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2020 Best China 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs (Flexi pcbs circuit manufacturer)


2020 Best China 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs (Flexi pcbs circuit manufacturer)

4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs

What are the exceptional advantages of HDI rigid-flex PCBs with 4layers?

US had used the first PCB in 1940 for their military applications. So, a new success story begins from 1940s. Earlier 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs were simple and had less integrity. Later PCB manufacturers started to make new evolution in the components of PCBs. They introduced latest advancements in the PCB’s components.

Today PCB boards have ability to provide you,

  • much more efficiency
  • extremely bigger density of connection
  • many extra capabilities and much more.

4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs are also a link of the same chain. HDI technology is highly advance and latest technology. Moreover, manufacturers use it in the PCB boards to produce extra smart devices. The devices which will use this technology will be smaller in size, thinner in weight and more reliable.

So, let’s know all about the uses and advantages of HDI technology in rigid flex PCB circuit boards.

What is HDI technology in PCB boards?

Basically, HDI stands for High-Density Interconnector. This is latest technology which PCB manufacturers have introduced recently in the industry of PCB circuit boards. HDI PCB boards actually have much higher density of electrical connections as we compared it with the normal PCB board.

Furthermore, HDI PCBs have,

  • Extremely better lines and spaces
  • Tiny capture pads
  • Smaller vias.

Moreover, it has pad density of high electrical connections in comparison to the conventional PCB boards. These boards usually get benefits from the laser drilling technology as well as these PCB boards need extremely little spaces.

4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs in 2020

By using HDI technology, you can make your PCB boards more compact. Moreover, it also has ability to make the performance of your device more efficient and reliable with extreme quality.

What are rigid flex PCB boards?

In rigid flex PCBs, manufacturers highlight the PCB boards by using the both rigid and flexible areas. Hence, this unique combination of rigid and flex technology makes the PCBs perfect for a huge range of applications.

In rigid flex technology, manufacturers have united the best of both flexible boards and rigid circuits together on one circuit.

This great combination of rigid flex circuit can give you the better density of components and perfect quality control. In this technology, designs are rigid where you need some more support. Moreover, it is flex all around the areas and corners where you need much more space in you design.

Additionally, there are countless options in the designs when you make use of rigid flex PCB boards.

What are 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs?

4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs is an exceptional combination of 4 layers of rigid and flex circuits with HDI technology.  Moreover, in a 4-layer rigid flex board, manufacturers use,

  • two rigid layers
  • two flexible layers
  • with additional HDI quality.

This is the highly advance technology in the field of PCB manufacturing. It provides you several advantages in the era of latest smart electronic gadgets.

What does 4 layers HDI rigid flex PCBs allow to the electronic manufacturers?

Electronic engineers use the 4layers HDI rigid flex PCBs in their smart devices. Moreover, these PCB boards allow them in following 7 cases, like:


  1. Size and Weight:

You can easily reduce the size and weight of your smart devices.

  1. Helps in Complex Shapes:

You can insert 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs in extremely complex electronic devices more easily.

  1. Quit the Connectors:

Manufacturers can simply leave the use of connectors.

  1. Reliable Connections:

4 layers HDI rigid flex technology in PCBs has ability to improve the reliability between all the connections.

  1. Simple Procedure to Install:

Electronic manufacturers can install these rigid flex HDI PCBs in their devices more accurately and simply. Because the installation process is really easy and simple.

  1. Greatly Flexible:

This extremely beneficial technology can provide you more and active flexibility among all connections.

  1. Simple to operating during operations:

Electronic designers can simply maintain the great functionality of these latest PCB boards during several operations.

The main characteristics of 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs

4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs provide completely independent route in the production line. Moreover, it also provides independent operation in comparison to conventional Printed Circuit Boards. Electronic engineers mostly use these kinds of PCB circuit boards in static applications.

In rigid flex PCB boards, PCB manufacturers combine old and traditional technology of multilayer PCB boards with flexible technology fields.

These kinds of PCBs are blend of both rigid and flex technologies and hence are a hybrid design. Furthermore, they have packed firmly with the help of just a single assembly.

So, if we describe all the above characteristics in short, they will be:

  • They have flexible and rigid, both the technologies
  • So, these PCBs are hybrid designs
  • These PCB circuit boards have ability to provide an independent route
  • they are an ideal choice for static applications
  • They use only a single assembly in order to fasten together.

Advantages of 4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs

In fact, 4 layers HDI rigid flex PCBs come with the great functionality. Furthermore, they have several benefits when we compare them with the traditional PCBs. So, these are,

Compact in Size and Lightweight

These PCB circuit boards come in dense designs. Moreover. they are extremely lightweight and hence they have ability to succeed in several complex designs. So, because of these good features, they are ideal for smart mobile phones.

Ideal for Complicated and Smart Devices

Electronic designers can fix great number of components on just a small size board along with all their great functionalities. Hence, these PCB boards are best option to make the smart and light devices. They also offer you to pack lots of functions in just a single and smart application. Smartphones have become possible to make more light with complex designs just because of 4 layers HDI rigid flex PCBs.

Have fantastic versatility

These PCBs with HDI technology are best choice for those devices where you essentially need,

  • better space
  • less weight
  • extreme reliability
  • ideal performance and many, many more.

Furthermore, these PCBs are fantastic option for large complex and critical devices and also offer you great versatility.

Greatly Cost Efficient

These HDI PCBs help you to make great use of all your investment. They are highly cost efficient. There is no need to spend extra money on old and standard PCB circuit boards. Because these 4layers PCBs can fulfil all your essential demands and requirements.

Furthermore, you really get benefits of all your investments which you have made in this course.

Perfect Integrity of Signals

The latest technology of HDI includes,

  • blind via technology
  • via-in-pad technology.4 Layers HDI Rigid-flex PCBs 2020

Both of these technologies help to put all the components tightly closer. This great quality of 4 layers HDI rigid flex PCBs has cut the long path of signals. HDI technology helps to reduce the reflections of signals. In this way, it improves the quality of signals.

So, because of these shorter signal paths and distances, signal integrity highly improves because of this great feature.

More Rapid and Swift Delivery Times

The last but really effective benefit of these 4layers HDI PCBs is, it is easy to build quality. These PCBs are more convenient to build for PCB manufacturers. Because there is no need to add lots of components. Furthermore, their designs are easy to assemble and their materials take less time to fabricate.

So, you can get your orders more conveniently and your products will reach the markets before the target time.

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