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8 layers PCB board: How to select PCB stack up in 2021?


How the 8 layers PCB boards are important?

8 layers PCB board has eight different layers and planes on the single board. These layers connect to each other in an effective and compact manner. Moreover, these layers fix into one another in a tight and concise way.

Thus, it produces much more spacing for the different electrical components. The pcb boards have the tremendous and enhanced utilization in the compact devices. The devices using these circuit boards have the complex mechanism for the spacing during stack up.

In these boards, we deal with the different layers of the PCBs. These different types are single layer PCB, double layer PCB and multilayer PCB. In these types of the PCBs, there are the conducting layers ranging from three to many.

8 layers PCB board


How do I choose a PCB stack up?


However, to choose a correct 8 layers PCB stack up, you need some guidelines and instructions. In this article, you will find the enough instructions for the selection of a correct 8 layers PCB board. Thus, here are the guidelines for the selection of the board.

·         Improving EMC performance

The first and foremost thing for the selection of a PCB stack up is the improvement of the EMC performance. You have to select the PCB prototype that has the efficient EMC performance. If you add the accessory planes to the PCB board, then the improvement is tenable in the most cases.

·         More Routing layers

In the case of 8 layers PCB board, the other important aspect to consider is the addition of more routing layers. The addition of more routing layers, in turn, increases the EMC performance of the PCB board.

·         Configuration of board

Usually, there remains a lot of confusion in the configuration of the PCB board of this type. If you are able to understand and realize the configuration of the board, the process becomes easy. After realizing the configuration, the process of design formation is quite an easy task.

·         Four layers and four planes

Generally, the customers suppose that the 8 layers PCB board the eight layers on the single board. But this is not case in the reality. This type of the PCB board has the four layer and the four planes. That is why the name for this PCB is the 8 layers PCB.

·         Better EMI control

For the better and accurate selection of these boards, another aspect to take into account is the better control of EMI. The better control of EMI helps to control the functionality and operational activity in a better way. In addition, the better control of EMI also helps in the improvement of the signal integrity of the board.

The sample of a typical 8 layers PCB stack up is as shown below:

Signal1 – Ground – Signal2 – Power- Ground – Signal3 – Power – Signal4


What are the layers of a PCB?

The composition of the 8 layers PCB consists of 4 layers. These layers are separated by the ground planes as well as the power planes. The purpose of the ground planes and power planes is very important in these PCB boards. These planes help to increase the signal integrity of the signal layers.

Moreover, these planes are also essential in the process of preventing the cross talk between the layers. If we have a look at the overall 8 layers PCB board design, it looks like this:

  • Top layer
  • Prepreg
  • Ground plane
  • Core
  • Inner Layer 1
  • Prepreg


What is the point of having multiple layers on the PCB board?


The 8 layers PCB has the greater chance to fulfill all the objectives of its manufacturing. As, there are other PCB stack ups too, available to us. But the 8 layers PCB board provides more reliable performance of EMC.

In the case of 8 layers PCB, we should not use 6 routing layers. It is not advisable to have six routing layers in this type of PCB. In this case, the PCB would not have the better performance. However, if you want to use six routing layers, you should use the 10 layers PCB board.

Therefore, the 8 layers PCB board has 4 routing layers on the maximum extent. This type of 8 layers PCB has the maximum performance of the EMC. Generally, there are two plane layers that are present at the center of the substrate. The presence of the plane layers provides the strong coupling.

In addition, these plane layers also decrease the cross talk between the layers. Thus, it also makes an isolation between the signal layers of the PCB board. These types of the configurations are common in the DDR2 and DDR3 designs. In this case, the cross talk is not possible due to the tight routing.

8 layers PCB board 2021

8 Layer PCB Grounding Rules


There are rules and regulations for the 8 layers PCB grounding. This article will help you to know about the necessary rules for the PCB grounding. Some of these rules are as follows:

  • During the PCB grounding, you should not cut the base layer of the PCB board.
  • During the process of the grounding of the PCB, you should be aware of proper attachment. Don’t leave any component that is not attached.
  • In this process, you should be aware to provide the common ground point during the whole operation.
  • You should have the complete awareness about the path of the current during the process.
  • For the process of PCB grounding, you should have the idea to produce the variance in between the grounds.
  • In the grounding operation of the PCB, mind a floor arrangement that contains the mixed signal.


8 Layer PCB Thickness


The thickness of the PCB is an important factor to consider during the manufacturing. The thickness of the 8 layers PCB board depends upon the use and application of the PCB. Thus, the customers have to give the information about the thickness parameters of the PCB.

In the case of the 8 layers PCB, the standard thickness for the PCB is 0.062, 0.093, and 0.125. However, you can also manage and adjust it according to the requirement of the board.


Why You Need an Experienced 8 Layer PCB Manufacturer?


The 8 layers PCB board has the excessive use in the compact devices. These devices have the high costs as well as high complexity. Therefore, you need to select a highly experiences and expert manufacturer for the purpose of the manufacturing.

The motherboards of the laptops, the high-quality watches and the communication devices have the tremendous use of the 8 layers PCB. As it has the complex and technical configuration, its manufacturing is a task of the experienced and skillful manufacturer.


As the best manufacturers for the 8 layers PCB, we are passionate and keen to provide you the best service. We will provide you with the outstanding design of the PCB. We are manufacturing the high-quality PCBs since a long period of time. Moreover, the customers are also satisfied with the quality of the service from us.

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