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einseitige Leiterplatte


einseitige Leiterplatte


Miracle Technology ist ein professioneller Hersteller von einseitigen Leiterplatten mit hoher Dichte. Wir bieten einige der fortschrittlichsten Leiterplattentechnologien an, darunter HDI-Leiterplatten, Mehrschicht-Leiterplatten und starrflexible Leiterplatten. Wir sind in der Lage, unsere Kunden vom Kern unserer Berufserfahrung in der Produktion von mittleren und Massenplatinen aus zu unterstützen.

Generell sind alle unsere Kunden mit unseren Dienstleistungen sehr zufrieden. Wir sorgen für schnelle Reaktion, fairen Preis und Qualitätsverpflichtung. Wir bieten einen wertvolleren technischen Service und eine globale Lösung.

Warum Miracle Technology PCB Unternehmen?

Quality management of the entire production process of PCB. It involves design, materials, equipment, technology, inspection, storage, packaging, quality management of all staff and other aspects. To obtain a high-quality PCB, pay attention to the following four aspects:

  1. Good product design;
  2. High-quality materials and suitable equipment;
  3. Mature production technology;
  4. Skilled production staff.

Technical support:

Through the unremitting efforts of the company’s research and development team, we have successfully developed a variety of leading production technologies such as FPC PCB, HDI PCB, GOLDEN FINGER PCB, high-level backplanes, high-precision impedance, etc., which can provide you with PCB manufacturing processes. The solution can also be customized for you. Committed to providing circuit board supporting production services and strong technical support for domestic and foreign enterprises, factories, traders, research institutes.

Board design

Printed circuit boards are electronic components that allow customers to freely customize their design philosophy. The board design to bring out the thought/performance is an important factor, and we have a system to provide high quality “manufacturing”.


einseitige Leiterplatte
Ebenenanzahl 1
Dicke der fertigen Platte (mm) 1,6 mm
Mindest. Fertiger Lochdurchmesser (mm) 0.8mm
Mindest. Linienbreite / Abstand (mm) 0,2 / 0,2 mm
Oberflächenbehandlung Cabon Ink; Electrolytic Hard Gold
Hauptmerkmal Flame rating:94V0
Anwendung Keyboard

Substrate manufacturing

Miracle Technology printed circuit board manufacturing has various manufacturing methods and material lineups.
We also pride ourselves on the introduction of a large number of state-of-the-art equipment and boasting industry-leading technical capabilities.
As a leading printed circuit board company, we will continue to respond to customer requests at a high level.

The PCB circuit board design and proofing test process are as follows:

1: Customer demand analysis

2: PCB production

3: Component procurement

4:  major process inspections for material quality

5: Welding and assembly

6: Comprehensive quality inspection and shipment

Printed circuit board design process flow including schematic core design, component database registration, design preparation, block- Single Sided PCB -division , Configuration confirmation, wiring, and final inspection.

Individual Attention According to your Needs

Since we have access to several production facilities, we can respond to individual requirements for conditions and delivery times at any time. We deliver samples, small, medium and large pcb boards according to your needs – quickly and on time- Single Sided PCB


We work with a global network of high-performance production partners and can offer you a wide range of high-quality printed circuit board technologies.

Our customers are from:
  • Automotive industry
  • Traffic engineering
  • Kitchen appliance technology
  • Security technology
  • Medical device technology
  • building technology
  • measuring technology


So! in addition to checking for plausibility, our technical department also prepares customer data for production. With our know-how, we ensure that your printed circuit boards are produced exactly according to your specifications!


We take over everything necessary for perfect, on-time order processing. You need not to worry about anything!

Therefore! As a leading supplier in the field of PCB printed circuit board manufacturing, So we especially enhance professional and high-quality manufacturing capabilities, from design, manufacturing, testing … to meet customer needs.
With a good reputation, we attach great importance to establishing cooperative relationships with major customers and potential customers to enhance each other’s market competitiveness.

We are professional and experienced Miracle Technology We design and manufacture high-quality PCB circuit boards. We only purchase all the required raw materials from reliable and trusted suppliers to ensure that each product can be perfectly manufactured using high-quality raw materials. Each of our shipments will undergo strict quality inspection and quality control to ensure customers Product quality. Single Sided PCB

The working attitude and efficiency of the company team and the highest evaluation in the industry to produce the best products are the essences of the company’s development policy.

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