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6 Problems an HDI PCB Manufacturer faces in PCB Design Development


HDI PCB manufacturing
The quality and reliability of the printed circuit board (PCB) in the device depends not only on the production technology, but no less on the two previous stages – the work of the circuit designer and the design engineer. HDI PCB manufacturer hence play a vital role in this regard.
By focusing on these key steps, many are missing out on another, intermediate step: preparing a PCB design for production.  It is at this stage that the connection between the software developer and its manufacturer is carried out.

An outlook on HDI PCB manufacturer

A lot depends on how correctly the parties understand each other, and how much the printed circuit board project will be adapted for this production. From the timing and cost of order execution to the reliability of the finished product.
Let’s take a closer look at preparing at how HDI PCB manufacturer works. Ideally, preparation for production comes twice. By the PCB designer during the design phase and by the supplying engineers immediately before production begins.

Preparing the PCB for production at the routing stage

What do we mean by preparing a PCB design for manufacturing at the routing stage? – you ask. A serious designer thinks about the manufacturing process of his development even at the design stage. Even then, it would be good to choose a board provider, or at least define a class of providers.
After all, as you know, each HDI PCB manufacturer has its own requirements for the project and has certain capabilities. Knowing these capabilities, the designer at the stage of routing the printed circuit board can take them into account without wasting time and reducing the reliability of the future board.

Practical example for HDI PCB manufacturer

For example, if the selected manufacturing company can produce conductors up to 0.075 mm wide, then such a “borderline option” should not be common without real need. If the design allows, then the conductors / gaps are easy to make 0.11 mm wide, which will greatly simplify the manufacture.
Moreover, it can reduce the cost of production and expand the list of HDI PCB manufacturer able to fulfill such an order. Sometimes there are situations when a developer, having completed a project, cannot implement it in any production facility. He is ready to pay any money – but there is no one.

Why developer needs re-breeding of HBI-PCB

Therefore, the developer has to re-breed such a low-tech project, wasting precious time. The fewer bottlenecks, unnecessarily narrow conductors, and other critical points in the project. The higher the reliability of the product will be. There is no need to complicate the project for no reason.
Let’s give one more example. When laying out an ordinary double-sided board, the young developer laid a 0.2 / 0.45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXb the HDI
PCB manufacturer is able to fulfill such orders.

Situations a customer of HDI PCB manufacturer gets
Indeed, there is such a possibility, but in this case the board is made in an imported production, and the order is several times (!) More expensive than when it is executed on domestic facilities with a lower accuracy class. In such a situation, the customer either overpays unreasonably, or spends time working.
If the project involves some peculiarities or non-standard requirements, then it is also better to discuss them with a potential manufacturer at the design stage. As a rule, modern high-tech companies like HDI PCB manufacturer gives free advice and consultations to their customers.

Benefits provided by HDI PCB manufacturer

The manufacturers help to choose the right options from the point of view of further trouble-free production. Thus, in addition to the terms of reference for the design of the printed circuit board, to optimize the project, the design engineer must know and take into account the requirements.
At the end of the design, the design engineer must check the project for signal integrity, compliance with all technological standards. And draw up an order description for the manufacturer – the so-called “order form”. In addition, it is necessary to consider the “penalization” (assembly production demands)
HDI PCB manufacturing 2021

Order form for HDI PCB manufacturer

An order form for HDI PCB manufacturer is a document describing the technical parameters of the printed circuit board. The requirements for delivery. As a rule, based on this document, a preliminary estimate of the cost of the order is carried out.
Most modern suppliers of printed circuit boards have their own forms of order forms, come on nuances of specific industries. As a rule, more detailed the order form, more responsible the company approaches execution of the order, and the greater the guarantee that upon finished order receipt.

How you get order form for HDI PCB

HDI PCB manufacturer, is easy to coonect in a following way.
1.First, order forms can either be found on the websites of manufacturing companies
2.Secondly, requested by e-mail.
3.Moreover, as a rule, they reflect the specific parameters of the board
4.Lastly, you should completely fill out all the fields on the form

Problems faced while changing a PCB supplier

When changing a PCB supplier, you may find that the default standards or parameters (that is, not explicitly described in the order form) are different. And in this case the ordering manager (supplier) may get into trouble. For example, the default is easy to set to parameters such as:
1.Firstly, the color of the mask (by default it is most often green, but there is another)
2.Secondly, the material common (usually FR4, but other is possible)
3.Moreover, board thickness
4.In addition to this, coverage of sites
5.Furthermore, structure of the layers
6.Above all, electrical control, and other test methods
Some of these options for HDI PCB manufacturer are incorrectly selected by default, may result in the manufactured board not being usable.

Goal of order forms in HDI PCB manufacturer

Now there are many types and forms of order forms, both like each other and radically different. But they all pursue one goal. To eliminate misunderstandings between the customer and production and to satisfy all the customer’s needs as much as possible. Each company strives to make its form the most understandable and convenient to fill out.

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