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How to choose best LED PCB manufacturer for led lamps?


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Led PCB manufacturer can be classified according to certain criteria – purpose, power, color, etc. We propose to consider each classification separately.

By type of application

All LEDs according to the type of application can be divided into 2 large groups – indicator and lighting, as well as laser.


They are used as indicators that are built into the side lights of cars, traffic lights, LED strips, garlands, electronic devices, etc. These LEDs are divided into the following types: DIP, Piranha, Strow Hat, and SMD.


PCB manufacturer uses it to create LED luminaires of various types – for streets, residential and public buildings. For example, the LeDron 9073-A is designed for use in dry environments. Lighting diodes include: SMD LED, COB, and Filament LED.


This is a small group of LEDs that cannot be attributed to either lighting or indicator. By design, these are semiconductor elements, specially processed to generate an ultra-narrow beam of light. They are used in devices for applying precise markings, laser pointers, computer mice, etc.

What colors PCB manufacturer provide for LEDs?

The difference between diodes by emission colors is the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, this is the most noticeable difference between semiconductor elements. The color of the glow will depend on the wavelength of the radiation.

The most common LED light color is white. Depending on the color temperature (measured in Kelvin), it can be neutral, warm, or cool. There are also green, blue, red, yellow, orange and white LEDs.

What is multicolor spectrum?

This all concerned only monochrome shades of the glow. But there is also an RGB format, when an LED device can reproduce a multi-colored spectrum of radiation. This is actually achieved by installing monochrome diodes together. These are PCB manufacturer semiconductor crystals with red radiation.

When the controller is connected to the lighting fixture, the crystals start to glow in the specified order, which creates a dynamic light effect of multicolor radiation.

What wattage is PCB manufacturer LEDs?

Another characteristic by which semiconductor elements are distinguished is power. The power of a diode, as a rule, is directly related to its brightness – the more powerful the element, the brighter the stream of light it creates.

What voltage are LEDs available?

As such, LEDs do not have a concept of voltage. In fact, only the voltage at the output of the diode is determined after the rated current has passed through it, and through this value, the voltage on the crystal itself is determined.

This voltage depends on the color of the PCB manufacturer LED-element radiation. For example, for red and yellow diodes, the voltage will vary from 1.8 to 2.4 volts, and for white, blue and green diodes, it will go up to 3 volts.

What shape and size are diodes?

Also, LED elements can be divided into shapes and sizes. They can take different forms:

  • Cylindrical;
  • Square;

Dimensions will be in millimeters. For cylindrical diodes, the dimensions of the height and diameter are indicated, for square and rectangular – the dimensions of the sides. For example, the common SMD 3528 CHIP LED has a side dimension of 3.5 x 2.8 mm.


All LEDs have their own purpose and can be used in different areas – in the construction of luminaires for residential premises, in LED strips for various purposes, in floodlights, etc.

PCB manufacturer uses modern technology for leds
The PCB manufacturer LED lamp is a modern technology, full of advantages for lighting your home. It has high durability and is extremely economical. In addition, it is ideal for creating clear and spacious environments, without spending a lot on electricity.

With so many features, this lamp needs to be chosen taking into account some aspects – after all, there are different types of LEDs, which are indicated for various types and effects in a given decoration, even considering the color psychology.

But then, how to choose? Continue reading this post and learn to identify important aspects of the LED lamp according to your lighting needs. Check out!


There are four factors that must be considered when buying an LED lamp:

  1. power;
  2. voltage;
  3. connector types;
  4. color of light.

These PCB manufacturer aspects will make all the difference in the decoration. Next, you discover the importance of each one.

  1. POWER

This factor concerns the intensity of the light. In general, the power of LED lamps is much greater than that of other types of lamps.

To give you an idea, 1 watt of the LED is equivalent to 10 watts of the incandescent, dichroic or halogen. Thus, a 5 watt LED lamp is enough to light up a room in your home.


You can find PCB manufacturer LED lamps in 12, 110 or 220 volts, or even bivolt models. To know which voltage to choose, you will need to check the voltage compatible with the electrical network in your region. If you have a doubt about this, bet on bivolt LEDs. They work at either 110 or 220 volts.


This factor is important because it will determine the efficient connection of the LED lamp to a chandelier, fixture or spot.


PCB manufacturer aspect totally defines whether a room in your home is cozier or more reactive. That’s because the light can harmonize with the colors of the furniture and walls and convey a feeling of tranquility or activity.

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In this regard, LED lamps have a good range of options. They can be found in almost any color. You can choose from the neutral ones, which emit a tone similar to natural light, to the colored ones, such as blue, red and green.

First, the model of the LED lamp must be certified and guaranteed to return in case of problems. Second, the light for each room in your home must be chosen separately, considering the level of lighting you want.

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