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China pcb manufacturer Best Boards for Laptops in 2021


Why to consider Chinese PCBs for Laptops?


China pcb manufacturer

In recent years, there has been a clear tendency among china pcb manufacturer to produce devices with variable configuration within the same model, so the cost of seemingly the same devices can vary greatly.

For ease of use, we have divided the rating into three groups of devices according to the type of their purpose:

  • Laptops for office and home use, which operate primarily on the network, so battery life and weight are not so important. The diagonal of the screen is a priority factor in this section, since it affects the comfort of use.
  • Gaming laptops. One of the key metrics here is the video card model and FPS in modern titles.
  • This type of device is characterized by high battery life and low weight.


Now there are devices on the market for 25,000 rubles, but we will still focus on slightly more expensive ones. Cheap laptops with weak china pcb manufacturer do not even always run modern operating systems. And it is no longer safe to use Windows 7, since official support has been discontinued.

HP ProBook 430 G7

Onboard a Core i3 10110U device with an integrated video card, 4 Gb of RAM (DDR4), a 128 Gb SSD. This hardware is quite enough even for classic games. So you don’t have to worry about performance when working with office applications or media players.

ASUS VivoBook S14 M433 with china pcb

It is an interesting model in a metal case with an IPS matrix and a matte screen. But this, of course, is not all of its advantages. Firstly, the amount of RAM even in the minimum configuration of 8 GB (DDR4) with a frequency of 3200 MHz is a serious claim.

The processor here can be AMD Ryzen 3 with an integrated graphics card. For this you need to contact a professional china pcb manufacturer. Only a reliable pcb for laptop can guarantee good performance.

The volume of the SSD-drive here varies between 256-512 GB. It is also excellent given the low weight of the laptop of 1.4 kg.

Why you need to hitr professional china pcb manufacturer for laptop project?

The laptop is quite thin and looks more like an ultrabook in structure. But, unfortunately, it does not have such a capacitive battery, and this is perhaps its only drawback.

China pcb manufacturer 2021

The build quality does not raise any questions. All elements are correctly fitted to each other and do not crunch under loads. It is also worth noting a very convenient touchpad.

ASUS also introduced the model in several colors, which are not the most standard for notebooks.

Acer Aspire 3 A315-23

This model is perfect for working with design software, documents, playing conventionally old games and watching movies. Responsible for these aspects is a Ryzen 3 processor with an integrated graphics card and 4 GB (DDR4) RAM with a frequency of 2400 MHz. Quite an impressive set, since in this price segment most of the competitors run on a less powerful Celeron.

Despite the fact that china pcb manufacturer provides fairly large screen, the device itself weighs only 1.9 kg, so moving with it does not cause much discomfort.

The budget of the device is due to the fact that there is no operating system in it by default, so you won’t be able to use a laptop out of the box right away.

Xiaomi RedmiBook china pcb manufacturer

The 16+ inch diagonal is kind of a novelty for the laptop market. And devices in this group are represented for the most part by just three brands Xiaomi, HP (Pavilion line) and Apple.

The main difference between this device and competing models is that Xiaomi has managed to create a very powerful laptop at an affordable price. Such configurations of competing brands will cost an average of 10-12 thousand more.

Even if the device does not belong to gaming laptops, such hardware ensures excellent operation of dozens of simultaneously running applications, and modern games can be played comfortably at medium settings.

Why good pcb is ideal for laptops?

Ideal for both work and play, it features an IPS panel and matte LED backlit display. RedmiBook is also practical enough thanks to the metal body. What is especially nice is that no fingerprints are visible on the case.

The claimed battery life is 12 hours, which makes the device similar to the ultra-book family. Weight – 1.8 kg, which allows you to travel without problems with the device in the appropriate bags.

In general, this is a fairly productive model with all the makings of a gaming laptop and an ultra-book at the same time for the price of a regular device.

HP 17-ca2042u


Recently, laptops with such a diagonal are more and more represented in the segment for gamers. But interesting models still appear among home devices.

This HP model is notable for several devices built at china pcb manufacturer. Firstly, the image quality – color rendering, viewing angles, anti-reflective coating of the screen make watching movies on a laptop a pleasant experience. Secondly, devices with such a diagonal usually differ in weight closer to 3 kg, while the HP 17-ca2042ur weighs only 2.4, which makes it easier to transport the device.

The build quality and smooth keyboard travel and responsive touchpad make working on the computer very comfortable.


China pcb manufacturer is an excellent source for those who appreciate the image and do not plan to overpay for gaming hardware that they will not use.

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