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PCB de cobre pesado


PCB de cobre pesado

Miracle Technology is a professional manufacturer of high-precision heavy copper pcb. The factory is positioned as a one-stop service for variety of high end printed circuit board products.  We are helping customers create more value. Miracle Technology has a full set of world-class circuit board production and testing equipment.

Heavy copper pcbs are widely used in communications, digital products, industrial control, electronics, electric power, computers, medical equipment, instruments, defense military, aerospace and other high-tech Electronics. The main products include 2-30 layers of rigid circuit boards, focusing on four or six layers of security products. This involves thick copper plates, ultra-thick plates, impedance, buried blind holes, rigid-flexible joints, metal bases (cores), in-disk holes, nickel-palladium-plated gold plates, multiple laminations, and mixed material cladding.

Precise production equipment, excellent management team; standard production management, excellent product control; customized production and processing, and strong cooperation strength

Customized solutions to meet your individual product requirements

De acuerdo con las muestras del cliente, procesamos varias piezas, maquinaria y equipo perfectos, y formulamos planes razonables. Partimos de las necesidades del cliente y diseñamos los productos que satisfacen al cliente.


The printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the two major parts manufacturing industries of the domestic electronics industry. With the vigorous development of the electronic information industry, the printed circuit board industry has grown faster. PCB ( Printed Circuit Board referred to the PCB ) according to a circuit design, the circuit components connected to the electric wiring pattern of the wiring will be formed, and then to design the specified machining, surface treatment, etc., on the electrical conductivity of the insulator body weight In other words, the printed circuit board is a substrate before being matched with electronic components.

The function of this type of product is to use the electronic circuit formed by circuit boards of various electronic parts to play the functions of various electronic components to achieve the purpose of signal processing.

Due to the good quality of printed circuit board design, it not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but also affects the overall performance and competitiveness of system products. The main function of the PCB is to provide mutual current connection of the various parts above.


PCB de cobre pesado
Recuento de capas 8
Espesor del tablero terminado (mm) 3mm
Min. Diámetro del orificio terminado (mm) 0.95mm
Min. ancho de línea / espaciado (mm) 0.375mil/0.475mil mm
Tratamiento de superficies OSP
Función clave Inner/Outer Layer Copper; Thichness 6/6OZ; Aspect ratio: 3:1
Solicitud Power Supply

Heavy Copper PCB Applications
The demand for heavy copper coated circuits in automotive, computer, industrial control and military is growing rapidly. More than 80% of existing PCB manufacturers restrict or unable to produce reliable heavy copper PCBs.

  • Solar current transformers
  • Safety and signaling systems
  • Renewable energies and storage pumping stations
  • Torque control
  • High-performance rectifiers
  • Overload relays
  • Power converters for railway systems
  • Power lines monitored


Our advantage:

Complex and difficult production process:

We have a group of professional technical departments to develop and track the production of special boards to ensure the delivery and quality of special boards.

Consistent quality:

Creemos firmemente que la calidad es el núcleo de la empresa. Miracle Technology cumple estrictamente los requisitos del sistema de calidad IS09001, se esfuerza por lograr la excelencia y devuelve a los clientes la mejor calidad.

Entrega rápida:

¡Entonces! Nos aseguramos de que nuestros ingenieros expertos comiencen a trabajar en su nuevo proyecto, por lo que nos comprometemos a entregar cada producto antes de tiempo. Valoramos el tiempo y el dinero de nuestros clientes

La integridad del negocio:

La integridad es la piedra angular para que Miracle Technology se gane la confianza de los clientes durante mucho tiempo.

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