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Top 5 Multilayer pcb Manufacturer Components for High-End PCB Performance


Multilayer pcb Manufacturer
The electronic board is certainly the main and fundamental part of every electronic device. It allows all the elements within a device to communicate. For better component performance, the role of multilayer pcb manufacturer is vital.

Put simply, it is none other than the brain of any machine. To be able to define it as such, a board must have components mounted and fixed on the printed circuit. This allows you to control both the electric current and to complete certain processes.

What are the main components in multilayer pcb?

Although the main components common in the electronic boards are not many, the variants and the quality of the same are different. For this reason, we carefully choose the components to be common in order to create safe and highly durable electronic boards.

In this article, we explore what the components of an electronic board are and what functions they have and why it is important to choose them carefully.

Electronic board components

Difference between SMT and PTH

Before going into the multilayer pcb manufacturer specifics, it is necessary to make a fundamental distinction on the different types of component assembly. We are talking about the difference between SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and PTH (Pin Through Hole) components.

In the first case we refer to an advanced and innovative system for assembling electronic boards. Hence, it allows you to automatically mount all the components through the use of specific machinery.

In the second case, however, the components of the board assemble by manual welding, this for several reasons. Either because there are old and non-equivalent components in SMT or for specific reasons of use by the user based on the project or even for economic choices. .

What kind of components a multilayer pcb has?

In general, however, the electronic boards can have both SMT and PTH components depending on the type of project to be carried out.

The main components

Explained the different types of assembly of a motherboard, let’s now see what the main components that make it up are. And what functions they have?

 The Resistor of multilayer pcb manufacturer

The resistor, or resistor, is one of the most popular electronic components and is common in almost all circuits. Resistors have an electrical resistance which, during the passage of electrical energy inside the circuit, limits the flow of electrons and causes a voltage drop.

Its function, therefore, is to limit and manage the flow of current.  For multilayer pcb manufacturer, it is a passive component as it is not able to generate current, but only to consume it. Its unit of measurement is resistance, which is measured in Ohms.

The Condenser as a passive multilayer board component

The capacitor is another passive component, the foundation of electrical circuits, cylindrical in shape with two terminals. Capacitors are able to accumulate and store the electrical energy of a magnetic field and then release it gradually over time. As it is easy to guess, the operation of the capacitors is divided into two phases:

The charging phase in which it stores the energy inside it until the maximum capacity is reached.

The discharge phase in which it releases the charge accumulated outside it. It is a dangerous phase especially if the capacitor is very powerful. For this reason the capacitors are protected by aluminum containers.

The Diode of multilayer pcb

The diode is another cylindrical passive electronic component with two terminals with opposite charges (anode and cathode). It is a semiconductor that is. It assumes a resistance greater than that of conductors but lower than that of insulators.

Multilayer pcb Manufacturer 2021

The diode is a one-way switch and its main function is to control the direction of current flow. The current passing through the diode can only proceed in one direction. In fact, if it tries to go in the opposite direction it is blocked. It is usually common to isolate the effect of one component on another.

The Transistor

The transistor is the basis of modern electronics and of the chip. It is an active electronic component, i.e. of multilayer pcb manufacturer. Moreover, it is capable of generating current. It is a three-terminal device. And it is mainly common to limit or facilitate the passage of current between its two contacts based on the presence or absence of current on a third contact.

Common in huge quantities (millions or even billions), they interconnect in tiny chips to create for example computers and microprocessors.

The use of Relay by multilayer pcb manufacturer


The relay can act as a switch or a switch: two-contact relay acts as a switch, while the three-contact relay acts as a switch. There are a large variety of relays on the market based on their operation. Some of these are: monostable, bistable, step-by-step, pulsed, timed, and differential.

Quartz crystal oscillator of multilayer pcb manufacturer

The quartz crystal oscillator is an electronic circuit, a fundamental component in the design of digital devices. It is common inside the circuit for its piezoelectric properties: that is the property of certain crystalline materials.

It is to polarize and generate a potential difference and deform in an elastic way when subjected to external pressure.

These characteristics allow multilayer pcb manufacturer the creation of electronic circuits. It uses mechanical resonance to obtain an electrical signal of a certain frequency. The frequency produced by the quartz crystal is very stable over time and with varying temperatures. The crystal oscillator converts the electrical energy supplied by a battery into a sinusoidal signal.

Why pcb components are important for multilayer pcb manufacturer?

Without these components many of the functions performed by an electronic board would fail and therefore there would be no devices with such complex and specific functions.

Also for the electronic boards, depending on the use and functioning, the components common will change and have different functions, for this reason it is essential to know how to choose the correct components and of the best quality.

Why choose miracle?

Relying on miracle multilayer pcb manufacturer for your electronic board means relying on an attentive and expert partner. We are capable of directing you towards the best project for your device and towards the choice of the best materials. Contact us and let’s talk about your project over a coffee.


There are two different types of assembly of the components of an electronic board (SMT and PTH), explained at the beginning of the article. It is important to reiterate how there are fundamental components. It is for the constitution of an electronic board and which are the basis of its physical functioning.

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