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¿Cómo aprender los tipos de fabricación de placas PCB en 3 minutos?


Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About PCB Board Manufacturing.

PCB Board manufacturing

It can be said that electronic devices around us today are because of fabricación de la placa de PCBcompanies. They use electronic components. Such as:

  • capacitors
  • And transistors almost without exception.

The “printed circuit board” is an indispensable component for putting them all together in an electronic device. It can be said that it has had a major impact on the high performance of today’s electronic devices.

PCB Board manufacturing definition
This printed circuit board is a green plate-shaped. I’m sure some of you may have touched it during the time of school technology.

However, since there are very few opportunities to know the function of pcb. And work, many people may not know what purpose the printed circuit board is used for.

This time, being professional PCB Board manufacturing company, we will introduce the roles and types of such printed circuit boards. The merits obtained by using them, and the structure.

Moreover, those who do not know the detailed characteristics of printed circuit boards. They will be amazed at the high performance.

The role of the printed circuit board

In the first place, the “printed circuit board” that is an insulator. Similarly, it is the “printed wiring board” in which the electronic parts.

It cannot be used as a component of electronic equipment in a printed wiring board.
The role of the printed circuit board changes depending on the type of electronic components.

But basically the main role is to transmit signals and send power. A special example is forming a high frequency circuit on a printed circuit board. Furthermore, it is a component that can give various roles depending on the processing method.

From fabricación de la placa de PCBcompany point of view, one of the functions of a printed circuit board is to combine electronic components. For instance: ICs and resistors in one place to make the structure of electronic devices easier to understand.

As a result, many electronic components can be built into a small electronic device. The printed circuit board is very effective in manufacturing high-performance electronic devices that are small in size.

fabricación type

Printed circuit boards can be classified into many types based on the parts and structure used. Generally, the main types are as follows.

Tablero rígido

“Rigid board” is sometimes called the rigid pcb. This type of board often has hard copper or epoxy resin components. So fabricación has high strength. Moreover, it is easy to mount electronic components.

Flexible board

A rigid and high-strength printed circuit board is called a rigid board. While a pcb that uses flexible plastic film is called a “flexible board.” This type of printed circuit board can be bent. Subsequently, it is often used for moving parts of electronic devices.

Tablero rígido flexible

A printed circuit board that combines a rigid board and a flexible board is called a “rigid flexible board”. This type of board has the advantages of both high flexibility and strength. In addition, it makes it easy to mount electronic components. But it also has the disadvantage of being slightly larger in size.

Build-up board

A printed circuit board with multiple layers is called a “build-up board”. This type of printed circuit board was mainly used as a component of high performance computers in the 1980s. Build-up fabricación de la placa de PCBwas quite famous at that time.

Single-sided board PCB Board manufacturing

Of the rigid boards, those with printed or electronic components mounted on only one side are called “single-sided boards”. This type of printed circuit board is not suitable for forming complex electronic circuits. It has significant advantages in terms of cost reduction.

Double-sided board

A “rigid board” is one that has both sides printed and electronic components mounted on it. This type of board is more suitable for forming a complicated electronic circuit than a single-sided board. Simultaneously, it has the disadvantage that it costs more.

Advantages of printed circuit boards

The reasons why fabricación de la placa de PCBis so famous are as follows.

Product miniaturization

In the case of high-performance electronic equipment, various electronic components must be mounted inside the equipment. On the printed circuit board, such electronic components can be put together in one place.

PCB Board manufacturing in china

Moreover, the space inside the equipment can be effectively used. So that the product itself can be made smaller.

Increased productivity of PCB Board manufacturing

When soldering electronic components without a printed circuit board, the work can only be done manually.

On the other hand, when mounting electronic components, it is only necessary to mount the components at a predetermined position. As a result, using printed circuit boards will greatly improve productivity.

Cost reduction

If you can leave the fabricación process of the product to the machine, you can reduce the labor cost. In addition, if the specified quantity can be produced in a short time, the electricity bill can be reduced accordingly.

It can be said that improving productivity has a great advantage in terms of cost reduction.

Design priority

Among the printed circuit boards, especially flexible boards have excellent flexibility. And may be built in the moving parts of the product.

Therefore, in designing the product, it is not necessary to consider the space for incorporating the pcb.

Why design is important in PCB Board manufacturing?

The PCB design is the most important activity for fabricación. Moreover, it is also crucial for design and production of electronic products.

In this article, we have summarized the most important phases of PCB design. For all types of printed circuit and for all types of product.

The PCB is used both to support the different components and to interconnect them via conductive tracks. The tracks allow the passage of electrical signals between the components of the circuit.

Single sided

The simplest type of printed circuit consists of a non-conductive support. On which the copper tracks run.

Doble cara

When the two faces have conductive tracks, it is a two-layer PCB. Moreover, the tracks on both sides are connected by conductive holes.


The “multilayer” fabricación allows maximum density of the components. It typically contains between 4 and 8 layers. Knowing that it is possible to reach 20 layers and more.

Designing a PCB requires specific software tools. It allows the various phases to be carried out quickly and efficiently.


This is the phase where the essential characteristics of the project are defined.

Schema entry

It consists of designing the electronic diagram.

  • indicating the components
  • their connections and
  • The properties of the signals.

Component layout

Components must be installed on the card. Taking into account the available space, connections and other factors


The geometric design of the tracks is based on the netlist. Produced by the diagram and defines the physical aspect of PCB Board manufacturing.

fabricación de la placa de PCBVirtual prototyping

Thanks to the analysis and simulation tools. It is possible to test the characteristics of the PCB before putting it into production.


Proper preparation of documentation for production helps avoid errors when assembling the card.


The typical input for PCB production is a series of files in Gerber format. It defines the geometry of each layer of the PCB.

ODB ++

Today we have ODB ++, a much more practical alternative to the Gerber format. Because it contains all the data necessary for good PCB Board manufacturing.



For the assembly of pcb, other documents are necessary. Such as:

  • the Bill of Materials
  • drawings for the assembly
  • the files for the Pick-and-Place
  • Other specific instructions for the product.

Replacing the pcb on your hard drive: a false good idea?

Electronic failures cause damage to the hard drive’s fabricación. It results in loss of access to your data. Changing the electronic card therefore seems the first thing to do. Data back makes you aware of the risks that this intervention poses to your hard drive and your data.

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