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LED PCB board suppliers: 5 Best Applications of LED PCBs


How many types of aluminum, manufacturers use in LED PCBs?

LED is today’s most advanced technology that provides high-quality lighting. Nowadays the LED PCB board suppliers are increasingly serving the whole electronic industry by providing these high-quality products.

In fact, LED technology is not just limited to bulbs or lamps. You can also see its applications in a wide range of consumer as well as industrial products. LED PCB boards are actually the core of LED lighting technology.

Nowadays you can see several different types of LED lighting products in the market. Moreover, all products have the same LED technology but their shapes and designs are different. We are actually here to explain to you that what LED PCB boards are.

Further, 8 amazing benefits of LED PCBs LED PCB board suppliers are providing us. As well as the 5 most popular applications of LED PCBs in modern devices.

LED PCB board suppliers

What are LED PCB boards? LED PCB board suppliers

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode that is semiconductor diodes. PCB manufacturers solder LEDs to the PCB board and there is a chip that can create light as electrically connected.

Moreover, PCB manufacturers generally use aluminum in manufacturing PCB circuit boards for LED lights. These PCB circuit boards have a very thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material.

Furthermore, this thin layer has the ability to efficiently dissipate heat in comparison to conventional or standard rigid boards.

Basically, LEDs are special kinds of solid-state lighting that can convert electricity into light by using a semiconductor. However, the LED lights that LED PCB board suppliers are supplying us can reduce up to 80% of energy.

As well as these lights have 25 times longer life than the conventional boards. These lights are very small in size and are environmentally friendly. The PCB boards are necessary for several LED applications.

These LED PCB circuit boards not only physically support but also transfer extra heat away from the bulbs. Hence, they also help to prevent the LED lights from getting damage.

How many layers do LED PCB boards have?

LED PCB boards are also known as aluminum PCB boards. Further, these boards consist of,

  • Aluminum;
  • Magnesium;

Moreover, LED PCB boards or aluminum circuit boards have several layers. For example:

  • The base layer
  • The thermal insulation layer
  • The circuit layer.
The base layer:

LED PCB board suppliers explain that this layer consists of an aluminum alloy sheet. Moreover, in this layer, the remaining PCB board actually sits upon.

The thermal insulation layer:

This layer includes a ceramic polymer. Moreover, it helps to protect the board from mechanical and thermal damage. When the current passes through the circuits, the thermal insulation layer absorbs the extra heat.

Furthermore, this layer transfers the extra heat to the aluminum layer, and here it disperses.

The circuit layer:

The circuit layer consists of the copper circuits laid out according to the LED PCB circuit design.

How many assembly methods LED PCB board suppliers to use?

LED PCB suppliers, explain that basically, PCB designers use two primary ways to connect electronic components, and LEDs to PCB boards. Hence, two PCB assembly techniques are as follows:

  1. Thru-hole assembly;
  2. Surface-mount assembly.

Thru-hole assembly;

LED PCB board suppliers to describe that, this technique generally involves drilling holes in the PCB circuit boards. Further, they pass leads through these holes. Hence, PCB assemblers apply solder in order to hold the pieces in place.

This process includes countless inspections to make sure accuracy and effectiveness. Actually, the thru-hole assembly process can provide more durable and highly stronger connections. Moreover, it is also useful for those electronic tools that have to use in more extreme applications and environments. For example, high temperatures or high speeds.

Surface-mount assembly:

In this method, PCB manufacturers directly mount all the components on the surface of the board. Moreover, this is an extremely automated process. This process can provide outstanding flexibility as well as allows for high connection densities.

So, LED PCB board suppliers to claim that this process is highly beneficial to use for LED applications.

Types of aluminum that led PCB board suppliers to use

In fact, use aluminum in LED PCB circuit boards is highly advantageous. Besides, it provides extreme versatility in the LED designs. There are several different types of aluminum that PCB designers use in LED PCB boards for different purposes.

Moreover, all these different types of aluminum are highly beneficial to use in LED PCB boards.

Hence, these different types of aluminum are:

  1. Flexible Aluminum
  2. Hybrid Aluminum
  3. Multi-Layer Aluminum

Flexible Aluminum:

Basically, flexible aluminum makes use of many different techniques to get great insulation. Furthermore, it also uses a unique combination of polyimide resins along with ceramic fillers for best insulation purposes.

LED PCB board suppliers also describe that because of this special combination, LED PCB designers to enjoy extreme aluminum thermal conductivity. Moreover, it also retains the best flexible features.

Hybrid Aluminum:

Hybrid aluminum has the best combination of aluminum along with a non-thermal material. Actually, a hybrid aluminum makes use of an FR4 substrate that performs as a non-thermal material.

Hence, in this kind of aluminum, manufacturers can get all the best thermal conductivity. As well as they can retain the rigidity of the PCB boards.

LED PCB board suppliers 2021

Multi-Layer Aluminum:

Basically, multi-layer aluminum is an excellent choice for extremely complex PCB boards. Since multilayer aluminum has outstanding and magnificent thermal conductivity. LED PCB board suppliers also claim that LED PCB manufacturers can never find a better heat conductor than multilayer aluminum.

So, all these good features make multilayer aluminum an ideal choice to use in the LED light industry. Moreover, the multilayer aluminum provides,

  • free of mercury;
  • high efficiency;
  • low power consumption;
  • as well as long-life applications.

5 most popular applications of LED PCBs that LED PCB board suppliers provide

Today lots of industries are making use of LED circuit boards as they are extremely durable and affordable. Moreover, here we are explaining the 5 most popular applications of LED PCBs.

These are:

  • Consumer electronics;
  • Consumer lighting;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Medical;

Consumer electronics:

LED PCB board suppliers to describe that nowadays electronic designers are highly using LED PCBs in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. Such as,

  • Smartphones;
  • Tablets;
  • Computers;
  • Televisions and several other products that use LED displays and indicators.

Consumer lighting:

You can see the uses of LED PCB boards in,

  • Spotlights;
  • Flashlights;
  • Lamps;
  • Lanterns;
  • Solar-powered lighting and many more.


As LED PCB boards are extremely durable and long life, so the telecommunications industry is greatly relying on them. Moreover, most of the telecommunications equipment generates a high amount of heat, so LED PCBs are ideal for such devices.


LED PCB board suppliers explain that in the medical field, LED PCB circuits are best to use. Such as, they are ideal to use in,

  • hospital lighting
  • lighting tools that doctors use for major surgeries and medical examinations.


In fact, LED PCB boards are ideal to use in traffic and transportation lights. Moreover, they are highly used in,

  • brake lights
  • headlights
  • indicators and several others.

Additionally, these boards are best for signal and traffic lighting as well as for street and tunnel lighting.


All in all, LED technology has countless applications and benefits that make it an ideal choice. These boards are actually able to reduce at least 75% power consumption. Moreover, an LED light has a maximum lifespan of around 25,000 hours.

So, it has a 25 times more life span than any traditional bulb. So, LED PCB board suppliers are increasingly serving all major industries by providing them best-LED products.

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