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5 Best Types of China rigid flex pcb in 2021


China rigid flex pcb A printed circuit board that has a flexible base or a printed circuit board that uses a flexible base material. A flexible printed circuit board is an analogue of a rigid printed circuit board in terms of the arrangement of printed conductors, contact pads.

Other printed wiring elements, in terms of the placement of electrical radio products (mainly unpackaged and surface-mounted components), while it has a flexible base 0.1 … 0.5 mm thick. can bend, work on kinks and take on different shapes.

Where we can use rigid flex pcbs?

Flexible printed circuit boards are common in cases where the board subjects to repeated bends, vibrations during operation. It is necessary to give it a curved compact shape for operation (place in a small volume).

However, with a China rigid flex pcb, you can connect various elements of electronic equipment. Hence, it uses branches from the common base of the flexible printed circuit board.

Difference between rigid and flex printed board

The main difference between a flexible printed circuit board and a rigid one is the ability to mount in three-dimensional space. And it should bend around the corners of other blocks.

Moreover, Flexible PCBs is manufactured in combination with rigid printed circuit boards or flexible printed cables. However, multilayer flexible printed circuit boards are not analogous to rigid multilayer printed circuit boards.

China rigid flex pcb
Flexible China rigid flex pcb

China rigid flex pcb has a thin insulating base up to several meters long with parallel printed conductors, the width and pitch of which correspond to standard connectors.

China rigid flex pcb are complex interconnecting structures in electronic equipment. Also, A simple flex-rigid PCB has one rigid and one flexible layer. Furthermore, Complex rigid-flex PCBs can have 20 or more interconnect sets of single-sided and double-sided flexible printed circuit boards. It comes between rigid external printed circuit boards.


Double-sided flex pcb

China rigid flex pcb a printed circuit board, on both sides of which the elements of the conductive pattern and all the required connections appear. It happens in accordance with the electrical circuit diagram. Moreover, Electrical connection between the parties is carried out using plated holes.

You can place an electrical radio product on one or two sides of the China rigid flex pcb. Double-sided printed circuit boards are common in measuring technology, control systems, automatic control, etc.

Cluster rigid flex pcb

China rigid flex pcb is a group of contact pads for installation and soldering (welding), for example, microcircuits.
The bottleneck of the printed circuit board is the area of ​​the printed circuit board. Here the elements of the printed conductive pattern and the distances between them can make only with the minimum allowable values.

A contact pad China rigid flex pcb

Generally, it is a part of a conductive pattern. This is common to connect a conductive pattern of a circuit (printed conductors with metallization of mounting holes). And we can use it for installation and soldering (welding) of an electrical radio product?

Breaks of contact pads are not suitable. Hence, this decreases the current-carrying capacity of the conductors and the adhesion to the dielectric.

Coordinate China rigid flex pcb

Coordinate China rigid flex pcb an orthogonal grid that defines the locations of the connections between the electrical radio product and the printed circuit board.

Micro-holes (microvia) or micro -vias – holes with a diameter of less than 0.15 mm and / or a density of more than 1,000 transitions / dm. sq. Usually they are common to connect two or three consecutive layers.

Multilayer China rigid flex pcb

A printed circuit board consisting of alternating layers of insulating material with conductive patterns on two or more layers. However, the electrical connection between the conductive layers can made with special volumetric parts, printed elements or chemical-galvanic metallization of holes.

Multilayer printed circuit boards are brand by bigger reliability and tightness of mounting, resistance to climatic and mechanical influences, reduced size and fewer contacts.

China rigid flex pcb 2021

Single-sided printed circuit board

China rigid flex pcb, on one side of which there are elements of a conductive pattern. They are simple in design and economical to manufacture. They are common for the installation of household appliances, power supplies and other simple products.

Vias are holes for electrical connection between layers or sides of a printed circuit board. Distinguish:

  • Plated Through Holes that provide electrical connection between the sides of the PCB and the inner layers of a multilayer PCB.
  • Also, Plated-through (buried or vias) holes provide contact between inner layers.
  • Moreover, Non-through (“blind”) holes that create contact between the outer and one of the inner layers.
  • In addition, Non-through (hidden) micro-vias, incl. multilevel micro-transitions.

A China rigid flex pcb is a product consisting of a flat insulating base with holes, grooves, cutouts, and a system of conductive metal strips (conductors. This is common to install and switch electrical radio products and functional units following the electrical circuit diagram.

A wired printed circuit board

is a printed circuit board, on the dielectric base of which individual elements of the printed pattern are located (contact pads, ground and power buses, etc.), and electrical connections are made with insulated wires instead of printed conductors.

Contact connections on a printed circuit board can be obtained by soldering, welding, or electroplating. Also, wired printed circuit boards are common in prototyping, prototyping, and small-scale production.

Topology is a drawing that defines the:

  • Dimensions
  • Similarly, shape
  • and relative position of printed wiring elements and holes on the outer or inner layers of a China rigid flex pcb.

Width of the printed conductor

the transverse dimension of the printed conductor at any point, visible in the plan.

The term “sale of electronic boards” can mean the sale of large lots for assembly or even the purchase of scrap for reuse. Moreover, in this post, however, we will treat these terms as synonymous with the assembly of electronic boards. Hence, companies that need this type of service are probably looking for a partner to make the electronics project work.


Therefore, those who do not know the market well may be in doubt. Furthermore, they think about what to look for in a good supplier. The answer is not simple. It will depend on the specific needs of each demand. To contribute to this search, we’ve listed the main criteria to consider when looking for an assembler to trust part of your process.

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