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2021 Best Custom MCPCB Guide: Metal Core PCB Materials


Major Application Areas of Metal Core PCB Boards

Since the last few years, custom MCPCB boards are playing an integral part in the LED industry. The demand for LED lights is increasing day by day in all industries. It is because of MCPCBs, as they are a special combination of the metal with an additional layer of copper foil.

Both the lighting sectors and automobile industries are increasingly depending on MCPCBs because they are 5x cheaper than standard boards. Basically, MCPCB boards are responsible to operate even in extremely high temperatures.

In this guide, you will get the 3 amazing benefits of MCPCB circuit boards. Moreover, what is the role of custom MCPCB in the LED industry?

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What is custom MCPCB?

Metal Core PCBs or MCPCB boards are also known as thermal PCB. Further, they use metal as a base material. In fact, in MCPCB boards, PCB manufacturers use metal as an alternative to CEM3 or FR4. The metal material actually can dissipate heat away from the vital components of the circuit boards.

The material of metal provides the solution to regulate the internal heat of the PCB board. Hence, MCPCB has the ability to effectively conduct and dissipate heat away from all crucial components and areas of the board.

Nowadays, electronic manufacturers are widely using Metal Core PCBs in numerous industries. Moreover, most of the military applications are getting extreme benefits from the unique features of custom MCPCB boards.

Today for electronic designers the extreme conditions of high-temperatures are not a big deal. In fact, Metal Core PCB boards have solved all such problems. Moreover, these boards with a metallic base can successfully dissipate the extra heat.

What is the thickness of custom MCPCB?

Usually, PCM manufacturers use metal material as a base in order to increase the thermal conductivity of PCB boards. The thickness of metal material in the PCB base plate is generally 30 mil – 125 mil. But electronic designers can change their thickness according to their needs. So, the thickness of the metal material maybe 1 – 10 oz.

Which material used in custom MCPCB?

Metal materials are actually responsible for the unique qualities to efficiently handle all harsh thermal conditions. Basically, these harsh thermal conditions can destroy the PCB circuit.

Custom MCPCB boards are highly beneficial to use in those industries that generally can generate much more heat. Moreover, PCB manufacturers commonly use three metals as the base material in MCPCB boards. Such as,

  • aluminum
  • copper

The aluminum material is very popular to use in MPCB boards. Furthermore, it is extremely useful, reliable, and sturdy to use in handling extremely harmful thermal conditions. Additionally, it is greatly affordable to use as a base in MCPCB boards in comparison to any other material.


The copper material has an impressive ability to heat dissipation. Moreover, it also has the best qualities to control the thermal conditions of PCB boards. Although copper is highly expensive in comparison to aluminum but is more effective to control the thermal conditions.

So, its price has no value in front of its qualities.


Actually, iron-core PCB boards are the costliest circuit boards amongst custom MCPCB boards. But they are ideal to use for dissipating heat away from the critical components of PCB boards. Moreover, the material of iron also provides extremely stable temperature conditions in the MCPCB circuit boards.

What are the types of custom MCPCB?

Basically, there are 5 basic and most important types of MCPCB boards. Further, it depends on the different locations and trace layers of the PCB boards. Hence, these kinds of MCPCB boards are:

  1. Chip-on-board (COB) MCPCBs
  2. Single-layer MCPCB boards
  3. Double-layer MCPCB boards
  4. Double-sided MCPCB boards
  5. Multilayer MCPCB boards

What are 3 amazing benefits of custom MCPCB boards?

The custom MCPCB boards are highly advantageous in comparison to standard boards. Since they use special substrate materials that are ideal to improve the reliability of designs even in high temperatures.

The PCB manufacturers highly prefer to use these boards because they are best for dissipating the extra heat. We are here to describe the 3 amazing benefits of Metal Core PCB boards are.

So, these are:

Heat Dissipation:

The electronic designers were facing troubles to use the standard boards in the devices that produce much heat. So, MCPCB circuit boards have solved such problems. The custom MCPCB boards are greatly effective to distribute and dissipate the extra heat.

In fact, conventional boards are not able to manage the extra heat generated in double-sided or multilayered PCBs. Hence, it will cause the failure of several electronic components. In such situations, MCPCB circuits are ideal as they have magnificent thermal conductivity.

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Dimensional Stability:

The metal core PCB is a lot stronger and more stable in comparison to the FR4 substrate when we talk about harsh thermal conditions. Moreover, MCPCB with an aluminum base is ideal because PCB manufacturers can heat it to 30°C to 140 – 150°C.

In fact, in such extreme situations, its dimensions only change up to 2.5 – 3%. So, these best features make custom MCPCB an ideal choice to use in equipment that uses high amounts of power and can generate heat.

Thermal Expansion:

The best metalcore used in MCPCB has the ability to effectively deal with the following problems,

  • thermal expansion
  • heat dissipation.

Furthermore, it also has the capability to highly improve the durability and reliability of the electronic devices that use MCPCB circuits.

What is the role of custom MCPCB in the LED industry?

In this modern age, the demand for lighting systems has increased and several LED products are becoming more popular in the lighting industry. Also, MCPCB boards are ideal to use in the led industry.

  • It has the ability to integrate the dielectric polymer layer.
  • It also can provide higher thermal conductivity.

In fact, LED metal core PCB boards can actually generate heat at least 8 times quicker in comparison to the FR4 PCB’s. Additionally, the MCPCB boards are an indivisible part of the LED technology.

The use of Metal Core PCB boards also can reduce the number of LEDs that are necessary to create illumination. Hence, custom MCPCB boards are ideal to use in automotive LED applications, street lights, and backlighting unit applications.

What is the application area of custom MCPCB?

Metalcore PCB boards are ideal to use in the modern electronic devices of the latest world. Moreover, they are also ideal to use in those electronic devices that operate by using high heat.

So, electronic engineers are rapidly using MCPCB boards in,

  • Power supply devices
  • LED lights
  • Automotive lighting
  • Cars
  • Medical monitoring systems, and many more.

Which qualities should in your custom MCPCB service?

When you need to get ideal customer service for your best quality MCPCB boards you must consider the following 5 features,

  • Best Quality
  • Low in Cost
  • Rapid PCB Prototyping Service
  • High-Quality Material
  • Cash on Delivery.


In fact, custom MCPCB boards are a more significant and beneficial technological innovation in the modern world. Moreover, this highly beneficial invention is one of the key components behind the ideal performances of LED products.

Basically, these boards are safe to use in those products that produce high heat. Further, MCPCB boards are highly beneficial when it comes to the efficient use of space.

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