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What is the best metal core pcb manufacturer solder color?


The solder mask, or “green”, as it was previously called, protects the metal core pcb manufacturer work printed circuit board during soldering. Moreover, closing the conductors, preventing short circuits between the pads, and protecting the fiberglass from overheating during installation.

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Previously, it was only possible to make it green. There are many colors available now. What color should you choose? And, does the color of the mask make any difference?

Real life examples for metal core pcb manufacturer

We have a customer who orders his own solder mask color for each type of printed circuit from metal core pcb manufacturer. It all started with shades of blue, red, purple, then black, white, now purple, turquoise, burgundy and so on.

There is another customer – a huge enterprise with many departments. Each department chooses a different color for the mask. In my opinion, even every developer in this enterprise prefers a different shade. Is it good or bad?

4 problems faced in Metal Core pcb manufacturer


Following are the 4 main problems faced in metal core pcb manufacturer.

1. Problems with entrance control

If an enterprise conducts an incoming visual inspection of printed circuit boards, differences in mask color can lead to a significant increase in personnel fatigue. First, bright colors, such as red or white, are much more tiring for the eyes, and secondly, along with the color change,

Moreover, the saturation of mask also changes, which means that it can be more difficult to distinguish the conductors. And, under it and control their quality. Apart from this, the eye, accustomed to identifying defects under the mask of one color, will not be able to find them with the same quality when changing color.

2. Problems with installation and output control

Even greater difficulties in metal core pcb manufacturer begin with the final visual inspection. And, if mask is black or white. Besides, controlling the availability of components turns into sheer flour. If components as small as 0402 are common, quality control of their installation against a dark or black mask may take more time.

3. Problems with the quality of printed circuit boards

More importantly, the standard color of mask is green. Accordingly, every PCB factory has stock of this color mask in stock. But as soon as the games begin with the choice of the mask color and shade, manufacturer is forced to select desired mask either in its stocks or from the supplier of materials.

And it may happen that the mode of dilution in metal core pcb manufacturer’s application or curing of this mask is slightly different from the standard one. And here the loss of the quality of the mask coating is possible. So, change the mask color for large batches with caution, try samples first.

4 Problems with the appearance of printed circuit boards

Above all, I strongly advise against using a white mask. After installation in the oven, it acquires a “jaundiced” tint. I do not recommend using a red mask. The difference in shades is too noticeable. And when making repeats, you can get a shade that does not match in any way with the boards of the previous launch.

Why you should choose glossy mask?
Glossy mask in metal core pcb manufacturer is more comfortable, less scratches are visible on it.
PCB technology makes a green gloss mask by default. Black and blue boards look good, but, as I said, they are much more difficult and longer to control visually.
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In some situations, it is necessary to apply special colors (for example, matte black is common in traffic lights to reduce glare, and white is common in illuminators to increase light output). In such situations, the choice of a non-standard color or matt / gloss is quite justified.

Our recommendations for glossy mask

At the enterprise level, I advise you to choose the color and shade of the for a metal core pcb manufacturer that is most convenient and suitable for you. Green is the optimal color. You can also select one of the shades of blue.

Protective coatings in metal core pcb manufacturer

Today’s electronics are becoming more portable and extremely sophisticated than ever. The tightness of the installation increases, the strength of the components decreases due to their small size. In this regard. Thus, there is an acute issue of protecting printed circuit assemblies

These assemblies are from contamination such as moisture, sulfates (sulfur), dust and dirt build-up. Without proper protection, sensitive components quickly corrode, resulting in short circuits, performance degradation and device failure.

Coatings types in metal core pcb manufacturer
Various types of coatings (some are called conformal coatings) are common to protect the surface of the mounting base. It’s common by metal core pcb manufacturer. and components from external environmental factors such as moisture, heat, dust, fingerprints, dirt, chemical and more.

This protection helps prevent corrosion, electrical leakage or mold growth and therefore helps to extend the life of the equipment and improve its reliability. Additionally, conformal coatings have excellent adhesion, are virtually invisible and conform to the shape of the PCB.

Factors of device selection in PCB

When choosing a protective coating, many factors are considered:

  1. First, the operating conditions of the end device,
  2. Second, the features of the board topology and the components common,
  3. Third, the dielectric strength of the coating, maintainability,
  4. Lastly, the possibility of modifying the board after coating.

For metal core pcb manufacturer, these factors are a must and should be considered

Existing coatings in metal core pcb

Conformal coatings are based on acrylic, perylene, silicone, urethane and have a variety of application methods. Moreover, it includes dipping, spraying, brushing, and blasting. Furthermore, curing can take place by exposure to UV radiation, cabinet drying or other methods.

Comparison of protective coatings in metal core pcb manufacturer


  Advantages disadvantages
General Purpose Acrylics – Fast drying
– Easy to apply
– Maintainability
– High elasticity
– High moisture resistance
– Low cost
– Lots of solvent
– Poor chemical resistance
Mechanical Protection
– High temperature resistance
– Ease of application
– Excellent mechanical and abrasion resistance
– Chemical resistance
– – Good dielectric properties
– Firstly, long polymerization process
– Second, Hard to remove (difficult to repair)
– Above all, heavy, therefore create mechanical stress on fragile components
High Temperature Protection
– Ultra high temperature resistance
– High elasticity
– Maintainability
– Excellent chemical resistance
– Short curing time
– Furthermore, Application problem
– Additionally, large application thickness
– Not only, low adhesion
– But also, not abrasion resistant
– High cost
Moisture & Chemical Resistant, Dielectric
– First, good elasticity
– And excellent chemical resistance to solvents in metal core pcb manufacturer.
– Also, resists the growth of tin
– Lastly, good mechanical resistance – Good dielectric properties


Why is traditional coating preferred for metal core pcb manufacturer?

Traditional coating methods have worked well, however, they were created for the element base of the previous generation. Furthermore, modern printed circuit assemblies are characterized by a small lead pitch, the use of complex packages, and a high component density.

Also, for miniature form factor components, coatings such as epoxy or silicone may be too heavy and create unfavorable stress. And, polyurethane coatings are more versatile, for metal core pcb manufacturer, but their unrepair ability and the need for masking create unnecessary technological problems.

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