operation

The importance of proper testing is even more evident when it comes to high performance products. In which the slightest failure can compromise operation, bringing problems to the end user. In addition, it is very common for these processes to require specific training for a particular type of product.
Top high-volume PCB manufacturing

Therefore, the electronic board test must be accurate, and the person responsible for it must have the necessary conditions to carry out the proper procedure. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of Top high-volume PCB manufacturing and learn about some of the main implications that board testing processes bring to the electronics sector. Check out!

The importance of electronic board testing

To ensure the success of electronic board production, a complete commitment to thorough testing is essential, without which safe assembly is not possible. The board must be delivered in perfect working order and its quality must meet all customer requirements, as well as the SLA contract issued for the job.

The electronic board test: avoids errors

The only possible guarantee to attest to the good functioning of the hardware is the Top high-volume PCB manufacturing, which avoids errors that involve costs such as transporting the board back to the assembler, labor and new components needed to repair defects. All rework is undesirable, and this case is no different.

But, if performed correctly, the test avoids the negative impact caused by a defective product delivered to the final consumer. This is the biggest damage that a defective board can cause, and it cannot be monetized. The damage to the image of the brand that sells the product. Instead of retaining customers, you end up driving them away.

The lack of adequate testing can have serious consequences

Therefore, if a Top high-volume PCB manufacturing wants continuous improvement in its products. The testing of the plates must be a basic guideline of the production and assembly work.

However, even though it is fundamental in the quest for excellence, testing doesn’t have to be a headache. The idea is that this procedure is not an obstacle, but a means of guaranteeing quality. By implementing regular testing, the industry saves resources and, in most cases.

It is perfectly possible to incorporate this practice into the production mode that already exists in the company.

Types of top high-volume PCB manufacturing tests

You certainly don’t want to be surprised to find that the final product you just assembled is defective, right? This can cause several damages to your organization, in addition to requiring rework. Even well-designed and manufactured electronics are prone to errors, so testing is critical.

In general terms, we can say that the simplest tests do not require specialized processes and consist of a sequence of measurements of electrical quantities. Some parameters such as voltage, current and power need to define and test at certain points on any electronic board.

Top high-volume PCB manufacturing: especially for the electronic board

There are also more complex tests, which often cannot be performed on the production line. This is where the expertise of a good CM comes in. Such procedures involve a series of test jigs made especially for the electronic board, which are not always affordable, especially for smaller companies.

Jigs are equipment capable of performing automated tests of electromechanical systems and electronic circuits. They monitor processes and other variables, such as voltage levels at the terminals, sensor response and actuator activation. They also collect data to obtain statistical indicators that will use to establish control parameters.

The main test methods applied by CMs

As we have already mentioned, leagues often have a high cost. Its acquisition can be a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, seek the advantages of Top high-volume PCB manufacturing for electronic boards.

Check out the main test methods applied by CMs who value excellence in the production line.

Boundary Scan: system level testing

This test is capable of evaluating an electronic board without reaching all of its nodes. Which makes it essential for application in high-density. Multi-layer PCBs products that are increasingly demanded by the market. Boundary Scan can use in system level testing, memory testing, flash programming and CPU emulation.
Top high-volume PCB manufacturing 2022

The last stage of the production line: functional Circuit Test

It is applied in the last stage of the production line to test the circuit function to verify. It complies with the specifications established with the customer. This is done by simulating the environment in which the Top high-volume PCB manufacturing will be integrated. Testing, however, is only able to verify whether the product works or not, being unable to provide more details about errors.

Circuit Test: 98% accuracy

Also known as ICT — an acronym for the term In-Circuit Test — this is a test method that can reach up to 98% accuracy. It consists of a tester with an array of drivers and sensors; an accessory — similar to a bed of nails — that connects to relevant points on the test board, returning information to the tester; and software to guide test execution and pass or fail parameters.

Outsourcing production: advantages for testing

When costs are prohibitive or when you do not have the necessary expertise, hiring a specialized top high-volume PCB manufacturing service to assemble electronic boards is the safest and most viable option. Even on large projects, it is possible to save time by entrusting the assembly to a partner company, an increasingly common practice in the electronics industry.

A quality MIRACLEPWB will certainly offer hardware testing, after all it is a delicate and decisive moment for the quality of your product. Therefore, good CMs never leave this issue aside: just like your company, they have a reputation to uphold, and losing credibility due to flaws in their products is not an alternative.

It is possible to structure test routines even for small series

A MIRACLEPWB top high-volume PCB manufacturing to assemble and test electronic boards brings advantages that go beyond the guarantee of credibility, such as increased ROI of operations and resource savings compared to untested boards.

Electronic board assembly test

In summary, electronic board tests allow:

  • Avoid rework;
  • Save resources;
  • Maintain credibility;
  • Increase quality;
  • Ensuring continuous improvement;

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of reasons to make testing a basic guideline, which will bring great differentials to your business.

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