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How to hire professional PCB Board manufacturing in 2021?


Steps to Create a PCB Board Project

PCB Board manufacturing

Creating a new PCB Board manufacturing requires some specific skills and steps. In this article we are going to explain some important tasks that we need to follow for a successful pcb execution. 


1. Name PCB Board manufacturing your project

  • It will be unique, what concerns that project cannot be confused.
  • It will remain tracked and you can reorder it in a few clicks.
  • You can start from a project, make it evolve and launch a new production.
  • You will be able to start working from a production perspective already in the Design phase.

2. Upload or create the BOM 

At this stage you can upload your BOM of any format

If you don’t have one you can create it with our Tool. You will only be asked for the information you really need. All this will allow you to be faster than Bolt in the 200m.

3. Check availability and choose your procurement method

You will also be able to manage this critical PCB Board manufacturing phase in complete autonomy, without unnecessary e-mail exchanges.

Generally, professional pcb manufacturers are connected in real time with the largest online distributors in the world of electronic components. You can directly purchase everything you need, at no additional cost.

But if you wish, you can choose the components you send them!

You know when the employee who follows your electronic card is on sick leave. .does it sound familiar?

What benefits can you get in professional PCB Board manufacturing?

  • In less than a blink of an eye you will know the exact cost of the tau BOM, updated in real time
  • During the design you will identify the most suitable component, replacing it with a click

You will immediately get the answers you are looking for; the platform will give you information in real time that no one gives you.

You do not believe me?

Then try calling your current supplier and ask them to quote you a list of materials 5 or 6 times …

He should do this by giving you plenty of time, for free, without being sure that you will go to him to assemble the boards, or that you will complete the project.

At this stage you can also decide to order your PCB Board manufacturing. You will no longer have to go to multiple suppliers.

4. Upload Pcb board documentation

That’s the thing you should be most jealous of in the world, more than your girlfriend !!

Do you really want to ship your projects, the fruit of months’ work, and your business with carrier pigeons? With the risk of it falling into the hands of the competition?

It’s a bit like a security company instead of an armored van, bulletproof vests and holstered pistol had its guards in Bermuda shorts and flip-flops pedaling around in the sun..

Everything that will be used to produce the electronic boards will always refer to a single project in a univocal way so that you can be sure not to run into errors dictated by someone else’s negligence.

5. Confirm your order

We have reached the end of the operations, you just have to choose your preferred payment method and launch the order that like a NASA rocket will arrive straight to our systems.

From this moment on, you pass the baton to us.

Before going into the car and proceeding with the production of your electronic boards, however, we will check all the compatibility between documentation and components. We will analyze the realization feasibility and any errors in PCB Board manufacturing.

We want to check that everything can go smoothly and then confirm your order.

If there are any inconsistencies we will notify you without collecting the payment and looking together for the best solution for the final goal:

Produce and deliver your electronic boards in the shortest possible time.

You will be happy to discover that this innovative method is also COST SAVING! It will allow you to save.


You may be thinking that the one above is the classic expression of someone who wants you to believe that his product is better than the others and costs less. Today you have the opportunity to discover a different way to get better results without stress and wasting your time and money.

Why did I write that the working method we have devised will allow you to save money? . . . Mainly for 3 reasons:

  1. Containment of pre-production costs and time optimization.
  2. Cutting-edge technologies to save a lot of time
  3. Containment of production waste

1. Containment of pre-production costs and time optimization

Working in this way does not only create advantages for you but it is a godsend for us too, I will shortly explain why, this is why we have chosen to change our path.

This method allows having a collected and standardized documentation, in the formats that are most congenial for the cutting-edge machinery we use.

Do you remember what I told you earlier about production slots? Well, through the PCB Board manufacturing platform we are able to keep an eye on all delivery dates and have a lot of time for more accurate production planning that maximizes our firepower.

Like? . . . because the process is automatic and we no longer have to respond individually to each customer

We can use our resources to plan activities and focus on production rather than sending out an avalanche of emails a day.

2. Using state of the art technology can save a lot!

A classic cost item in the production of electronic boards is the screen printing frame or stencil which costs hundreds of euros.

We use innovative techniques and machinery which, deriving from 3D printing technologies, allow us to apply the solder paste in the appropriate areas without the need to produce any screen printing frame. In this way costs are reduced and time is saved.

It is an extraordinary technology that also has other advantages. In fact it allows you to mount microscopic components which are often not possible with a normal screen printer. The same technology is also used by Apple in its production lines.

This solution is perfect in the prototype field also because; in case you need to modify PCB Board manufacturing. You will not have to worry about spending more money to produce new stencils.

Another way to save is to reduce waste and with our method it is possible … even for components, you will find out in the next point.

3. Containment of PCB Board manufacturing production waste

I give you a gift, you are about to find that you are constantly wasting money using the old system and you do not know it.

Have you ever heard of car waste?

How many components do your suppliers throw away?

During the production of electronic boards carried out with machines for the automatic positioning of smd components (pick & place), one cannot help but discard a certain quantity.

there are suppliers who do not even bother to inform you about this thing, Others explain it to you, working in good faith, but they calculate the extra quantity of components to buy without precision.

We use a precise method to calculate how many components will be discarded that takes into account various factors and statistics. You will understand that the more precise you are, the less the waste will be, the more money you will save.

PCB Board manufacturing 2021

 Our system does it instantly and automatically.

But we thought we’d give you the option to CLEAR THIS WASTE

The discarded components, in fact, will be returned to you so that you can reuse them in your laboratory for any tests or repairs if you wish.

In summary

Reduction of PCB Board manufacturing costs + total reduction of the costs of creating screen printing frames + recovery of machine waste

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