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Oversize PCB


Miracle Technology- Your Specialist Oversize in PCB


Since our range of products is very diverse, we work with a wide variety of oversize pcb manufacturing techniques worldwide. This enables us to react quickly to the peculiarity of each individual circuit board. Whether HAL or gold, whether FR4 or metal core, whether 35 µm or thick copper, whether structures of up to 50 µm: we have a suitable manufacturer for every level of difficulty.

One-Stop Implementation Service – Oversize PCB

Miracle technology has over a decade of experience providing high quality, low cost one-stop implementation services. Instant quotes, no hidden costs, no delays, an ideal choice for engineering companies and electronic companies.

In addition to small-scale prototypes, we also offer derivative services such as mass production planning, higher-level custom-made production.

Miracle Technology has more than 10 years of experience as the industry’s No.1 in oversize pcb manufacturing. Our goal is to be a pure and honest printed circuit board manufacturer
To achieve this goal, we value the needs of our customers and respond promptly to customer inquiries.
Our strength is the world’s fastest, high-quality pcb board manufacturing.

High performance printed circuit board –  Oversize PCB

With the rapid development of technology, the demand for printed circuit boards that require high performance is increasing. Today, high-performance printed circuit boards are widely used in high-reliability and high-precision electronic devices such as automotive electronics, complex industrial equipment, complex computing, instrumentation, and communication equipment. Among them, Miracle technology continues to innovate production equipment, manufacture printed circuit boards with advanced technology, and provide high-performance printed circuit boards that meet customer needs.

The company has an engineering team composed of many experienced engineers. The front-line technicians have many years of practical operation experience, so that Miracle Technology can stand out in the field of difficult and high-precision oversize PCB production. 

Extensive performance and reliability

Miracle Technology is striving hard to produce finest quality oversize board to meet market demand and supply. You can expect extensive performance and reliability with our products. Because we have a decent and comprehensive system of testing and evaluating of pcb board performance before handling to our customers.

Long and heavy copper foil slot FR4 printed circuit board

This is a long size board print with its length of 35 “. For the board size we can have the maximum size of 23” * 35 “and the small board size of 4” * 4 “. And that is also a 4 oz copper foil board. We are able to produce 0.3 to 10 ounces for the copper foil printed circuit board by the introduction of high technology the quality control system, the long size board and the PCB project for heavy copper foils are no problem for Fast Turn PCB If you need special processes such as the slots in this card, we also offer laser drilling, backplane, back drill and other processes.

Under the leadership of our “market-oriented, quality-oriented” business, Miracle Technology continuously imports advanced production equipment and recruitment technicians. We are sure to provide you with the most satisfactory oversize PCB printing service.

It is popular with many customers because it is possible to manufacture low-cost, high-quality substrates from a single substrate.


Our major oversize pcb application include network equipment, mobile phones, digital cameras, and instrumentation. We can provide professional PCB design, Circuit board design, high frequency design, RF design, RF design, single chip development design, PCB Layout and other electronic product development and design services, as well as PCB modification board, chip decryption, IC decryption, BOM sheet production, schematic design, prototype debugging, PCB proofing , PCB production and other electronic product technical services.



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