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How to find the best prototype pcb service in china? (Fast Turn Pcb China in 2020)


How to find the best prototype pcb service in china? (FastTurn Pcb China in 2020)

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How Do I Pick a Good prototype pcb service?

Prototype pcb service is one of the most requested services in the electronics industry. It is important to test a prototype plate for testing before ordering mass production. We know several suppliers of PCB prototypes, but we do not know their characteristics and advantages.

How to find the best prototype pcb service in china?

Many engineers, especially beginners, are wondering, “Where can I find a good PCB manufacturing service?” Or: “How can I reduce the cost of PCB prototyping?” But when they find a factory service to make boards, they start wondering about cutting the cost of prototyping at the expense of quality.

How Do I Pick a Good PCB Prototyping Service? First of all, you must be fully aware of the requirements and budget of your project; then conduct a detailed study of PCB services via the Internet, magazines or exhibitions. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it is ultimately worth it. When researching a good PCB manufacturing service, make sure you cover the following:

  1. Quality standards and certificates

Nearly all PCB services claim to deliver good value with high quality, but not all offer what they claim.

Good PCB manufacturers must meet UL, ISO, quality standards and, if necessary, meet ITAR requirements. Even small mistakes can ruin the project. Make sure your chosen prototype pcb service actively visits PCB manufacturers and checks for quality standards.

2. Technical skills of prototype pcb service

If your project requires specialized PCB manufacturing, select a PCB supplier with access to engineers and technicians with the right skills. The more custom your project requires, the more important it is for you to have the best specialists.

prototype pcb service in china

  1. PCB controller

The best prototype pcb service Company offers a free online toolkit, a PCB Visualizer. Customers can use to validate their PCB design for manufacturability before ordering. This not only allows you to see how your board files interrupt by the manufacturer. In addition, it can also reveal problems that for some reason went unnoticed.

This can avoid some obvious mistake in PCB design.

  1. Feedback and customer service

Good communication is vital to any project. From the outset, you need to be sure that the email delivery and response times of the PCB supplier should be fast and productive. If you feel lost in correspondence or are unable to discuss technical issues before your project reaches the production department, the end result is unlikely to be satisfactory.

  1. Logistics

Think about where you want your prototype pcb service to be. Choosing the right logistics can shorten delivery times. If shopping overseas, select a city near airport ports and waterways.

6. Cost of prototype pcb service

An experienced PCB supplier who can meet your low volume production needs may sometimes charge extra fees. Also remember that many overseas suppliers require payment in advance. It can be detrimental to your monthly budget. Prices vary greatly among different countries. A cheap PCB prototype can help you save some money.

My prototype pcb service recommendation

I want to recommend MIRACLEPWB from China. It meets all of the above requirements.

As we all know, China has an incredible electronics market, suppliers and manufacturers. Mainly because of the lower labor costs, but also because of the number of good people who can control the process.

prototype pcb service 2020

In China, due to the problem of toxic waste, recycling of old printed circuit boards has an accurate system. So that the country becomes a leader in all aspects of printed circuit board production.


About quality and price: MIRACLEPWB prototype pcb service has a very favorable price. Think about it, for $ 2 you can get a dozen boards! The quality is high! MIRACLEPWB also provides free online PCB inspection and editing tools. If you have an error in your Gerber file, you will receive an email from their engineer.

How to ship prototype pcb from china to other countries?

We know that we have to pay the customs fee for shipping packages from China. For this reason, some people refuse to order from China. Here I want to share a method with you: you can choose the right delivery. For example, you buy a board from China to Greece; SingPost is the better choice, not DHL. Delivery SingPost will cost much less than by DHL.

But it is very expensive for ordinary radio amateurs.

The price depends on the size of the PCB, 5-10 pieces, usually around € 100 (slightly less or slightly more). As soon as you order 20-30 pieces, the price of each piece drops dramatically, but you will quickly reach 200 €. If you are looking for a good price, you need to order over 100 pieces

Prototype pcb service specialist prepare the printed circuit board budget. They carry out an analysis of the manufacturing project to have a real dimension of the specifications, such as:

  1. The material and size of these boards in order to determine what will be the costs and the time require.


In many cases it is recommended to choose the printed circuit board budget before deciding which company is good for manufacturing. It is possible that the contracted industries may offer different advantages. Moreover, it will result in greater convenience of use and reliability in manufactured products.


The biggest advantage that a company that offers the printed circuit board budget can give its customers is the manufacture of quality products. Therefore it is good option to always count on the best prototype pcb service that not only offers a good printed circuit board budget, but also that operates according to strict quality standards.


For customers looking for the best printed circuit board budget, one should choose not the company that offers the lowest initial purchase price. But rather the best cost-benefit, because in many cases, when you have a printed circuit board budget of very low value, the materials used in their manufacture are also of low quality. It will result in a series of disorders.

It is very important to know the value of rapid prototype technology. We can see how the electronic manufacturers are using it in all over the world. Therefore, it has increased the production speed.

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